2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jam packed Saturday

Well, sort of :) I had the most lovely day. Firstly it was my day off - and I felt very ready for it :) I had a great chest and tri session with Jodie Friday night - the gym was totally dead, it was quite eerie. I had a bit of a dummy spit about having to have a house inspection on Tuesday night - we told them we couldn't, but the message wasn't received and so they put it in the paper and it was too late to change it. With my schedule it's very difficult to have these inspections 'willie nillie' so I was pretty pee'd off. Poor Damien :)

Anyway, on Saturday we got up early and cleaned and tidied (actually I did most of it before I went to bed). It was all done by 9am, when I had my phone appointment with Richie. We talked for about 45 mins, and he has made some changes to my training which I am sure will be excellent. My shoulder workout has changed, and I am now on a 2 day on, 1 day off regime. This will allow better recovery and more energetic cardio I feel! The BEST news, is that I am allowed some extra carbs on leg days :)))))) You know what that means. I get to have a Myoplex Lite!!! Yippee!!!!! Richie has been very kind to me and my 'addiction' - plus he knows I have bought out the entire universe of Cappuccino Ice. He keeps tabs on me by reading my blog - hi Richie :) You will be pleased to know that after my rest day today I am down again on the scale (and skin folds accordingly). The rest days obviously do me good. We talked about the final week plan, and the possibilities of what is involved - of course he can't tell for sure until the time comes, but it seems from my last 2 plans I can improve a lot!

I got Rex off to mum's by 10am. I continued out to the plaza with my laptop and some work. Kerry arrived about 11 (I think) so we had a chat and a coffee and I had my oats that I brought with me from home. Kerry is looking great!!! I can't wait to see her again in July, and probably before that. We had a great time shopping :) How couldn't we? Kerry ended up with her black pants, and I think, 3 tops, and I, even though I wasn't really shopping, ended up with a lovely brown lacy dress :) We had lunch there too, both bought out our home packed lunch, Kerry a chicken patty and salad, and me my chicken and beans. All cold of course but I don't even notice anymore. We got a few things at the supermarket, then I showed Kerry our new house - and the door was not locked, because Harry the renderer was there working, so I got to take her up the stairs! We then said goodbye at about 3pm so I went back to pick up Rexy who was under bed - poor bugger. Kerry did you get your sparklers?

Then I came home and decided to have a go at my routine. I was sooooooooooo frustrated at first, but eventually it started to come together. So, I have about half of it 'done', well at least the moves coming to me without having to think too much. I will be seeing Kim on Friday, and I may have to change the ending, as I don't really like it. :)

Then we went out, which was nice, then back home to watch some of the Late Show.

It was a great day, but I read a disturbing email when I got home from a great friend, which put a dampner on things. This quote is for her:

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” Jim Rohn

Today I am off to another coffee shop to meet another client! She's from Broken Hill, had great results in her first program and now wants to chat about another. So, I better get moving, have had my egg whites, and need to shower and change for training. Meeting Jodie at the gym around 11 for a back and shoulder workout.

Have a great day people!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

All good

Skin folds done, and I was pretty happy with the results. I took pictures and sent them to Richie, so will see what he thinks and what the next step is.

Leg day is a big one. I did biceps, abs and cardio after my skin folds, then back later tonight for legs. To be honest, I struggled tonight - it's Jodie's fault! She wasn't there to partner me! I managed well for the first 30 mins and then my energy plummeted. I suppose it's to be expecteed though. I feel better now I am relaxing in the warmth of the lounge room in my jammies :) I have a visitor parked beside me on the couch, snuggling up and purring. He can barely fit, but he manages :)

I am so busy that I am barely getting a chance to sit down and work. I did manage to get one program done today, but I did not get out to the cafe to do it! Tomorrow I will for SURE. It took from 7-10.30 getting skinfolds, etc done this morning, then when I got back, getting dressed in my suit and shoes and taking pics, then resizing and sending all the info to Richie, answering the odd email in between, and it was already 1pm. I then got the mail (and got my routine video, yippee, which I then had to take to get put onto dvd - Jodie's MIL to the rescue! I get to pick it up tomorrow, now that is service!), then went to have my nails done and eyebrows waxed. After that, groceries (again!), and finally home to cook up my sweet potato, eat, have an ebay coffee decaf (mmm, mmm), and then head off to the gym again. I was tired by this stage but I pushed through.

So, now here I sit, trying to catch up on some email and of course write this, my journal. Here's an interesting stat - I weigh 114.4 at present and 13.7% body fat by my calculations. When I started my first Body For Life Challenge in 2001, and keep in mind I had already been training for some time, I weighed 112lb, at 21% body fat. Nice change in body composition over the years :)

It was quite interesting at the supermarket today - I was in the express queue, and next to me was a very overweight lady. As I waited for the checkout girl to scan my items through, I took a look at what this lady had in her pile of groceries, and compared them to mine. I had sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, broccoli and salmon. She had, 2 trays of cakes, a loaf of bread, a rice dessert tub, a chocolate bar, and a food magazine. I looked at her body, looked at me. If I ever needed any convincing, it was right there...

On that note, I need to eat some veggies...have a great night everyone!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a busy day!

I don't feel like I accomplished that much but I didn't stop running around all day! This morning we had to clean up for the inspection, then take Rexy for his little journey to 'nanna's' house (where he hides under the bed until I come back to pick him up!), then mum and I went out to Gloria Jean's for a coffee, then we did a little shopping, including groceries, then I had to rush back to pick up Rex, and get him back inside before gulping down my oats and heading off to the chiropractor. I asked him about my feet/ankles/shins - he says probably from all the incline walking. He worked on the anterior compartments and said they were both very tight. It was that painful that I actually kicked him twice - without meaning to of course. I did apologise. :) It still hurts to walk. After that I drove to the Post Office to get the mail and my little ebay packages were there - 1kg of freshly ground organic coffee, and 250g of decaf Columbian. It smelt divine! The other was a bracelet I picked up for 99 cents!! Quite impressed with it really.

