2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Monday, May 28, 2007

Well done Christy!

Congratulations to IBO competitor Christy, who placed 2nd in the novice division at the recent ANB show in Sydney. Haven't heard many details yet...

Busy day today, couldn't sleep so reset my alarm for 7am rather than 6.30am. Did half an hour on the tready, then had to drop Damien off in town, get the mail, come back make breaky then wash and dry my hair. So, I didn't start work until 10am - but I was highly productive today.

Jodie and I had a great shoulder sesh on Saturday after I got back - some strip sets on the smith machine, followed by supersets of upright rows and lateral raises to failure. Love it when I get sore delts, it doesn't happen often enough. We decided we are going to do a Pump class this Friday - that will be interesting! It must be 5 years since I did one of those! Then I want to do some power deadlifts on Saturday when we do back and chest. I really felt like training tonight, but it was a night off! Tomorrow is shoulders and biceps again. One arm cable lateral raises - love these. Really get a huge pump going.

It's almost 9.30pm and I am off to read my book and relax. Have a great day everyone.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Post from the boonies

Sitting here at my sister and brother in laws in Pinnaroo – drinking coffee, checking mail, in front of an open fire. Very cozy. We decided to take a trip at short notice to visit Damien’s family, so drove to Renmark Thursday, then Friday was spent in Renmark Hotel doing my work – although I did something very stupid – I left my program hard copies at home. Stupid girl! So, I got to leave early today to go home and finish off my work. Planning to train with Jodie today too.

So, I’m all fired up for comp prep this time – this is it baby! It COULD be my last one. I want to write a daily blog, but I want it ‘private’ only to the people I’d like to read it! If any of you guru’s out there know how to do that then please help me set one up! I plan to tell everything – something I can’t do on a public blog. And I will probably swear a bit, something I can’t do on a public blog either. hehe.

Thanks so much to Rick from Dell for trying to help me out with the battery! Really appreciate it. You just never know who is reading, ‘eh? (which gets me back to the above).

So, have been pretty slack on the cardio of late, and will be picking that up as of June 1 – this will be my pre-pre-contest start. If that makes sense :) I’m going to follow the nutrition plan I did for Jodie, and, then Jode is going to do my nutrition plan for my comp. It will be good to have some support in that way, as I do feel that I’m ‘all alone’ here in Mildy, with nobody really into comp stuff now that Adam is gone.

Got very sore in the hammies just from doing 3 sets of stiff leg deadlifts on leg day. I think my hammies are weak as. I wish we had some more hamstring options in the gym.

Has anyone done the Beachhouse Bootcamp sessions? I’m interested, but not sure if this would interfere with my comp prep. I’d like to know more details of what's involved and, believe it or not (!!) Beachhouse can’t really tell me. Which immediately raises a bit of a red flag. If anyone reading has, please email me at the address on my website, or, leave a message here on my blog. Ta.

Shar, guess what - Jode and I are coming to the All Female, so after all I WILL FINALLY get to meet you - and see you in all your stage glory!!!

Ok time to get out of my jammies, and, to get on the road to see ma and pa Heintze and then the 2 hour drive home.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I feel in control for the first time in ages!

Yes, I think I actually have everything under control :) I don't feel so stressed. I had to go and get some extra 'help' from the docs for my sleeping as I just am going to bed and my brain is wired. I lay awake for hours, even though I am dead tired. Thinking about the zillion things on my to do list for the next day and beyond. I think I'm turning into my mother :)

I took my work out to 'the office' (Gloria Jeans) for the first time in ages the other day. That was good, especially because they have a power point so I can charge my useless battery (there is another thing I better write on the to do list - call Dell). I am going to get back into the habit of doing this as it gets me out of the house. The other plus is that there are shops close by and I am in need of buying some stuff :)

Our builders are entering our house in the Housing Industry Awards so we have a professional photographer coming around tomorrow afternoon to take some photos. Meaning, we need to do a go over of the house tomorrow and make sure it's spic and span. Will be cool to have some nice photos of our house.

Our air cond is stuffed. We have been in this house for 9 months, and have had problems with it from the beginning. I think we have had them around 10 times to fix it, and still no go. And then they give US the attitude, like it's all too much trouble. Well excuse me but it's getting very damn cold and I don't want to walk around the house all winter like I'm dressed for a blizzard...

Shar, I just visited your diary blog and my goodness, look at your back!! You look sensational! Well done - is it true you are doing all those classes PLUS 7 cardios?

We have 2 new sportsmodels joining the IBO competitor 'team' for the September/October shows. I won't mention names, but if said girls want to confirm, that's fine by me :) I plan to start a comp prep page soon, with info and pics of our comp girls.

Did some Bootcamp with Jodie this morning - good session, since I have been pretty slack on the cardio front of late. I had an awesome shoulder and tri session yesterday, and day prior I did back/chest supersets. Gawd, I was so close to upchucking again! This time I think it was because I ate just before training - my meal timing wasn't great. I nearly had to pull over when driving home. Couldn't finish my abs - just needed to lay down!! I'm super impressed with Jodie's lifting of late - she's really improved her strength tremendously. Personally, I feel the opposite! I fatigue very quickly - a 30-40 min workout is about my max. But I don't muck around when I train either.

