2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Friday, April 28, 2006


All packed and ready for bed. It's 8.30pm. I did my cardio this morning, under a bit of sufferance from this cold - I actually stopped half way through the class and reverted to the treadmill as I wasn't feeling too crash hot. I was determined to finish though, and I did. Then drove home via the chemist to get some herbal cold/flu drugs, as I didn't sleep very well last night.

I piked on the training tonight. I spent all day in my dressing gown (very sexy, NOT!!) working in the lounge with the heater on. I got all my programs out to clients, phew. By this time it was about 4pm, and my eyes were closing, so I had a little lay down. I didn't sleep for long but it was enough to keep me going. I felt very weak, and did not think a hard training session was in order, and since I have to get up at 5am tomorrow, I need a good night's sleep tonight, so that hopefully, I can train well over the weekend! I'm 'allowed' to do Jen's leg session on Sunday so that will be cool. Not allowed to do Bootcamp though. I will do my own training for the other stuff.

I am now going on my own - Damien has had a really bad sinus infection for almost 2 weeks, and today it was that bad that he was really worried about flying, so I cancelled his flights. He's been on antibiotics but it's not really helping. He then got in to see the doctor, who told him to take some cortisone and it would be better in a couple of days, and that he should be fine to fly to Melbourne. So, he tried to get the flights back but they were gone :( Or, could have paid $360 for a one way!! RIGHT! So, now he will stay home. We won't get to spend our first anniversary together :( The things I do in the name of fitness...

Thanks Selina, yes very busy, I don't think it's about to stop either! I will be sure to enjoy Phat Camp, and will post some pics when I return!

Sent my pics through to Richie this afternoon so waiting to hear the verdict :)

Almost time for bed...will check in with Camp details when I can!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Feeling very tired right now though. I didn't sleep too well last night, and then was up quite early to have skin folds done - of which I was really happy with the results! I need to take some snaps tomorrow and send through to Richie for his critique. I lost more in this last 2 weeks than I had in the previous 3 weeks. After I had those done, I did my 50 mins of cardio and went home.

Today was so busy. We had quite a bit to clean and tidy still, for the inspection at 5.30pm. We had our lovely cleaning lady here to help us for 3 hours, and she did a great job. I did the office and the bedroom, and I was buggered after that. We shipped poor little Rexy off to Mum's to get him out of the house. He hated it!! He was terrified! I didn't like leaving him there on his own (mum wasn't home) but I had stuff to do! We got the house looking so smic - I wish it would stay like that!! I went up to mum's for a shower and a little lay down (couldn't mess up the house!) because this cold is making me a little tired. I also wanted to check on Rexy. I couldn't find him. Had to rattle his kibble to get a meow out of him. It was a very disturbed meow too. I found him curled up in a tight ball, in a corner. Poor Rexy. He was better after that, but still very traumatised over the events of the week! He's now back home and very contented :) So, they apparently liked the house, but of course our price is too high! Well, too bad, because that is what we want! So will see what happens...

I trained after my tiny nap, I forgot I had leg training again today - I managed to eek out 30 mins of cardio after that too.

Went to chiro yesterday who told me I had 'toned up' noticeably in the hips and thigh region. I lost 2 more cm's off my hips, so that's a cm a week so far :)

Tomorrow I have a cardio class, then training in the arvo. I have to finalise a few programs and then pack and cook for Phat Camp trip!

Hope everyone is doing well, and hope you enjoy day 1 of Camp without me! See you soon...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sick as a dog!

Yesterday I was 'busy as a beaver' - I'd much rather be that than sick as a dog! I'm not quite that bad yet, but it's coming on. I blame the STOOPID woman at the gym who was coughing and spluttering all over me and the equipment yesterday. Did not even put her hand over her mouth when she coughed! She's like "Oh this flu is KILLING me!" I'm thinking, "Hello?? What the heck are you even doing in here??". Why do people do that? No thought about the germs they are spreading everywhere. One of my pet hates. Why don't they go home, and go to bed and get better. Was like that at work, people would come in sick, like they are doing the company a favour, and proceed to give their germs to all the healthy people.

Grrrr. So, I am feeling the sore throat coming on, but, am dosing up on Vit C and Durathon, had a sleep (after getting up for my cardio class at 5.30am!) and will train tonight but give the extra cardio session a miss. Then, get a good night's sleep - day off training tomorrow, cardio only.

If I don't get to answer your email, for a little please forgive me! I have someone coming through the house tomorrow so things are a bit of a shambles. Then got to pack and cook for Phat Camp. I SO hope I am not sick for that.