Back home to cook up some food, and then I managed a bit of work.

Also trying to negotiate some advertising with a couple of magazines so that is taking up a little of my time.

Had an email from a top fitness guy in the US, who has asked me to contribute to an ebook on women's transformation. This will be excellent. Will keep you informed of what progresses!

Also working on a photo shoot in Melbourne, 2 weeks prior to comp. Should have that sorted soon. Then that will mean I need to buy clothes to wear for it!! I'm also planning to get to the posing classes held by the INBA head judge, at Bell Street gym. If any Melbournites are interested in coming along with me, to participate, or just watch, please let me know. It's on July 1 I believe.

I have been working until 11pm tonight, so I am a bit tired now. Training was awesome tonight, back and shoulders. I felt really strong. It's good having Jodie back to help push me, plus we get to chat in between sets :)

I am looking forward to having my skin folds and measurements tomorrow as I can see major changes happening with my body now. It's quite exciting.

Tomorrow I have to get my nails done :(( I will be doing my cardio at Waves after I have my skin folds, and then am going to pack up my laptop, and go out to Gloria Jeans and set up my workstation and do my programs without interruptions :) Every week I will do this from now on. I get a lot done that way!!

It's also leg day tomorrow night. I didn't get near as sore as I did the first week so that is good.

Thanks for all the comments, and I will catch up with those soon! Thanks to Michelle for the following motivational piece.

Follow That Vision

You can visualize anything you choose. Your imagination is yours to control as you wish.

So make use of that powerful imagination to visualize the best of all possibilities for yourself and your world. You don't need any special resources, you don't need anyone's permission, and you don't even need to be realistic.

Simply go in your imagination to the place where you'd most like to be. Visualize all the details, all the richness, all the feelings of the experience.

Make it real in your mind, and you'll be well on your way to making it happen in your world. Visualize with the entirety of your being, and you set into motion a powerful momentum.

Visualize the most positive and desirable of alternatives. The more richly and intensely you see them, the more attainable they become.

Where there is vision, there is life and growth, accomplishment, fulfillment and joy. Visualize the very best for your world, and allow your life to follow that vision.

-- Ralph Marston

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I need more hours in the day!! Don't we all...

Found out at short notice someone wants to look through our house in the morning. Highly INCONVENIENT :) So, been busy cleaning up tonight, was meant to be getting some work done, since I find it difficult to get it done in the day time due to my training schedule!! I managed though, and have sorted through my workload and delegated a bit. Tomorrow I won't be getting to sit down to work until after lunch, as I will have the final tidy up in morning, will have to take Rexy for a drive in the car for half hour, then chiro, then cardio for an hour. I also need to get groceries, and do some cooking. Then go back to train at 6pm with Jodie. I was getting a little stressed out tonight. But, all will be fine! And if they don't buy our house I will hunt them down and...

On a completely different subject - the tops of my feet/ankles are really sore! It hurts to walk on the flat. I can't figure out what I have done to make them so sore. Been sore for days. It's a mystery.

Training today was my additional leg session, nice and short but intense. Back for cardio tonight and surprisingly, I blitzed it. Well both really. I was sure I would struggle as I was still sore from last leg session, but I was a demon on the step machine, and I did some hard intervals with heart rate up to 170's. Then tonight an hour on an incline, and at a good heart rate.

I get my skin folds done this week, really looking forward to it because I think there will be some good changes this time!

Ok, I am a bit buggered, so I think it's time to retire :)

Been getting some excellent final transformation photos through! I wish I could find time to scan, resize and post them all!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday's musings...

I haven't had time to check anyone else's blogs today, so hope everyone had a great weekend and training is going well :) This morning was cardio, then a bit of work, bit of chat to Kerry, Di and Jodie via email :) - cooking, eating, a massage (heaven!), more work, then picked Jodie up at 6pm to train chest and tris. I got a really good workout - in fact I am sure we both did! I could really notice in the gym mirrors tonight that I am leaning up nicely. I should make it with time to spare! Maybe even a few free meals thrown in to keep me in good nick :) Can only hope.

Tomorrow is cardio and additional leg training. I'm scared - my legs are already sore.

Heard a bit about the WFF/Nabba show in Perth, and saw some photos - I was considering doing one of these but think after the feedback I will save myself for the bigger, more challenging shows. I think 4 was the biggest class. IMHO INBA rocks :) Having said that, I take my hat off to anyone who gets up on stage in ANY show - it's hard work and is very demanding. I heard one of the girls in the novice class lost 30kg to get up on stage. What an effort. I saw some photos of a lady called Jo, who is a client of my friend (and fellow INBA competitor) Sam Dunbar-Manucci, and who was as PHAT Camp in Melbourne at the end of April. She is one truly amazing and inspirational lady - she looked beatiful at the show, and placed 2nd in the NABBA Masters - and this would have been a difficult class for a natural.

I missed out on the Late Show last night on ebay Michelle, but I think I have cracked it tonight :) I got beaten by a mere 20 cents last night! I'm learning, I'm learning. Yeah!!! Got it..now will have plenty to watch for the next few weeks :)

Kerry is coming to Mildy on Saturday - we are going to do coffee, gossip and shopping. Can it get any better? Good goss of course. Looking forward to it! I will show her the house if we get time.