Will be making some updates to my web site tomorrow I hope - if they do it for me. Adding Carolyn to PSM page, and, to home page, and 3 media articles. If you are a client, I've added 2 new articles to the Library today, and, some of Carolyn's pics to the gallery, as well as Sandra F has some beautiful pics on the 2nd to last gallery page I think it is from memory.

Tomorrow is feedback day, and answering any mail that I haven't answered yet! I bought a new book tonight, actually found time to go 'shopping'. It's James Patterson, but not the one I wanted - could not find it in 3 shops.

Ok, well it is now time to get to bed as I have my new schedule all written out so I can become more efficient and less stressed. One of those things is bed by 10-10.30, up at 6.30am for coffee and cardio BEFORE I read email, and, ready to start work day by 9am. Bye bye.

Oh Liz, looking good in Women's Health & Fitness!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

An eye popping transformation...

Well if I don't write now, I never will. There's just always something to do! I had to write my Q&A article tonight, for Women's Health & Fitness titled - How Can I Make My Cardio More Interesting? I was going to just write "you tell me and we'll both know" but I figure that probably wouldn't work :) Ahh, there are lots of ways, I just am not that fond of the old cardio these days. Amazing, I used to be the typical cardio bunny back in the 80's and early 90's. Showing my age a bit there. Yeah I used to wear leg warmers too! Well they were the IN thing back then ;)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mum's out there - still waiting for my prezzie from darling little Rexy, starting to think he hasn't bought me anything...

We went for lunch with my mum today, and about another 15 mothers, all family of some description. Lovely time.

I have now officially caught up on all my work from holidays, and it's back to normal. I am in the midst of making some changes to our feedback system, and will need to work on this tomorrow to have it all in place by 21st May. By the way, I don't believe I have even 'introduced' our latest addition to the IBO Team. Please welcome our newest Feedback Coach, Rachel Pyle, pictured above with one of our other amazing IBO women, Program Co-ordinator Dianna Broeren. Picture courtesy of Di's blog. Rach has achieved some great things, and is one of the most inspiring women I have the privilege of knowing. You can read more about her and our other staff members here:

I will take a moment now to also introduce Carolyn Gerdtz - our latest addition to our team of Personal Success Mentors. We haven't put Carolyn's details up on the site yet but if you don't know of Carolyn - get ready to be AMAZED. The before and after pictures above will give you an indication of this lady's discipline and courage, and, just what CAN be achieved if you really want it. We are SO proud of you Carolyn!

I plan to add Carolyn's remarkable professional photos and Success Story to our site soon! You can read Carolyn's blog here...
Ideal Bodies Online has it's first competitor on stage in a couple of weeks time! Good luck to Christy, she is competing in the Novic Figure at the Sydney ANB comp on May 27 and is going to look sensational given her latest pictures Di just sent through! A great effort for a first time competitor! Well done Christy - I can't wait to see the final product!

On a personal note, my training is going along fine - I'm training 4 x week, and just doing cardio when I feel like it :) Still maintaining my pre holiday weight which is nice.
A belated shout to Tracey D, thank you for the lovely words, it's nice to know I have played some small part in your fitness journey! And thank you for the recent referral :)
Thanks for the comments on my recent vomit :) I know everyone can relate at some point in time!

Happy Birthday to Kerry for Tuesday - I hope you have a fab day and you never know, perhaps you WILL drink that much :)
Ok, time to check out of blogland and read a few pages of my latest James Patterson novel...

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Here is the amazing Mantra on Salt Beach Resort in Kingscliff - what an awesome view. And the next pic is me and my big puddy cat first morning after I arrived back home. Not very glam first thing in the morning but who is? Big Rexy is very content now, he is following me around like a little puppy dog, purring his head off and meowing all the time! It's really funny. He looks like Garfield in this pic. He hates being left for so long, though Jodie and mum did a wonderful job looking after him!
I am still getting through my "Follow Up when i Return" email folder. Getting there. Slowly.
I overindulged in the chardy last night and man was I hungover today. Not a very good role model am I!! Met up with friends from work that I haven't seen in years. I couldn't get out of bed until 1.30pm and, I hate to admit it, I actually threw up this morning! I haven't done that for about 10 years. I have a very strong stomach as a rule! I think drinking wine on a near empty stomach (apart from a whey protein shake and raspberries) after training was not a wise move. So, Ive had to make up for my indescretions today by working very late! I did make myself go to the gym and train back and chest. Reasonable workout for not feeling 100%!
And yes, Jodie is certainly making great progress! She's getting stronger too!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hi from sunny Coffs Harbour