Got a lovely email from a client today :) Made my day.

This may sound silly, but I read your blog almost everyday and I truly find inspiration and motivation to keep on training hard when I read about how much hard work, effort and dedication you have to strive for success in the midst of selling and moving house and running such a successful and busy business. You are amazing!

Selina, I read your blog, and your mail, sounds like you had a blast, and next year I want to do Filex!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Busy as a beaver!

We have someone looking at the house on Thursday, which is highly inconvenient I might add, but, it has made us get off our butts and do what we have to! We've washed carpets, patched and painted walls, cleaned out a lot of things we've 'hoarded' over the years, put a new flywire screen on, washed windows, and have curtain cleaners and regular cleaners coming tomorrow to finish things off. I managed to break one of the drapes out of the wall on Sunday - oops. So we will have to show the house without it. I still have the study to clean up, but that won't be too hard.

Sunday was my day off so I got a lot done that day with regard to the house. Monday was back to training, and today was legs/bis. I didn't get to do my cardio today, but I have mapped out tomorrow and will do a class at 6.15am, then back later for chest/tris and some more cardio (it's a short training session anyway).

Starting to notice some more definition in the chest area, and my face has definitely lost it's puffiness! Weight has dropped a little also.

It's 8.15pm and I am almost ready for bed! I got stuck into feedback emails today, still have a few to finish off tomorrow. I also have to get nails done and a chiro appointment in there.

Thanks Lauren and Jodi, for your input on the previous post.

Bad advice

I have received some disturbing email, which I believe needs to be ‘aired’, so to speak. It’s been brought to my attention that there is some really ill informed advice going around the fitness blogging community and in particular, a certain Fitness Forum, and the people that have emailed me are quite concerned (and rightly so).

If you are reading recommendations for a low/no carb diet, and that carbs are not essential – then please listen, and listen good! We NEED carbs in our diet. Especially when training, carbs are essential for wellbeing, recovery, growth, and for our brains to function! A competitor will often use a diet lower in carbs to get to an extremely low level of body fat. But to maintain this sort of regime year round is ridiculous, not to mention ridiculously unhealthy. Sure, you might feel fine for awhile, but that’s because you are running on adrenaline due to the stress you are placing on your body! Too much adrenaline over a period of time spells BURNOUT and major health issues.

I am speaking from personal experience. I too used to get up at 4.30am every morning to train and do cardio, work from 8 to 5pm, then home to more training and cardio. I didn’t even need the alarm to wake up, I was ‘wired’ all the time. I used to train with a trainer in Melbourne, so in addition to the above, I was driving 6 hours to Melbourne every 3-4 weeks, for 4 days, training every day whilst there. I did all this while on a diet with very little carbs. I lost body fat, yes, but I lost a lot of muscle too, and in doing so, I screwed up my health. Down the track a little I started to experience problems. Then, after 2 years of continued exhaustion, sleeping problems and uncontrollable carbohydrate cravings, that were all getting worse, I started extensive research because I wanted answers. I saw doctors, naturopaths, specialists. Finally it was discovered I had adrenal exhaustion and low thyroid function, and I am now I am on continued medication for both. I feel very much better now, but I do have to rest and sleep when I feel the need to and I have definitely learned my lesson about taking on too much at once!

I have had a few different trainers over the years and have learnt a LOT of things. One of them, and I have discussed this with other highly successful competitors and trainers, is that long term low carb/no carb diets are not necessary, and are most certainly, detrimental to long term health. Even when competing you have to eat carbs, unless you want to look depleted, stringy and flat!

My opinion is, low carbs may be required and can be ok for as short a time as possible IF YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS. Ie if you want to make 10% body fat or under and you have a body that resists being that lean - you will probably have to take some drastic measures. But you do it only for as long as you have to and you CAN NOT, and SHOULD NOT, eat like this year round.

Please email me at sue@idealbodiesonline.com if you would like to discuss the carb issue further (or any other issue – believe me, I have more info than I am able to publicly write here) – as a trainer and someone who is passionate about the industry of health and fitness and the health and wellbeing of my clients and readers, I am disturbed that this ill informed info is flying around out there. It seems that many people agree, yet are a little afraid of speaking up. Please DO speak up, it’s the only way to nip this bad advice in the bud!

I hope the person handing out this bad info has some good public liability insurance!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Phew, needed that!!