Ok, I won my ebay item so time to go to bed. Have a great day everyone...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday's stuff

Back into the training again, and I am so sore from my back and shoulder session yesterday! Today was legs, and bis, split into 2 sessions. I hope I am not as sore from legs as I was last week! I am however, needing a massage (and chiro adjustment) - my lower back is really tight, and my traps and neck are sore. So tomorrow I will try and get in for one.

My weight and skin folds have dropped again, so I definitely needed that rest. I've lost 10lbs in 8 weeks. According to my home callipers, I am at 14.2%, goal 10% or just under. Makes me wonder if I am overtraining and if it should be cut back a bit, because I think in no time I will be feeling it again. Tomorrow is chest and tris, nice short session compared to today's!!

Waiting to make a final bid on ebay for a dvd of The Late Show series - I used to love that show, so funny.

About to book our accommodation for Noosa, for Di's wedding. I can't wait! Mid September it will be awesome. Jodie and Ben are sharing with us! And Di has given us her beautiful beach house to live in while she is honeymooning!

Time for bed...hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, May 19, 2006

More in depth update!

I have had the best few days! A rest from training has done me the world of good - mentally AND physically by the looks of it. The 'dreaded' scale has dropped a little. I have dropped 3.6lbs in 3 days - BUT most of that was fluid I was holding - I couldn't believe I was weighing what I was on Tuesday morning. But I knew it was due to a combination of things, most notably, I wasn't drinking enough water, and I was loading up on salt. I crave salt when I diet. Richie said it's because of the clean diet and reduced calories - and, through all the exercise, I am losing a lot of electrolytes, especially salt, through perspiration-- more than I am taking in through diet.

Many trainers don't allow their clients to have salt or sodium containing foods, throughout their entire contest preparation, so I asked Richie would he consider that to be dangerous. His response was:

Yes, your body needs the sodium, just like the other electrolytes. Dieting and training at the level you are doing now causes tremendous stress on the body, and your body needs to replenish itself. People who cut out sodium for extended periods during pre-contest training are making a huge, unnecessary-- and dangerous-- mistake.

So, that's enough to keep me sprinkling on my sea salt :) But, I was really going overboard, I am definitely keeping it more in check now. That, and I've increased my water intake to 3 litres daily, and that has helped me flush out the fluid I was carrying.

My good friend from the INBA is going to check out the venue at the NABBA comp in Perth this weekend, as that is where the INBA Natual Olympia will be held. I look forward to hearing his report!

Damien told me tonight that I am getting that 'small' look again. Adam told me my neck was tiny!! Well I hope I didn't have that huge a neck before - did I? he he.

I am so happy with my shopping expedition yesterday :) I got a great skirt, a jacket, 4 tops, a casual jacket, pair of black pants, a necklace, a long sleeve shirt, some awesome shoes, and a belt :) Now I need more clients so I can pay off my credit card - just kidding!!! :) I still need some casual shoes to wear with jeans because my current ones make my feet go numb.

I had my hair coloured today - 3 hours at the hairdressers - managed to get a little work done, but seemed much of the time I was at the basin chair - which was great because they have heated massage chairs.

SO - tomorrow I am BACK TO THE GRIND. But feeling very refreshed and positive. Cardio first, then back home to clean up for our inspection. Then Jode and I will train at 4pm. I am going to take her for a tour of the new house before we go. We had our lock up inspection today - oh it's getting so exciting!!! All our balustrading is up now, including the balcony, and today they have started rendering around the windows. I took the camera but it died on me before I could take one shot!!! Will take tomorrow, so Kimmy, you can then have a look at our stairs :)

So, I am exactly half way through my contest prep. Time just FLIES!!!! Still haven't got my routine video :(((((( When I do get it, I am going to start scheduling a posing session two to three times a week. So, things are going to start getting even busier. I might ask Jodie to come and be my audience :)

Time for dinner.

I don't know why but every time I try to add a photo nothing happens. It tells me it's "Done" and then...nothing? Help! Was going to add Lis's before and after piccies.

Oh, and me and the other Lisa, Lisa Vaughan, last Body Blitz winner, are in the Snapshots of Ironman mag, at Phat Camp :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shopping done!

A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, right? :) Found a great shop in town, actually Damien found it for me - I bet now he's wishing he hadn't :))

I had the most lovely day. Went for a coffee out at the plaza, then a spot of shopping, home to eat, back up town for more coffee and more shopping, tanning, then home to eat :) Did some work tonight, but overall I have relaxed. Tomorrow is my final day off, and it worked out well because it's hair colour day. 3.5 hours in the hairdressers no less. I take my lap top and work.

Our stairs and balustrading are in! It looks awesome. Must take pics. Tomorrow is our lock up stage inspection.

And last but not least, my day was topped off with the news that Ms Lisa Baggett (that's IBO Lisa), has won the latest monthly Body Blitz!!!! You go girl!!! I know how hard Lisa worked for it, so it's totally deserved.


Now if I can blow the IBO trumpet, that makes 7 Body Blitz winners for us :) SO FAR.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yet another quick one!

I've been 'ordered' to have 3 days off training. Which I must say I feel quite good about. I have just started to feel a bit of that exhaustion I have felt in the past, and by nipping it in the bud before it takes hold, makes sense to me. So, today was my first day off, and after an email to Richie early this morning, he came back to me with the instructions to rest for 3 full days. Heaven :) I slept like a baby for 2 hours straight this afternoon. He says I still have time, so I will run with that.

I will be able to catch up a bit more tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ultra quick check in!

Dieting is catching up with me so I will check in tomorrow, my day off :) I need the rest. You are all welcome for the links on my blog, if I missed anyone, and I am sure I probably did, let me know!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Bit tired!!!

