2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quick post - good training session tonight, except that I got yakking to a few people during my biceps sets so that wasn't as intense as it should have been, though they will have already gotten a good workout from chin ups yesterday. Squatted tonight, Jodie spotted me so I was really concentrating on going a bit deeper than I normally would have. That worked me a fair bit harder. I did 62.5kg for 6-8 reps. A girl I'm friends with in bodybuilding squats (or used to before she had a baby) over 100kg - that just makes me sick! I can't imagine ever being able to squat anything like that. I know I'm going to be sore from today because I had difficulty walking down the stairs at home after my workout.

I'm currently working out my comp prep plans for March - yes, I AM going to do this, it may be my last chance for some time! I'll be getting myself a trainer in Melbourne and visiting regularly for progress checks. I'll be down for PHAT Camp too, that will be 2 weeks prior to my comp.T he unfortunate thing is that I think I will be doing a 'bulking' program for November, which means I'm going to get fatter :( I will then diet from Dec 1, with Christmas day off.

I have another extraordinarily busy week of work this week so started program writing today!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

False alarm!

Not going to Europe! It started off as a bit of a bargain but the budget just blew out in the end so we decided we don't really want that pressure for the next 10 months, just for the sake of 3 glorious weeks in Europe. The 'earlybird' specials didn't really turn out to be that special! So, will wait and see what our position is in about April and decide then.

Had a lovely dinner with Carolyn and Paul, Jodie and Ben, (and Damien), Friday night. Pretty exy, but great food and wine as always at Stefano's. I still feel bloated from it. Trained with Carolyn on Saturday which was great. We both worked pretty hard, and besides Jodie, she's the only other woman I've ever heard grunt in our gym. We did a set of 20kg db's on incline bench press which we thought was pretty good. I was nice and achey all day after that. Training with Carolyn has made me realise just how much I miss training with someone. I train that much harder. So, Jodie and I are going to start up again in the evenings. That will be good for me too - as much as I prefer to train in the late morning or early afternoon when the gym is really quiet, it will give me a 'proper' work day ie work during the day and when it's time to train it means work is finished for the day and when I get home it's time to relax!

I am liking the program I made up. Nice going back to a split program. Concentrating on medial and rear delts, and back. Have split legs into quads and hams.

This is quick, we are watching a Box Office movie in a sec.

Congrats to all the competitors who competed at the Nationals!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Enchanted Escapade"

I'm so excited because I think I may have found a flight to either Rome or Athens that I can get on my Frequent Flyer points! I tried so many searches and nothing - but now I think I have one and it fits perfectly. It would allow us a week before the cruise to either have a look around Italy or the Greek Islands. It's so difficult to match up flights and itinerary's so as I said, excited that maybe I found one! We are lucky to have a good friend who is a travel consultant and she is helping us out. She came by and dropped off some brochures before so we can decide where we want to go. The cruise we are looking at is with Oceania - it's a smaller ship, around 700 passengers. I figure it will be much easier to disembark with less of a crowd! Our Carnival cruise had close to 4000 passengers and getting off it was a nightmare!!


I loved the itinerary of this cruise. Lots of places in Italy, Monte Carlo, Malta and the Greek Islands.

Anyway, that's my excitement for the moment!

Didn't go to the Show last night, friends couldn't make it so we decided not to go.

Just finished a good training session - chest, arms and calves. I haven't really trained arms directly for the past couple of months so it felt good to do so. My tris are aching, I know they will be sore.

Oh Michelle, you must have put the moz on me!! Talking about your face flushing, I had a very similar experience just before I went to the gym. Suddenly my face just felt like it was on fire! My ears were burning, and my face was bright red. I had visions of not being able to eat sugar free maple syrup anymore, but I don't think it was food related :) I hadn't eaten for 2 hours at least. The only thing I did different was rub some cream on to Damien's back, but I did wash my hands. So, shall be keeping a close watch on that!! It lasted only about 15 minutes.

Other news, will probably be in Melbourne the weekend Phat Camp is on - it will be 2 weeks prior to my comp so thinking of doing a photo shoot and of course catching up with Kimmy, Margie, Ali, Kerry and hopefully some others who will be cruising on down to Melbourne.

Ok, time to do a bit of work...