What a huge sleep! 11 hours. I woke up a few times in the night, but went straight back to sleep. My body really needed it so my rest day has come exactly at the right time.

Just finished my caffiene hit, and attending to a few emails, and will have some breaky, and then will start on my piles of clothes! We don't have enough wardrobe space, so I have to pack some up into boxes to make some room. We also need to wash the windows, and get rid of our coffee table, clean up all the nick knacks and junk lying around, and paint the walls and put the flywire screen back on. Busy day!! Then we need to wash the carpet and curtains!

I need to answer some new enquiries while I eat brekky, then it will be all go! I received a lovely email from Gillian, who has just finished her 2nd program with me, thought I would share:

Hello Sue,

How are you? Well, you have done it again. This program has not only been enjoyable but it has certainly exceeded my expectations. As you know my main priority was to have an eating plan that not only provided me with plenty of energy to train for the half marathon, but also that I might continue to do weight training and get a bit of muscle definition. Well!!! Not only has it done that in abundance but yesterday at the gym one of the muscle bound guys was telling me how good I was looking which made me feel great. So a million times thankyou for another great experience, which I now feel has become a way of life for me with both the eating and exercise. After the half marathon I want to really get into the weights and develop a lot more shape. What I have found is that by eating more protein and including weights in my program my recovery from the long runs has been a lot faster.

As you know my starting skinfolds fat % was 16.7, and when I went back this morning I was a bit apprehensive. I knew I was harder in my body and that I was getting little muscles growing especially in my triceps and stomach, but I wasn't sure that my skinfolds would be much different as I had only lost 1.5 kg. Guess what! Iam now down to 13.7% which was a real shock to both myself and the sports dietician-in fact she checked it twice! Not only that but I now have biceps. When I started this my normal bicep measurement and the flexed measurement were the same-how sad is that! This time there was a 2 cm difference in the flexed position -pretty neat aye!!!

In my skinfolds I have lost the most off my thigh and triceps which is good.

I just want to say thankyou so much to both you and Sharleen for everything. You run such a professional and supportive organisation where the programs and advice are so up to date and very effective (you really know you stuff). Your training and diets totally work with very little hardship. I don't think I ever felt hungry and actually worried that I might put on weight because I was eating so much.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Early to bed tonight!

Hit a bit of a brick wall tonight - felt great all day, met with Kerry for a step class this morning, which was great, and we had a good chat afterwards.

Did a bit more work this arvo, then a little nap, and then back again to the gym for chest/tris. My strength is not diminishing at all, which is great.

Tomorrow is my complete day off training so I am looking forward to that - and it's high carb day too! It won't be a relaxing day though, we are starting the big clean up around the house! Long list of things to do. Need to have all programs accomplished by Friday next week, as I'm off to PHAT Camp on Saturday! Can't wait to catch up with everyone!

So, it's almost 9.15pm and I need to get to bed :)

Well done to Shelly, Gillian and Jenni who all recently finished their programs, all with great results! Going to have a little giveaway on my forum, so if you are a client, get on there and have a sticky!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Quick catch up

Trained legs and bis with Lisa today, was great to train with her. We spoke about continuing programs for her, and after getting a good look at her in the flesh, I will come up with something that will help her continue progressing. Lisa has great legs, and a great set of triceps - the triceps come from her work as an osteopath. So, we spoke about balancing up her biceps, and building some width to her back and shoulders. She's like me - she needs a 'goal'. My goal is competition, and that way I can continually strive to improve where I need to. Lisa has been thinking about her future goals, and we spoke about them briefly. As I said to her, I can't stress enough, the importance of knowing your "why".

My diet and training is ticking along nicely. Damien tells me I'm 'getting scrawny' already, his way of telling me it's working :) I had two compliments at the gym today, on my back. One from Lisa, thanks Lis, and another one (who shall remain anonymous).

I am looking forward to PHAT Camp next weekend! It has come around very quickly. Time is going to fly this week and I have so much to accomplish in a week!

My revamped website is coming along nicely!! I want it ready for early May as I am doing some advertising in the US.

Tonight I went back for cardio, and took my MP3 with me and cranked it up loud. That way I could almost forget I was actually doing cardio :) Usually the ear plugs fall out and annoy the hell out of me, but for the most part, they stayed in well. I gave my calves a rest training legs today, as they have been getting well and truly overworked with all the incline cardio. Tomorrow Kerry is meeting me at the gym for a step class, so that will be fun. Then will need to go back in the arvo for chest/tris.