Every night now it seems I zonk out around 8.30-9pm. The full on training schedule would be the reason - so, I will be getting to bed a bit earlier than usual from now on. I have a new training program, and tonight was legs and bi's - boy oh boy. It is a tough LONG session - and I am going to be sore from all the squatting! Back to the torture chamber - the hack squat machine! Jodie trained with me tonight, and eased into it, though she will be very sore no doubt!

Michelle sent me my Myoplex package, and in it, she put a lovely surprise :) a set of ear plugs for my ipod, ones that I can use while I am on the tready!!!! They sit over your ear so they won't fall out! I was telling her today how I had recently purchased some similar ones, but the sound was terrible, could barely hear the music. But these ones are just brilliant. THANKS Michelle!!!!

Well that's it for my quick check in - time for bed! Up for cardio tomorrow, and training tomorrow night with Jodie - chest/tris and will fit in the bi's we didn't do tonight!

Happy birthday to Kerry :) Hope you had a wonderful day - Mother's Day AND a birthday, all at once!!! I tried sending you and Michelle mail tonight and it came back - twice :( Not sure if it's me, or you guys.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Quick check in

Big day today, glad I stayed in last night and finished off my work so today I could relax a bit with the 2 mums at lunch. Damien did a ripper job buying all the goodies and then cooking it all up while I went to the gym and trained! We had a really nice time, I had my chook chargrilled, as well as my zucchini - very nice. Then we all took a drive to the new house and had a look through - been awhile since Damien's mum and dad had seen it. I went from there into town, to meet Jodie for a coffee. Was great to see her and look at a very small portion of her photos - I believe she took 700 of them :) She brought me a lovely gift and card back from her trip. We chatted for about an hour and a half before I had to leave to yes, you guessed it, go back to the gym for cardio!

I was so hungry when I got home. I wolfed down the remaining meals I had. Now I am very tired, just fallen in a bit of a heap. Tomorrow I will be up for cardio, then will train at 6pm with Jodie!! Be nice to have a training partner back again. Leg day tomorrow. My legs and butt are a bit sore from yesterday's session. I really need a massage - I am booked in for Tuesday.

Ok, signing off here...hope all the mum's had a wonderful day!! I'm still waiting for Rexy's present???

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Good evening!

My routine video is done, yippee, but I won't get it until Kim gets back from Perth to send it to me. I think we are starting again!

Thanks for all the great comments on the new look site! We are still working away at it, and slowly page by page, it will be updated. I can't believe over 18000 views of my blog since I started counting a few months ago :) I didn't realise I was quite that interesting...but I must be! I wish I could get some smilie image things in my blog, I definitely need some kind of face for that.

Had our 2nd open inspection today, so had the big tidy up and then shipped Rexy off to mum's for a few hours, while I went to the gym.

I am excited to catch up with Jodie tomorrow!!! Well I hope to. Heaps to catch up on. Being mother's day tomorrow, we are having the folks around here for lunch - our house is finally tidy enough to have people over! I think Damien will cook a barbie, and no doubt we will have some dessert - or should I say, everyone else except me, will have some dessert :) I will be having my chook and broc, and perhaps a short macchiato for my dessert. Just remembered, my sweet potato is in the micro, excuse me while I finish 'preparing' it for grilling...

Right, got some zucchini on the go too.

Training - today was cardio, as usual and later this arvo, my additional leg session, which is a combo of cardio and leg training. Nice short, but intense session. Richie is looking at my programs and will have updates for me by the end of the weekend.

Oh how could I forget. We went out for dinner last night :) Ended up inviting a couple of guys I used to work with, who Damien is also friends with, so it was a fun night, lots of laughs :) I had my steak and a big bowl of green veg. The steak was to die for. Lean as, and cooked to perfection - medium rare. It was melt in the mouth. So, I'm told that is the last (and first I might add, apart from the wedding) time I am allowed out to a restaurant before comp! I also have had my beloved Myoplex put on hold for the moment - I might get them back he tells me, but I doubt it - I think that's his way of keeping me calm :) I get tuna or egg whites, or chicken, in it's place - woohoo, NOT!! But, of course it's neither here nor there - food right now is just a means to an end :) Like Richie said once - us bodybuilders are crazy - and that if he told me that I could get ripped by eating dog food, I probably would, right? I won't tell you my answer :)

Tomorrow is Back/Shoulders, yeah, and cardio. It's my whole day off on Wednesday though, that will be nice. Perhaps THIS week I will get to go shopping!

Let's see if I can post pics tonight....nope :( It doesn't like that pic of Kimmy, Jen and Heather!

Good evening!

My routine video is done, yippee, but I won't get it until Kim gets back from Perth to send it to me. I think we are starting again!

Thanks for all the great comments on the new look site! We are still working away at it, and slowly page by page, it will be updated. I can't believe over 18000 views of my blog since I started counting a few months ago :) I didn't realise I was quite that interesting...but I must be! I wish I could get some smilie image things in my blog, I definitely need some kind of face for that.

Had our 2nd open inspection today, so had the big tidy up and then shipped Rexy off to mum's for a few hours, while I went to the gym.

I am excited to catch up with Jodie tomorrow!!! Well I hope to. Heaps to catch up on. Being mother's day tomorrow, we are having the folks around here for lunch - our house is finally tidy enough to have people over! I think Damien will cook a barbie, and no doubt we will have some dessert - or should I say, everyone else except me, will have some dessert :) I will be having my chook and broc, and perhaps a short macchiato for my dessert. Just remembered, my sweet potato is in the micro, excuse me while I finish 'preparing' it for grilling...

