2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Sunday, December 30, 2007

New blog address

All my blogging will be done HERE from now on. :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Marg, thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. You should email me, I'm sure I could motivate you to get active :)

Selina, congratulations on being the winner of the Ideal Bodies Online survey draw! I'm allowed to be a nerd :)

Di, I'll wear a hat! Surely humidity hair doesn't happen in May?

Doris - no idea where the show is - I'm not a Queenslander so not familiar with the different venues.

I am about to head off to bed - big day tomorrow. Getting up at 5.15am to catch a 6.30am flight. Must have time for coffee first. Sharon is meeting me at the airport and taking me to Doherty's gym where we will chat about comp stuff. Then I'm gonna catch a train out to Moorabbin, to friend and INBA President Wayne's office, to catch up with him and do some work - if I have to. He's then going to drop me back to the airport for flight home around 6ish. I've cooked up all my food today/tonight and will take it with me - chicken, rice and beans, sardines, tuna, whey protein and fruit. I'm all set.

Apparently my comp has been moved to mid April - if this is the case then I will be able to enjoy Christmas and New Year a little more. That will give me a good 15 weeks I think, from Jan 1.

Good training session with Jodie today. Chest and tris - and I only did 2 sets of hammies since I absolutely caned them last week and they have only just recovered. We also did an hour of cardio this morning - it was so hot even at 9.30am! So, training all done, 5 cardios this week. I won't be doing anything tomorrow.

Ok, time to get some zzz's.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Relaxing at last!

I ordered this jigsaw puzzle today - I really need something mind-numbing after my work day and I figured instead of just plonking myself down in front of the tv, I should try a jigsaw. Used to love doing them when I was a kid. So I searched online and found this really cool 3000 piece puzzle - Life Under Sea.

I guess this makes me sound a bit nerdy but like I care :)

I finally finished my work early on a Saturday for once, and, as such, had the rest of the day to just chill out and do other stuff!!! ie, get groceries, water my dying garden, train, do the washing, and have a little nap because I didn't get enough sleep last night. I trained at about 3pm - back and shoulders, calves and abs. I'm only doing heavy abs at the moment, and only 3 sets, 2-3 x week. I hate high rep abs. Trained well, more PB's - my rear delts are getting stronger. I'm training them 2 x weeks at present.

I wrote Carolyn's competition diet today - Carolyn is the amazing woman that is all over my website - she lost 40kg during her transformation. And what a transformation it was! Carolyn, despite denying she would ever consider competing, has decided she's up for another challenge! She will be competing in the Qld INBA All Girl show in the Figure Novice division, sometime in late April next year. I am going to try and get my butt up there for that. Di will be competing there also. I have plenty of business reasons to come to Qld - which is nice :) Rach is in Brissy, as is my sponsor, MRM Supplements. My new web consultants are on the Gold Coast. Kristin is in Cairns. Looks like some trips coming up. I hear it's nice in Cairns around May or so.

This morning I woke up and called out to my puddy cat who usually at the sound of my voice comes running up the stairs meowing his big head off, and up on the bed to settle in for lots of pats (I think the word is meant to be pets, as in petting, but, that just doesn't seem appropriate). However, today there was no sign of him which was unusual. When I eventually got my butt half way down the stairs, there he was sitting up on the tiles, proud as punch with something at his feet. With my eyesight I couldn't really see what it was, but on closer inspection it was a half dead huntsman. Now, I LOATHE spiders. They creep the crap out of me. I got a boot and quickly put the thing out of it's misery. So, poor pud didn't get to play with his spider anymore. He was looking all around for his spider that had suddenly disappeared. He just couldn't work it out. He spent the next 2 hours searching for it :) Then I found him upstairs, asleep, with a lone spider leg next to him.

Tomorrow Jodie and I are doing our bootcamp session down at the stairs. I think it's going to be a hot one again. I also need to train again tomorrow so much of my day will revolve around training. I also need to do a bit of a cook up of chicken and veggies so I have some food to take with me on my big day trip to Melbourne on Monday.

Well, that's all for tonight, I'm off to watch a couple of S&TC reruns before doing some reading and then hitting the sack.