I got my huge shipment of Myoplex Lites :)) I decided to try one and yes, it must be a different formula, as the shake comes out really thick. Which I prefer. So, well done Shar, you are a legend. I emailed them today to purchase the remainder of their stock!!!! Got a nice discount too. So I think I have the world's entire remaining collection of Cappuccino Ice in my hot little hands :)

I have ordered my next suit with Jo Rogers. I changed my mind again. :) I can't wait to see it.

Ok, time for bed, early night, feeling a bit worn out, but not exhausted. I had the BEST massage yesterday! Well needed.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Here's another of the lovely Selina, since I know some readers want to see!

I just finished my Myoplex Lite (always a highlight of the day!), and will give a quick rundown of my torture session today. I was up early (early for me) so did my 30 mins on the incline tready before food. Then later this arvo I did my first 'additional' leg session. 5 mins on step machine, 30 walking lunges x 3 (no rest), then 5 mins on steep tready incline at fast rate, then plie squats and stiff leg deadlifts x 3 - no rest between anything. Took me 46 mins and I'd definitely had enough by then! My legs are feeling a little sore still from last 'real' leg workout. I cannot wait for my massage tomorrow!!

Today is high carb day and I am feeling hungry, so my metabolism has got to be going through the roof.

Richie is a believer in more carbs/calories and burning the fat off with more cardio (like Tom Venuto). I would take the carbs and extra cardio anyday, over a lower calorie diet without carbs. You NEED carbs to train hard and to recover and keep/grow your muscle, AND to stay full and hard, rather depleted and soft. Richie is aiming to bring me in more full this time around.

Time for a shower and some sweet potato!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Big day

Huge day of training today. Feeling a bit buggered tonight! Met with Lisa V at the gym this morning and we both trained chest & tris - but separately. Then we did 30 mins on the ellipticals, chatting the entire time, and then walked another 20 minutes outside. It was fantastic to meet her, she's absoulutely lovely! She gave me a bit of osteopathy treatment after our walk and that was very interesting. My left hip was rotated (I think that is what she said!) due to a tight hip flexor, and I was also out in the top of ribs on the right, and a number of spots in my neck. It was amazing how she treated me - very talented lady. Also advised I should get orthotics for my high arches, if I was to do much running in the future. We are going to train again on Friday.

Tonight I went back and did a hi/low class - for 40 minutes. I was starting to hurt by the end of it, my feet, legs, calves etc. I did most of it low impact. I did that one today so that I don't have to do 3 tomorrow! So, have a cardio, and my new torture leg session. I have a massage on Thursday, thank goodness.

Shar - you are brilliant!! I found some Cappuccino Ice! YES!!!! I am having 10 boxes shipped to me tomorrow. Yes Hils, I'm definitely junkie material :)n So with that, and Michelle's stash, I will be stocked for awhile to come :) I'm happy again!

Congratulations to Selina, and Sharon & Garth, who have all finished their challenges this week. I tried to put Selina's pics up yesterday but it wouldn't work :( Will try again tonight. Yep, they worked - doesn't she look fantastic?

We have had someone interested in our house already, so looks like we have to get it spic and span by next Friday!!! Busy week coming up. Ok, well that's about all I can manage tonight - I think it will be an early one, I need to recover, feeling a bit drained!

Monday, April 17, 2006

I met Lisa!

It was quite funny, we had arranged to meet tomorrow, at the gym, but we were both there at the same time today and she came over and asked "are you Sue?"!! So, we had a little chat, and will still meet tomorrow for training/cardio and a much longer chat! The first thing I noticed is Lisa's arms - she has amazing arms - as you can see in her pictures!

So, trained legs and bis. Did my leg pressing on the 45 degree sled today, out in the big gym. I don't like the machine, but the seated press is not doing my back any favours lately. Did that, 20 reps, supersetted with walking lunges. Then seated curl, extension, abductors and adductors, calves and biceps. Bi's were hurting today - well, forearms to be more precise. But, I pushed through and did all my sets.

I need to go back later for cardio and abs. I got my new 'extra session' from Richie today - looks nasty! Actually it doesn't LOOK that bad on paper, but I just know it's going to be a killer!! I have to slot it in on double cardio day, so that is 3 training sessions on that day!!

I think Shar may be my new best friend :) I will find out very soon. She pointed me to a website that sells Capp Ice - a store in Melbourne no less! And it looks like they may have stock! So, will find out for sure probably tomorrow. I will be stocked up to the eyeballs if they do!