Right, got some zucchini on the go too.

Training - today was cardio, as usual and later this arvo, my additional leg session, which is a combo of cardio and leg training. Nice short, but intense session. Richie is looking at my programs and will have updates for me by the end of the weekend.

Oh how could I forget. We went out for dinner last night :) Ended up inviting a couple of guys I used to work with, who Damien is also friends with, so it was a fun night, lots of laughs :) I had my steak and a big bowl of green veg. The steak was to die for. Lean as, and cooked to perfection - medium rare. It was melt in the mouth. So, I'm told that is the last (and first I might add, apart from the wedding) time I am allowed out to a restaurant before comp! I also have had my beloved Myoplex put on hold for the moment - I might get them back he tells me, but I doubt it - I think that's his way of keeping me calm :) I get tuna or egg whites, or chicken, in it's place - woohoo, NOT!! But, of course it's neither here nor there - food right now is just a means to an end :) Like Richie said once - us bodybuilders are crazy - and that if he told me that I could get ripped by eating dog food, I probably would, right? I won't tell you my answer :)

Tomorrow is Back/Shoulders, yeah, and cardio. It's my whole day off on Wednesday though, that will be nice. Perhaps THIS week I will get to go shopping!

Let's see if I can post pics tonight....nope :( It doesn't like that pic of Kimmy, Jen and Heather!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Some inspiration...

Michelle Poe, IBO Mentor and now staff member, wrote this recently to a client who was struggling with negative thoughts and behaviours. I thought those reading might benefit from Michelle's words of wisdom too :)

I'm a HUGE believer in the power of words. Remember the Red balloon example? - When I "say" Red Balloon - what do you see? A red balloon, right? When you read words your mind creates images to represent them.

That's why it's so important to write clear, specific, obtainable goals. As you write them - your mind creates an image to correspond. Every time you read those goals - your mind "sees" the end result. The more you read them, say them, think them, the stronger and clearer the picture becomes. "The more you believe the more you can achieve."

When I read your responses to my questions below I was left with a feeling of indecision. You think you want to improve your health, stamina and appearance but......

Do you truly want it? Do you feel you deserve it?

I've highlighted the words - that to me - show some inner struggles. Instead of using words like hope and maybe try using positive words like can, will , need, desire, want, control, etc.

If "hoping and doing what you've been doing" got you where you are today - and you are TRULY happy and satisfied with that place then great! But if you feel you are still missing out - that you're so close to achieving and becoming all you know can be....

What needs to change? What makes you uncomfortable? What's preventing you from achieving your dreams?

Change is not easy. It creates uncertainty. It may make us and the ones around us uncomfortable. And that's O.K. It's part of the process of learning that YOU are in control.

Believe in yourself. Make this real.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Disappointment, but not for long...

Yes, I was disappointed with my skin fold results! However, the mirror tells a different story. So, it just reiterates that it is important to use a variety of methods to gauge progress. ie mirror, the way your clothes fit, the scale, skin folds, the way you 'feel'. All these things will be indicative of progress. My jeans are falling off me, I'm wearing my skinny tracky daks, my upper body is showing some nice definition across chest and shoulders and my abs are coming out. The scale is also dropping and my tape measurements are too. So, I predict a much better drop in skin folds in the next 2 weeks. I sent my pics to a couple of friends who know what they are on about and got some great feedback.

I was still a bit disappointed with the skin folds, but felt much better when I received a quick email from Richie to say he was VERY happy with my photos :) Said he will provide specifics later, so I can't wait to hear what is in store for me next!

I am allowed a steak tomorrow night, we are going out for dinner. Noice, that will be something a little different :)

Web site nearly done, will send out a brief newsletter when it's up and running.

Today I did the usual cardio in the morning, and then legs later tonight. I trained well. My strength is still the same. I didn't have enough sleep last night, maybe 4.5 hours. Tomorrow is chest and tris, and of course the mandatory cardio! I feel like punching my fist in the air when the hour of cardio is done - it's such an accomplishment :)

Mum and Wes come home from NZ soon. Just in time for Mother's Day. The inlaws are coming over, so it will be a nice Mother's Day lunch :)

Still arranging tickets for INBA, so don't panic everyone - there is about 16 of us so far!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Skin folds tomorrow!

I feel confident, but I did the first time too and ended up a little disappointed. Things have sort of 'plateaued' again, after a great week last week, but I know that is very normal. I will just keep on keeping on, and it will all come together :) Though, I am SURE Richie must take something away from my diet soon!

I got a lovely surprise in the mail today, from Carolyn, a client who has just finished, and had some amazing results. It was a Thank You card, with the words "You saved my life". I am going to get a big pinboard in the new office, and stick up all my cards and lovely emails etc, that I get from clients - I think that would be really inspirational to have all those in front of me every day as I work :)

I wanted to have my updated web site ready today to show the world :( I haven't heard from my web guy, hopefully tomorrow then.

I can't believe how many we are having come to the INBA show in July, girls from all over the place, even Hilary and Shel from Qld! What a blast it will be to meet everyone.

Had a great cardio session yesterday, well, as great as it can be. Let me put it this way, it was HARD WORK, and it was GREAT when it was over :) My calves are so sore!! I did some breaks on the tready, with huge step ups in the aerobics room for 5 mins at a time. This morning I did straight tready, on high incline of course. I really have to push hard now, and pump my arms, to get my heart rate up. I am getting very fit. I wish I was allowed to RUN, I am sure I could run forever I feel so fit! But, alas, I will never know :)

I did a set of pullovers for 12, then 10, with 55lb tonight, and that was my 4th exercise. Pretty happy with that. There was a lady doing pullovers in the ladies gym the other day, with 4lb db's...I need one of those shocked smilie faces to insert here.

