2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My a** is so sore!

Jodie spotted for me while I squatted yesterday and OMG, I can barely walk today. We had planned a step class this morning but Jodie pulled out - secretly I was relieved because I was already getting sore. I think my butt is sore more due to the walking lunges I did after squatting but my quads are equally sore. I did a PB squat - 60kg for 10 reps, 65kg for 8 reps (i think it was 8), then, PB of 67.5kg for 6 and then for 4. Yippee. So next week I want to do 70kg for 6. I figure I should be able to since I had fatigued myself a bit on the 10 and 8 rep sets. I have done 72kg with Adam for 1 or 2 reps so if I can get the 70kg for at least 4 then that would be a PB. I've been feeling really strong in the gym. Anyway, I'm paying for it today. That comes after having the sorest hammies I've had in a while, another PB on Stiff Leg Deadlifts, 50kg - i think I could do a little more but I'm too scared with my old groin/hammy injury that flares up after I go hard on them. I had a massage - painful, but good. Bruised!! All down my inner thigh, groin, right to the knee.

Booked a flight to go and see a trainer in Melbourne on Monday. I want a second opinion on my comp prep plans among other things, so we are going to spend a few hours going over lots of stuff.

Had an interview with WHO mag on Tuesday, really excited about that article coming out on Jan 4.

This is a short post, I'm pretty tired so heading to bed, perhaps first read a few pages of my new Alex Cross (James Patterson) novel.


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