Where do I start! It’s been awhile. I’ve been doing the absolute minimum on the computer – still checking mail as since I have an online business, I can’t afford not to! I am having a nice break. It’s been the last week that I have really relaxed. I’ve been walking/jogging on the beach and doing a training session every few days so I haven’t been totally lazy. After having a few days going pretty wild on the diet I have tamed that down completely for the last week or so. Still enjoying a wine or two every day, and dinner is always out. Had some awesome meals, particularly in Noosa. Tonight we are in Coffs Harbour and went Italian – had a chicken, pumpkin and cashew fettucine in a tomato based sauce – wasn’t a lot of taste, so bit disappointing. Never mind! We had a really nice meal at a Turkish restaurant in Brisbane a few nights ago. From Brissy we went to Broadbeach and had one night there – had a small shopping spree at Pacific Fair which was much needed. Bought an awesome metallic gold handbag from Guess – was pretty exy for a handbag but I love it and I REALLY needed it. Managed to easily spend $450 at Lorna Jane in Maroochydore while on the Sunny Coast. We had massages one day in Coolum – awesome massage and much needed. I had the sorest legs from that workout I did – and I have no idea why! Did not think I worked it THAT hard but this would have been up with the sorest I have ever been. My quads were sore to the touch and every step was painful! Not to mention sitting on the toilet, or going up or down stairs! Trained again on the Gold Coast and chatted to a girl there who approached me to ask if I was a competitor, as she had a friend that they were trying to talk into competing. I actually had a few people recognize me which was quite amusing I think :) The lady from LJ, and a girl who was training at Maroochydore Beachhouse both knew I was Sue from Ideal Bodies Online :) I guess the advertising is working.

We stayed at an awesome place in Kingscliff, not that far from the Gold Coast, in NSW. Mantra on Salt Beach – got the room for $100 a night, and it was a magnificent resort. Gorgeous beach, and lagoon pool and quite a few nice restaurants and cafés. The weather could not have been better for our trip – thanks QLD and NSW for taking care of us!

Di was awesome!! She has really improved her conditioning and looked spectacular. Looked ‘huge’ on stage, in a good way, and so tiny off stage! Be interested in the scores Di, if you get them. Great routine too! Knew that it would be! Was G happy with his performance? :) Deb, Alicia and Tracey all did themselves proud – well done girls! Actually, Alicia if you are reading, I did not realize it was you when I was standing talking to Di so I apologise for not saying hi! We never have actually been introduced in person!

I got to meet Christy and Leeanne – 2 current IBO clients. And the lovely Shelly, a past client.

While on the Sunny Coast, Carolyn had her final pics taken. Can I say OMG??? What an amazing transformation. Jaw dropping. Nobody believes it!! We had a session with Dallas Olsen at Beachhouse Fitness in Kawana Waters (Di’s classy gym!). I will be updating my site soon with Carolyn’s new pictures. She then treated me to dinner and gave me an absolutely beautiful piece of jewelry as a gift which I have only taken off once – tonight, to have a spa. We started talking briefly about having an IBO get together every couple of years on the Sunshine Coast! Sounds like a plan. What does everyone think?

We are heading off for another road trip tomorrow – heading to Port Macquarie for 2 nights. Then last night somewhere close to Sydney for the flight home on Monday – and then the fun begins. Catch up!!

I miss my Big Pud(dy) – but he has been in good hands with Aunty Jodie and Nana (my mum) looking after him :)

I went to a naturopath whilst here – Di had a body composition test and iridology diagnosis done at her gym, and found it really interesting. So, I decided to go see the guy at his consult rooms. I found him to be really good – he used to work with some top bodybuilders in Melbourne. He did a live blood analysis which was so intriguing. He showed me different blood cells and what each of them meant. There were some freaky looking cells with pointy things all over them, kind of like mines! They were moving all through my blood cells – these were apparently free radicals. He pointed out quite a few things to me, and showed me the cells which were iron deficient and also a build up of uric acid which looked like groups of sharp crystals. He believes they could be causing me some arthritic symptoms, and to be honest my wrists and hands/fingers have really been aching a lot lately. He picked up a vitamin B12 deficiency and also recommended I take this strong OPC 3 antioxidant supplement – it’s pine bark and bilberry, in a powder that is mixed with liquid. Also a foul smelling/tasting Vit B, Magnesium and Zinc supplement that nearly makes me gag. He feels that my adrenals and stress (which affects the adrenals and causes them to go haywire) is what is causing the majority of my issues. He also feels I should do a dairy detox to see if this helps my energy levels. Meaning no whey protein either L He said me competing will be all about me managing my stress and adrenal issues. I’m supposed to get to bed by 10pm as it’s from 10-1am when the adrenals are regenerated. Also not meant to eat after 8pm as going to bed with food in tummy causes my digestion to work overtime and also affects growth hormone release. So I have lots of things to work on.

Apparently I have nearly 2kg more muscle than is ‘optimal’ for my height and frame size – according to the ‘average’. But, my internal fat is lower than it is supposed to be.

So, that is my holiday round up! Oh we bought a new digital camera, a Sony Cybershot, at Pacific Fair the other day. Now to learn how to use it…

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A few pics

Some piccies of Di and Deb, and the other fab girls in that very tough class. And, me and Damien, last night, at Mantra on Salt Beach in Kingscliff. Awesome spot!