Tomorrow is cardio first up, after skin folds. Then later in the day, I think I will try for mid afternoon to avoid the crowd, is legs. I will have to snap some pics again for Richie tomorrow too.

Ok, it's way past my bed time. Have a great day tomorrow everyone.

Attached a pic of Kimmy at Phat Camp, with Jen and Heather, after she won a trip to Camp Eden! Maybe tomorrow, it's not gonna do it for me tonight.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Quick check in before I hit the sack!

Great day, got a lot accomplished. I was up earlier than usual today, so was all done and dusted with my cardio by 8am. That was good to get it out of the way early. I went back tonight for Chest and Tris, and abs, and home for my favourite part of the day, Myoplex time :) Sad, I know!

I even started on some programs today as I have a huge influx of clients, and it looks like we may be going away visiting Mothers on Sunday, and Saturday we will no doubt be having another house inspection, which takes up a good half of the day.

Updated web site will be out soon! Just making some final changes to it, and then will email a Newsletter out to announce. :)

Tomorrow is no training, just cardio. I might do some routine practise and maybe I will book in for a massage. Oh, I wanted to go shopping too didn't I? :) Perhaps I will do that rather than the massage.

Had Adam tell me my abs were coming out, I haven't seen him for awhile, so he noticed right away. He reckons I will come up well this year. Remains to be seen, but I should do.

Just finished writing my next Q&A column for WF&H, was going to go the carb route, but will leave that for next time maybe. Instead I talked about scale weight fluctuation.

Ok, must get to bed, it's getting late, hope everyone has an awesome day tomorrow. Jddie flys into Australia tomorrow, then Mildura on Wednesday, can't wait to catch up with her!!

Mirror Mirror...

he he, I like it, I like it :) Thanks Mandy, I stole it from her blog...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tickets for INBA All Female July 15

Just a quick post, anyone who is coming along to the INBA, and wants to sit in a group, please email me because I am organising some good tickets! There is a number of us going, so you are more than welcome to sit with us. If you need any info on the contest, just email me, sue@idealbodiesonline.com

Ali, you and Kerry are organised! Lisa and Beate, hope to see you there??? :)

Today was leg day. Again! It always seems to be leg day! I trained well, oh and last night I had a ripper of a back and shoulder workout. Decided to do a cardio on my day off (Tuesday) instead of tonight, I thought I needed an afternoon off - didn't get to the gym until lunchtime so going back a few hours later was a bit much.

Weight had dropped a little more this morning. I am starting to like what I see in the mirror! I did some posing in shoes at the gym before my leg session, and while my legs are never going to be big, I can see muscles I haven't seen before :) And my shoulders and arms, and back are bigger and thicker. If I can keep this upper body size while trimming down further below, I will be a happy camper. I feel as though I am in front, in terms of my prep time, which Richie thought I would be by giving it 16 weeks. However, I like to feel safe :)

Time to head off to the supermarket to get some groceries, my list is easy, sweet potatoes, salmon, chicken, veggies - Damien's list is longer and more involved :) He's sitting here doing my MYOB so it's the least I can do to get groceries. I think we might watch a dvd for a change tonight, instead of working.

Booked flights for comp today, and, for Dianna too! It's going to be a big reunion! Can't wait.

Ali, you got the joke about the underwear obviously :)

Off to answer some comments, then will go shopping...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Our new house

This is our humble little abode right now. Can you see why I am excited??? I will have room to move, and more!


I am just making a quick post, we have a house inspection at lunch time, so between cooking and eating, I am (we are) cleaning up for that. Have to move big Rex to mum's again too. He will get used to it soon (I doubt it)! Did my 'additional' leg session yesterday, nice and short, and then really struggled to get back to the gym that evening for an hour on the incline tready, but of course I did it. I couldn't live with myself if I missed one! I find the first 20 mins are a bit tough, but then I get warmed up properly and I power through it. Still, it's a damn long time on the tready. Damien put some new tunes on the ipod for me yesterday and that was excellent, kept me going.

I woke up even lighter on the scales, this week I am flying - since Phat Camp I've dropped another kilo, which may be a bit quick for me, so I have emailed Richie to make sure. Not bad while eating 140g carbs a day :) Definitely losing my bum, put my jeans on last night and they are all baggy in the bum and legs. Nice. I promised myself I can start buying new clothes when I got to the 116's, so here I am. Now I just need to find the time to shop. I'm sure I will manage :)

I have to wait until our inspection before heading off to the gym today, and I have two sessions, so that means will have to get back there around 5pm for my final one.

Pip, how awesome to hear from you, thanks for the lovely comment!

Ok, I will be off now, things to do, house to sell!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Me and "Jen 2" at Camp -'scuse the hair, I'd just worked out. And the racing stripe, I need a colour :)

They are happening! It's always this time of my prep that things start to change. So, clients, and everyone reading who is following a program, like I always say - consistency and patience will get results! Many people get uspet and frustrated if they haven't seen much change in a few weeks - your body takes TIME to change. Your metabolism needs time to get itself in gear and get revved up! I have been working out like a demon for 6 weeks, and while the scale has been dropping slowly (I had a big drop in the first 8 days, then virtually nothing for 3 weeks!), it is only the last couple of days that I have really noticed that I am changing. I admit, I have not had one cheat meal. Richie's motto is get to where you want to be THEN you can have a cheat meal. However, I am not really missing them either. I have plenty of food on my diet. And plenty of carbs. At the moment I eat a cup of oats for one of my meals. And sweet potato at another. Myoplex Lite at another. My protein serves are 180g. I am workin' it for my cardio sessions - harder than I've worked in any other pre contest phase - before I have just walked on the flat, but I am pushing it at every session this time around. I didn't have the energy before, because I was starved!!! My calories are at 1500 right now. Noice. :) I get a full rest day once week. And I have 10 weeks to go. At this stage things feel right on track for me. I've dropped 3kg in 6 weeks - perfect for where I aim to end up. I'm feeling great. :)

Thanks Little Rene for your lovely email! And awesome results, well done indeed!!