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Definitely on the a** end of the flu now - just a horrible chesty cough every now and then, but I feel good. Still have to sleep in the arvo's a bit, nothing new there :) Ah the joys of working from home!

I received a beautiful gift in the mail today, from a client, Amanda. It's a cream cashmere pashmina, all the way from India. Feels so soft and warm, can't wait to wear it. I have such lovely generous clients!

Considering a trip to Melbourne soon - 1, to visit a trainer whom I have trained with previously, who I want to prepare me for an early show next year. Yep, I MUST do this comp thing again! I want to have face to face contact with someone so will be travelling to Melbourne every month or so. Plus, there's shopping! 2, we also want to go to Phantom of the Opera - a Christmas present that I haven't received yet :) I've never been to the theatre - I'm so culturally deprived :) I have been to Cirque de Soleil's "O" in Vegas though and that was amazing.

My cleaner is coming back tomorrow, hip hip hooray! My poor house - it needs some lovin'. We've tried to keep it under control, and have managed only just!

I'll finish this week's training of 3 days week, then will write myself a new 4 day split for next week concentrating on shoulders and back.

I have a story coming out in the local weekly paper hopefully tomorrow - Carolyn features. Speaking of Carolyn, only a week away and she will be visiting - we are off to Stefano's so looking forward to that! Jodie and Ben are coming too.

Tomorrow night we are going to the annual Show (Agricultural Show). I haven't been for years - it's really a kid kind of thing but we thought it would be a bit of fun to go along with another couple and go on a few 'carnie' rides. I know my stomach will be fine, I just hope Damien doesn't get queasey :) Will make sure he doesn't eat before hand!

Still researching our Mediterranean trip...

Congrats to Liz Nelson and her client Shannon C for a great effort at the INBA show - you looked awesome Shannon. Shannon was a previous IBO client so it was great to see her name pop up there on the winner's list!

Great pic of Gerard and Cheryl on Di's blog! Awesome abs!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


This flu certainly makes you appreciate good health. I finally feel somewhat close to normal. I was able to train with some intensity today - that was a great feeling. Makes me so much more aware of how shitful I feel when I can't train!

I'm still on antibiotics - have 1 left of my second script to go. I was going to stop them midway through because I thought that was what was making me feel so ill. I don't know if it was or not, but, I am over the bleh feeling in the stomach.

Today was a full body workout - heavy, descending sets. Should get sore I think. Might work myself out a new program soon. Been doing full body workouts for a while and they really take it out of you when you train with max intensity. Michelle, sort of working with someone, sort of not :) Just getting ideas really.

I'm not convinced yet re this high fat low carb diet ie the Anabolic Diet. It's fun for awhile to eat that way but not sure if I can continue it much longer. Though, it was when I was ill that I just couldn't stomach much so now I have my appetite back, and the ability to train and cardio (haven't done any decent cardio for ages), I will be able to tell more accurately. Today is carb up day and so far have had some oats with cottage cheese, a Myoplex Lite after training and a bowl of plain pasta with some tasty cheese and grilled salmon. Don't think I'll have a meal out this week. Might just do the clean eating thing.

Goal for cardio this week is 120 mins for the week. Training 3 x week at the moment, it doesn't feel enough! Overdue for a massage too, missed out last week due to being sick!

Kerry and Kimmy, sizes for singlets are 8-12 at this stage, and $25 or $20 for two or more.

Hi Sam!! Hope you are feeling much better, how long do you have to go of this morning (all day) sickness??

Think we are going out for a couple drinks soon so time to wash hair and beautify. Hope everyone has a fab weekend.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sick of being sick!!

Here are my new IBO t's! Excuse the self timed pic in my flu state.

I just can't shake this thing! I now have a sore throat and my glands are up. I generally feel a bit blah in the stomach - no appetite. Was planning a step class tonight but glad I didn't go as I just went for a walk for half hour to get some drugs (for my throat!) and I struggled. I don't have much lung capacity it seems - doing anything aerobic makes me cough. So, the good news is that I did manage to pick up some weights yesterday. I couldn't go too heavy so I made sure I squatted very low with the weight I did use. I'm sore today so at least I know my muscles are still there. I was starting to feel puny. I'm sure my shoulders have shrunk already.

Tomorrow night I'm planning to train with Jodie.