Not long until Phat Camp! Less than 2 weeks. Am looking forward to catching up with Kimmy and Marg, Kerry, Sam, Lisa again, and meeting Alison, Jaime-Lee, Paula, and Beate for the first time. Probably some others I missed, but that is just off the top of my head. I wish I could participate!!! I will ask Richie next week if I can maybe do the leg session, or bootcamp.

Time for a bit more work, might watch the Roos play on tv this arvo, and then back to the gym later for another workout.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Today I had to battle!

To win the cardio war that is. My regular gym was closed and so I had planned to do a double session, weights followed by cardio, at another gym. I was feeling great all morning, and feeling full of energy after my carb day yesterday. Had an awesome back and shoulder session - my shoulders were so pumped when I was done. I swear they looked bigger today - maybe it's due to the little bit of fat that has come off my arms - or maybe they are bigger! Which reminds me I have to tell something interesting that I found later. Anyway, I finished my session and then 'mentally prepared' for my cardio session as well as putting on my heart rate monitor. Got on the tready, my calves were hurting, and I was really struggling with the thought of being on there for 50 mins. So, 2 mins in I decided I had enough :) It was a beautiful day out cvfyhug (sorry that word was courtesy of my Rexy walking across my keyboard to lay on my diary!) so I thought I would leave it until later. I had a little nanna nap this arvo and when I woke up the thought of having to do cardio was not nice. I battled with it all afternoon! Anyway, I did eventually get out there. I walked, and found it hard to keep my heart rate up to 140ish. I must be getting fitter. So, I had to jog/run for 10-20 second stints every so often to keep it up there.

Tomorrow is leg day, so will train in the morning while I have the most energy. Then I will go back for cardio later in the day.

Time for a shower, then I think we are going to get a dvd and curl up under the doona!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ripper session

Had a great training session this morning - chest, tris and abs. It's a short but intense session, and quite enjoyable! Finished up with 50 mins of cardio - couldn't use the Stepper as planned, as there was another guy on it - so I got on the bike, something I really despise, and went for 20 mins on that, followed by 5 mins on stepper then 25 mins on steep incline on tready. The bike wasn't so bad once my heart rate had settled into a rythym. Today is carb day :) :) Cup of oats for brekky, mmm mmm. Richie has given me an alternative for my peanut butter meal, which I will start to use especially on low carb days. PB gets too tempting to overeat on those days.

Tomorrow the gym is closed again so I will have to go to Waves for back/shoulders and my cardio. Change is as good as a holiday right? Well perhaps not in this case :)

I've had Michelle searching the entire US of A looking for my almost extinct Myoplex Lite in Cappuccino. She's found me 4 boxes so far, and I already have 3 in transit, somewhere out in the ocean :) So that will keep me going for awhile, but I will have to find a new favourite flavour - and they just don't stack up to the Capp Ice unfortunately!!

I just ordered a kilo of glutamine - almost out, and I go through it like crazy. Richie has also suggested another couple of supplements to start taking, so Michelle (she's a gem!) is purchasing those for me too.

I get to meet Lisa Vaughan (latest Body Blitz winner) on Tuesday! She's coming to Mildura so we are going to meet up - at the gym of course! I will have her protein prizes with me, and I do hope that perhaps she will get to give me an osteopathic treatment (especially since I inadvertently missed my chiro appointment last week!).

I'm missing Jodie! She is having a blast in the US, and she already has no room left in her bags because people are giving her so much stuff!

I have written myself a note to make some bookings for tanning and hair/makeup, for myself and Kimmy come July 15 show. Will get it out of the way and then don't have to think about it. Accommodation is sorted, which is right across the road from the tanning shop - noice :)

Ok, time to do some work!

“What you want to do, and what you can do, is limited only by what you can dream.”
Mark Melville

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday check in

Hey all! Hope you have had a great start to Easter. I took today as my complete day off, and I must admit it was nice and well needed. I slept for 2 hours this afternoon, even after a good sleep last night. I have also had the day off work. I took some more photos for Richie this morning, and then he wanted me to call him for a chat - we talked for over an hour and it was really good to reinforce everything with him. He is happy with my progress in 3 weeks. Said he could see the definition in my arms and shoulders, my abs were already coming through, and (the most exciting thing!) that he could see my 'teardrop' (quad muscle) coming through also - I have never had one before :) Thanks to Richie and his program, and mine (and Jodie's) hard work over the last 6 months, I now am very proud of my little teardrops :) He is leaving my diet and training the same, but is going to give me an extra training session which sounds nasty!!