Derogatory anonymous comments on blogs. This is unfortunate but it happens - I get them too, but choose to ignore. I guess you gotta be tough when you put yourself in the public spotlight :) Actually, if you are getting them and want to put a stop to it, you can disallow anonymous comments on your blog. I've found there are always going to be haters - it's usually formed from jealousy/envy. There was a great piece on 'wannabe's' on Jen H's site, but now I can't find it - it said it perfectly. I say, if they want to waste their time and energy on that sort of stuff, let them. Personally, I think if someone wants to say something, complimentary or otherwise, they should have the 'guts' to put their name to it - or, do it personally if they don't want to do it publicly! And I brought this up on my blog, because unfortunately, these people actually thought it may have been me that left the message. How sad.

Anyway, enough wasting of the energy, have better things to do and think about!

Now, what other news have I got...oh, got a big shipment of sugar free/fat free puddings in - I know people are waiting. I am going to get a newsletter out one of these days to let people know!
Today's news (well actually it was yesterday's news!) is the awesome Jen Hendershott has provided me 2 more PHAT Camps to give away for my next NEW YOU competition!!! Thank you Jen!! So, stay tuned for more on that, starting after June. I want to go to Gold Coast next time (in addition to Melbourne!). Speaking of NEW YOU, the current one has been extended until the end of May, so if you are thinking about signing up, you are still eligible for the comp! Final entries are starting to flow in, and there are some wonderful results!!

Kim Knott may be coming to Mildura for a couple of days - now that would be convenient for me!! I hope so, will find out soon. More posing practise for me :)

Must email Jo and see how my next posing suit is coming along.

Maraina, great to read you so excited about your October contest, I look forward to seeing you in Noosa in September, all ripped and in shape!

I didn't win the Bride comp, bummer!! Never mind, I had lots of votes so thanks to everyone who voted!

News on the house front - we are having an open inspection on Saturday, so have to have a tidy up again for show. Our new house is coming along great, I must take a new pic one of these days! It looks like a huge office block!

Have an awesome evening everyone!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Winner of Goliaths Bar Up competition

Congratulations Carolyn Gerdtz! Here is Carolyn's winning entry:

I am really loving my IBO program! I have been on the diet roundabout for so many years, and have gained and lost the same 15kg several times, until I managed to go over this and gain 35kg. I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and of Jenny Craig, even becoming a WW leader, however with all of these programs, the emphasis is on losing weight without regard for WHAT you are losing. Each time I was on these programs I didn't achieve the body I wanted - not even close. Even though I achieved "goal weight" I still had a lot of fat, a belly, and not a lot of tone. Low protein, low fat diets will do that to you. It's funny now I think back, I knew that these programs weren't really working the way I wanted, however I just didn't know what the right way of doing things was.

With my IBO program, this is the first time I have felt like I am on the way to totally reshaping myself. This time is different - I feel like I am doing it RIGHT and that everything I am doing is working towards my goal - my new body. Not just "losing weight", but getting the body I really want - fit and toned, with a flat stomach (maybe some ab muscles would be nice). I can feel that even in the last 4 weeks where I have started weight training for the first time in 2 years, I am getting stronger. My measurements have decreased each week, indicating that I am losing fat and toning up. I am totally thrilled about it!

For the first time I feel like I have the tools to get the body I want. In the past I have just focussed on getting the weight off first - low protein low fat diet, mountains of cardio classes, and little or no resistance training. Obviously it hasn't worked, and I haven't been able to maintain this lifestyle long term. The IBO program is different to those I had been putting my faith in before - real accountability from providing feedback each week (not just stepping on a scale then running away and not talking to anyone), the constant support of yourself and Michelle, the absolutely sensational forums and the support from your other clients sharing their experiences on the program. Add to this an easy to stick to eating plan (I am rarely hungry, and this has been a constant problem for me in past) and an exercise plan that is challenging, that extends me out of my comfort zone but is still achievable each week, and you have a recipe for total body change. I am loving it!

I have a long way to go to achieve my goals, but after 4 weeks, I feel great. A little sore, but so much healthier and trimmer than I did 4 weeks ago. I have consistently lost weight each week to the tune of a kilo a week (which was previously unheard of for me on other programs), and more importantly, my measurements have been consistently reducing. My clothes are looser, and I am starting to eye off the smaller items in my wardrobe - I will be wearing them before I know it! I haven't felt this motivated and excited in a long time.

My favourite saying at the moment is a Chinese proverb - "One moves a mountain by carrying away small stones". As you say in the program guidelines, consistency and patience are the keys. I feel like they are paying off for me, and the constant support from the emails, program information and online forums keep me on track and focussed on my goal. Thank you for a great program, the support and belief that each of your clients can achieve the body they always wanted. I truly believe that I can.

Stay tuned to the forum for more competition announcements...

Feeling better!

Me and the great Jen Hendershott!