So yeah, my appetite has gone missing. Which I must say is a nice change because I don't have to worry about those mind games in between meals when I think I'm hungry and I'm really not. Now it's more like, what can I eat that won't make me feel sick. Veggies aren't rating very high.

We'll be out watering the garden tonight! Water restrictions for gardens have been relaxed so I'm sure our roses will appreciate it. Unfortunately the lawn is quite dead in patches. Not happy since it's all rather new.

We've been discussing a holiday - to my all time number one holiday fantasy destination, the Greek Islands! Considering a cruise - it goes to Italy and Greece. Now that would be a holiday to get excited about. Looking at mid next year. Will have to start saving now!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Yay me!

I feel so much better today! Yesterday I was still a bit dodgy, but managed a very light half hour walk just to get me moving! Was spending so much time in bed I was worried I'd get bed sores. Nah not really but it was good to stretch the legs. So, today I upped to pace a little, by including some stairs. Finally caught up with Jode and we walked down to the arts centre and did a few stairs. I had to have a few rests in between. Had no appetite today which is weird. I had another sleep at lunctime - still a bit zonked and presume I will be for a few more days.

Am definitely looking forward to getting back into the gym tomorrow. I am not enjoying the program I'm doing at the moment though. I really despise high rep workouts! No challenge! Boring!

Watched Crime Investigation Australia tonight on the Snowtown murders. How horrific and terribly disturbing.

Congratulations to everyone who competed on the weekend, and good luck to those who are competing in the coming weeks.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Just an update

Thanks everyone for the get better wishes. I am so not a good patient. I get so bored but at the same time don't feel well enough to put my brain to too much use. Was still running a temp according to doc, and my throat was 'like a furnace'. Getting a head cold now. So he gave me some antibiotics and some antihistimine's and I slept for a few hours again this arvo. Been reading my book a bit. Oh Michelle, no I haven't seen the new Tess Gerritsen one (what's it called?) - but I do have Jilliane Hoffman's new one and it's brilliant, just like the others.

I have 3 programs to finish off but I'm just not capable of thinking too hard at this stage. Taken all my energy to sit here and write this :) My lovely husband bought me some flowers to cheer me up :) And now he's off shopping to cook something for dinner. It's so nice outside I think I might sit out there and eat, try and get some fresh air.

Oh crap.

I'm still sick. Fever gone, was feeling great and enthused yesterday morning, so much so that I went to the gym. STUPID STUPID girl. I managed 3 out of 5 sets of 15 before I had to stop because my throat was on fire. It didn't hurt to swallow, just to breathe and cough. My cough had subsided until I started training. Came home, had to sleep for a couple of hours. Last night I was barking like a dog all night. Today I am sneezing and my head is starting to feel stuffed up. Bugger it, am going to the doctor in half hour - not sure what they can do for me but I'm not sitting around waiting for it to get even worse. I think I have bronchitis. It's the 2nd time in the last few months.

Trying to work my way through programs. Only have 3 left to do so that is good.

I'm still on my low carb plan - I really feel like eating fruit and that's about it at the moment but I'm sticking with it. I get carbs tomorrow anyway, even though I haven't been able to train much this week. Will just make my carb up shorter, and cleaner this week!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Magda - congratulations on making it (almost!!) to your comp - you must feel fantastic! I hope you have a really enjoyable day.

Hi Tracey, Lozza, Claudine and Jo (have not read Donna Aston's stuff for ages! Thanks for reminding me). Thanks for continuing to read my rather lame blog :)

Hils -thanks - yeah I have Olive Leaf Extract but I didn't think it did much for me last time I used it. Thank goodness for Panadol at the moment!

Well, sort of feeling a little better - I think :) Not too convincing 'eh? I even thought for a while I might try and go to the gym but like Damien said, I'd probably last 5 mins (besides the fact I don't want to pass my germs on to anyone else). I still had a high temperature last night and when I woke up but I think the panadol must help with that because it was lower when I took it a little while ago. I may perhaps go out for a gentle walk or something a bit later! I still have somewhat of an appetite so I guess that is something.

Now I'm heading into town to get the mail. I'll have to negotiate all the bootscooters which won't do my aching head any good.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I've got the flu :( We both started with a cough yesterday and today have the full blown fever, headaches, leg/back aches and cough. Had to sit through 3.5 hours of hairdo-ing this morning. I'm going downhill now. Be back when I feel more like it!