I've just stopped in to get a meal before I head off to the pub again - don't worry, nothing is going in this mouth that shouldn't be!

Tomorrow I will train chest and tris, as well as cardio. I might try the step machine for 20 minutes of my 50 minutes this time. My weight hasn't changed much in the last 10 days, so there is a lesson to everyone who relies on the scales. :) My jeans are starting to feel a bit loose again which is nice!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Running around today, and feeling it tonight! We have a barbie going on out in the backyard and I am heading to bed! Of course, I couldn't eat the barbie, I had my salmon and broc before everyone arrived! I have been writing out some stuff for Richie, so he has it in front of him when I call him over the next few days. I need to take a few more photos for him, then he will put all that info together and after speaking with me on the phone, will come up with the next part of the plan. I was a little disappointed in my skin fold readings - I thought they would have been a little better than they were - I was 3.25mm short of my goal. Never mind, it's made me all the more determined! I sent a couple of my snaps off to a few select people and had some good comments back. A previous trainer made these comments which I was pretty happy with! We were chatting about the WFF comp...
...you should try it, you always come in lean but you have better shape than the girls i have seen there. Last year i was taking photos with ****, working back stage at the nabba aust. you would have blitzed the Figure...

Anyway, unfortunately I won't be able to do that comp this year as I didn't know about the May one in time, they do have a Sept one but I will be at Di's wedding! So, perhaps next year I will 'branch out'. In my humble opinion, INBA is the federation to compete for. Higher quality competitors, therefore better competition = means more if you place well!

This morning I was up and having skin folds done, followed by 50 mins of cardio on a steep incline - then home to give Richie the news, then shower, wash and dry hair, off to have my licence photo taken (name change...it's been nearly a year but better late than never!), then lunch with a friend (well I took my own lunch!), then home and changed to go back to gym and train legs/bis/abs, home, shower, to supermarket for easter groceries (was a madhouse) and then tonight I have had to do a bit of work as I didn't get a thing done today! So, now pretty tired, and will hit the hay in a moment.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just like Christmas

Will try and get an update post in, and hope that I don't lose it! I got my posing suit today! All sparkly and 'bedazzling'! I had to try it on of course, and since I had it on I thought I may as well do my photos for Richie. So, have sent them through and will wait for his comments and further instructions! I feel I have done really well in the last 3 weeks, dropped 5.5lb and definitely a fair bit of body fat.

Tried practising my routine a couple of days ago, and there is something majorly wrong - I have too much music for the posing! My timing can't be THAT far out! So, Kim is getting it organised onto DVD for me. Took my heels to the gym tonight, and after my back/triceps session ran through my 1/4 turns and mandatory poses. I had to do it in the actual gym as the aerobics room was being used. I don't care how silly I looked, it has to be done!!

I called Di yesterday, and we had a great chat - she was on a high still, from her win in the QLD It's a Girl Thing, show. Pic above is of her winning her Open class. It made me all excited to get right into the thick of things again.

High carb day yesterday was welcomed! It's just in time - get a bit fuzzy by day 3 of low carbs and that is so good to look forward to. Richie will probably change things around again this next program though.

Mum and my step dad have been working their bums off in our garden :) Aren't they the best? They have totally transformed it in 2 days. We are selling soon, so we are prettying things up a bit. It looks SO much better already!

That's about it for the moment - I did a Fat Burner class last night, that was fun - have not done one in more than 12 months but it was like I'd never left! Just like riding a bike :) Then a basic step class this morning - I like the basic/low impact workouts - I can then monitor my heart rate and keep it where I want it.

Thanks for the birthday wishes people :) Though kind of happy to let them go by unnoticed... :))

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I just posted a really big one, and it made me log back in and now I lost it :( Bugger it, can't be bothered doing it all AGAIN. Basically, all good here :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Back home

Actually was home when I posted the last blog, but I did write it while away. Sitting here drinking my Myoplex Lite - ahhh, my daily treat. Wonder how long that will last. I have my skin folds this Thursday, and then I think Richie will update my program and diet. My weight this past week hasn't really changed much, a bit up and down, but this mornings reading is the lowest yet. My thigh and ab skin folds have definitely reduced (I take them with my own calipers, but Waves has some really smicko accurate ones so I go see Damien for my 'official' ones). Just finished my chest and tris session - quick and intense, just how I like it. I was going to do the 2 in 1 thing, train then cardio, but it had been too long since my first meal and I needed to eat! I will go back for another stint later tonight before dinner.