Sitting here drinking my green tea :( Actually, it's not that bad. I might even grow to like it. It's on my current updated plan. Feeling a bit better today thankfully. I trained legs and bis this morning, I like to train legs in the morning when I feel fresh, usually I do cardio, but not on leg day. Gearing up to do cardio a bit later, when I finish this post and package up some syrup to send off to Jenni, and also send off an updated program to Susan :)

Thanks Kerry for sending your Phat Camp photos, still looking for more!

Just received an email from Jodie, she's in LA, having a ball, but is a bit homesick I believe! I miss her, and can't wait to catch up on all the goss! We will have hours and hours of chat to catch up on.

I received an email from Lygia, the editor of WF&H mag. With my article to proof read, she sent a letter from one of the lady's at Phat Camp:

Hi Lygia. I have just had a fantastic weekend at Phat Camp 06 (Melbourne) with Jen Hendershott. What a great weekend. What was nearly as good as meeting Jen, was meeting Sue Heintze. I love reading her articles in Women's Fitness & Health. Sue reiterates and helps me understand better, articles of a similar nature. I look forward to reading them in every magazine. I even cut them out. Sue is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Sue is such a genuine caring lady. Thanks for printing her articles. I also had the pleasure of meeting one of Sue's clients. She had a great body and was the best advertisement for what Sue does. If my budget ever allowed for it, I would be signing up with idealbodiesonline. Kindest Regards, Jenny K

Jenny, thank you so much :) And for the pic, I got that too. Please email me if you read this.

On Saturday night before we went out for dinner, I helped Kimmy out with some posing. With that, and the posing we did at Camp, I am sure she will be fine - practise, practise, practise!! Speaking of, Kim should have my video to me soon I HOPE!!!! Weeks are ticking by.

I had an awesome massage this afternoon. My legs are still sore from Jen's training session - just how many walking lunges DID we do? Then legs again today, so the massage was heaven!

Ok, off for some cardio. Will fire up the IPOD. I might do some tanning on the way. Think I will wear my new Phat Camp singlet :)

This is a great quote to finish up:

"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

Harriet Beecher Stowe1811-1896, Novelist

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gradually feeling better!

I felt terrible during the afternoon, but have brightened up tonight. I did of course manage to get my hour of cardio done this morning, kickass one too, on incline of 15. Got home, ate, and went through some email, but then after my 2nd meal I needed to sleep some more. My head was all spacey, and I just wasn't feeling well. When I got up I got ready and went to gym to train back and shoulders. NOTHING is keeping me from my training. I am so determined! I had a lovely email from Sam Dunbar from Perth (www.samanthadm.com), who I got to catch up with at Phat Camp again. Not for long enough though! We chat via email often, and talk about our comp prep etc. She won the Intermediate in 2004 when I placed 2nd. I have a lot of respect for her, and she has a great bod. She emailed me a pic of us all posing at Phat Camp, and sent a message saying:

I can't get over how nice and thick you have got in the back. I couldnt keep my eyes off you when I was on the cross trainer and you where in front of me on the treadmill, you must be pleased with your results. Well done!!

So, thanks Sam!

I have attached a few more pics. Kimmy won one of the Camp Eden trips, I was so happy for her, and she was thrilled!!

Think it's time for bed. I did manage to sort out my work today, so tomorrow I am expecting to be feeling much better and ready to get stuck into it.

If anyone has any Phat Camp piccies they can pass on, I would love to receive them so I can make a gallery on my site.

Monday, May 01, 2006

We got PHAT

What a weekend! Sitting waiting for my flight back to Mildura, and thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on the weekend.

I met and talked to so many wonderful people! It was awesome to catch up with Jen and Heather – they are the greatest, genuinely lovely women out there to encourage and support us all. It was great to see Kimmy, Margie and Kerry again – and to meet Alison for the first time – what a sweet lady! We had lots of laughs over the weekend. And JL – it felt like I had known her for ever. I told her she reminded me of someone I had met before but couldn’t figure out who - it did come to me later. I met Beate – and didn’t recognize her!!! She is so tall and slim (with great arms!!!). It was lovely, she asked me to write a message in her training diary for her and she gave me a little gift which was so generous! I met up again with Lisa, another I feel I have known for years – we actually went to the same school but never crossed paths, though we know lots of the same people. I also met Kerry, Liz and Paula – all current clients - it’s just the best thing to meet clients in person. I also met a lovely lady by the name of Jenny, who introduced herself and told me how much she loves my articles in the Women’s Fitness & Health mag. I was so chuffed :) Sineade from Ironman mag was there doing the camp too - she was great! Sent her the pic of me and Lis above, and she said she'd put it in the Hot Shots section of Ironman, so keep a lookout!

I am feeling a bit out of it today, and was yesterday also. The cold is blocking me up a bit. I did my own training and cardio on the Saturday, and yesterday I did my own cardio, but legs with Jen. I really enjoyed it, bit fitter than I was at last camp, and while it wasn’t easy by any stretch, I handled it much better. Lots of walking lunges around the gym, squats/pop squats, and cardio incorporated. Some exercises I’d never done. My butt is quite sore already.

Saturday night we went out with the other campers, but as the Hard Rock Café didn’t do fish, 4 of us decided to go a few doors up and eat. Plus, it was SO noisy, you could barely talk to the person next to you let alone anyone else.

We also did some posing yesterday, about 6 of us got up there and went through our paces. I had some nice compliments too, which was lovely to hear – my hard work must be paying off! Lisa said she could see a big difference in me within a week (the last time she saw me in Mildura).

Richie has changed my diet and cardio a bit.

Kimmy won the week at Camp Eden! Was she ecstatic about that!!

I'm back now, feeling OUT OF IT - lying here on couch in jammies. My head is all spacey and my eyes just want to close. I'm coughing all the time. :( At least it held off for Phat Camp.