Back to the wedding. It was nice, as all weddings usually are. I do find it VERY difficult to not drink some wine when out socially. I don't care about the food so much, but it just feels ODD to sit there sipping on water while everyone else is hoeing in to the grog :) Of course, the next day I was very happy that I did - while watching others looking and feeling very seedy :)

I was pretty hungry by the time I got my meal - as I didn't have an entree it was a bit long in between meals for me. Chicken was nice, broccoli had bugs and black things in it (that one's for you Brendan) :) So I didn't eat my broccoli. I got home around midnight I suppose, then finished the rest of my book (Last Witness, Jilliane Hoffman - excellent book!). I didn't get a great sleep, so was a little ragged in the morning. We ALMOST stayed another night as we just could not be fagged driving home. Damien was in a much worse state than me! In the end it was even more trouble to stay (cooking, training, working etc) than to just get in the car and push through it! So, we did that. I drove most of the way home, then had a nap between Renmark and Mildura. Got home at 4pm, then Damien dropped me at the gym so I could train legs and biceps, then I walked home, 50 minute walk. Training and cardio done :) I called my friend Shazza on the way home, we haven't spoken for way too long and I thought it would be a great way to make the walk go quickly - and it was, we talked the whole way home.

I did a step class last week as part of my cardio - it was nice to do something different, and I will incorporate more classes into my cardio routine from now on.

Time to go and call Di, and hear all about her win on the weekend! Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

In Adelaide

Just came home to have a bite to eat before the reception – chicken and veg. It’s been pretty hectic so far. I’m having a lovely birthday – Damien bought me a Jag wallet, which I was desperately in need of, no matter how much I pretended I wasn’t :) Quite ironic really, as I left my wallet at home, in my gym bag!! I didn’t realize until I came to pay Kim for a posing lesson! Whoops. Speaking of, that went well, all my poses were pretty much spot on, we tweaked the chest pose a bit, and also worked on my relaxed stance pose which I am now really happy with. One tip in particular she gave has REALLY helped. I even practically learnt my whole routine! I felt like such an unco! Kim had it worked out, and so I mimicked her with the moves. Was quite funny at times :) I am so not a natural – can’t pick it up in one go. By the end of the hour though I was doing pretty good. I got most of it on camera video – before it went flat :( Kim is going to video it for me onto dvd so that will be great. There is still about 15 seconds left for her to put together, and then she will mail it to me. She also told me about a Musclemania show she is organizing later in the year, and is going to send me some info in case I am interested. Think it may clash with INBA states/Nationals, but will see. Kim commented on my back from the front on symmetry pose – she asked if I’d been working on it. I’ve always had a decent back, but when I spread my lats I have a good V shape, even from the front view. She had a look at my diet also. I will probably come back and see her in 4 or 5 weeks, and go through everything again. She is just awesome.

I also got news from Jo Rogers, that my bikini is ready!! She said it’s gorgeous, that even her partner commented on it (which apparently doesn’t happen very often). So, I can’t wait to see it. Then it will be onto bikini number 2! There are a few different ideas I have had, so I may end up getting 3. Jo and I talked about one that she has been wanting to do for awhile, it sounds beautiful – that is my next one. Then there is another I am going to see if she can do – I have a bracelet with lots of beading, crystals, sequins and pearls on it – I want her to copy it onto a bikini! I’ve taken photos and will send her when I get home to see if she can do it. The colour is gorgeous so I hope she can replicate it.

I went walking/jogging around the streets of Adelaide this morning. Then on the way back I did a little shopping. Gawd I neeeeeeed to go shopping properly. I need a few days! I hate shopping in a hurry. But, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do – if I have only 30 minutes, I will do my best :) I got some adidas tracky daks at HS, size 8, little bit tight but give me 3 or 4 weeks. Then, I found a hairpiece in exactly the right colour!!! It’s very long, and rather boofy, so I am hoping my whiz of a hairdresser can do something with it. Also bought some accessories to wear with my dress to the wedding, all bargains at half price! So, I did very well in a short space of time.

Got the call, so off to the wedding. Chicken and veg for dinner. PB for when I get home.

Just found out that Di won her class at the All Girl QLD show, well done Di!!!! xx

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm back!

Things are ticking along nicely. Have been very busy, hence no recent updates. I did my training followed by cardio again this morning - it's good to get them out of the way together, but boy, by the end of the 50 min cardio session, I am starting to feel a bit wonky. It's day 3 of low carbs today so have been feeling pretty tired. I did train well though. I had my first crappy training session yesterday. Legs and bis. I was feeling fatigued, not recovered from previous workout and I was tired and hungry. But, I made it through, and couldn't wait to get home to my protein frappe! My favourite part of the day! How sad! High carb day tomorrow, so I am once again looking forward to that. Travelling in the car tomorrow, so tonight I have cooked up all my food for the weekend - veggies, tuna, sweet potato, potato - and already have the chicken cooked and frozen so will just defrost it overnight. I shouldn't have to even cook anything (except eggs perhaps) while away. I have pre requested my chicken/veg meal at the wedding.

Will be seeing Kim at 2 pm for an hour and half posing session. I didn't get around to doing any this week so this will be the first time I have donned my 6 inch heels for awhile - an hour and half of posing will have me SORE. I've decided to train before I leave tomorrow, rather than have a day off. Then I will just do cardio on Saturday, instead of both cardio and training - only so much can be done when you have to go to a wedding! Then cardio before we leave, and back in time to train before the gym closes at 5pm!

I'm feeling a bit weary tonight, so I will pack my bags and then have a pretty early night.

I have most of my work done, so don't have to worry too much over the weekend. I do have an article to write for Women's Fitness & Health, sometime over the weekend. Probably on the drive down tomorrow!

Hopefully Kim will also have some good ideas together for my routine, she has had my music for awhile now but this is the first time I have seen her since start of Feb.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Day? Lost count...

Michelle Poe - IBO Personal Success Mentor. Michelle has been a continuing hardworking client of IBO and as this photo shows, is very passionate about her fitness and training, along with being a wonderful motivator for her clients. In addition, Michelle is my supplier of soon to be discontinued Myoplex Lite Cappuccino Ice :(

It feels so weird not being daylight saving anymore. It's 7.45pm and I feel like going to bed! And, today had that cold, dark and dreary feel to it. Even though it was lovely outside, there was just that 'winter chill' to the air.

I'm hungry! I killed two birds with one stone today - did my chest/tris session then my cardio session straight after. Not so bad since the training was a reasonably quick session. Was good to not have to go back for a 2nd time!

Got all my work done, and now just kicking back in the lounge.

The scale tells me my weight went up slightly - however, we all know that does not matter! Yes, I do weigh every morning, but, I know the pitfalls of it, and why it can read lower one day and higher the next. I look forward to getting my skin folds done in 10 days. I did a bit of posing this morning at the gym (without shoes) and already can see my legs have a lot more shape than they have had in the past.

So, have finished my salmon and asparagus, but would kill for another tablespoon of peanut butter! However, tomorrow is high carb day, which I am really looking forward to - a full cup of oats for brekky, noice :) It's also a day off training tomorrow, but double cardio day instead. I will do some posing (with shoes!) at the gym also.

I wonder if it will be a quieter week work-wise. I am heading to Adelaide for the weekend, so will have a very tight schedule!

My back is a little sore today, but not too bad, and was able to train no problems at all.

Congratulations Lisa! Challenge DONE!

Lisa, Before, and after 12 weeks!

Lisa achieved great results in her 12 week Challenge, as you can see above. This after pic is just a quick preview she sent me last night - there will be more to come.

As an IBO staff member, clients whom have Lisa as their feedback coach can learn a lot from her. Lisa was so determined and focused right from the very start, and did not give in when the going got tough - and it did! However, Lis worked through it, and as you can see above, came out with flying colours! She was so excited to email me on the morning of her photos to tell me her tummy was now FLAT!! Lisa's enthusiasm and passion comes through in her feedback emails, and now, because she has experienced it herself, she will be an expert on advising clients through their own programs.

Congratulations once again Lisa!

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Comp prep that is! There is no rest for the wicked. I am focused and determined! Today was leg day. I strained my right erector muscle - the one that runs right up from lower back up to neck. Did it during leg presses. It's quite stiff and sore now, so have just rubbbed some Voltaren into it and will head off to bed. I'm really tired tonight. Today I even had a sleep this arvo. It's almost you know, 'that time' so I know that is why. I felt a bit yuk earlier in the night.

I have updated my blog in the forum, with much more detail on training and diet.

I've dropped 4lb in 9 days, which freaks me out a bit, but I know that will slow down. First time I have ever been concerned about losing weight too quickly :)

Lisa finished her challenge today and had her final photos taken - I have seen one sneak preview pic, and she looks fantastic! I hope to be posting them soon, and I am sure she will put them on her blog also.