2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Report from sunny Qld!

Happy to say that it IS sunny!!

I started writing when I got to Melbourne so here is my 'review'...

Woke up at 3.45am! I’m in Melbourne now, 8.15am and feeling rather seedy! My flight is in 45 mins so don’t have long to wait. Having a coffee, yes a real one, at GJ’s here at the gate. Had a screaming child all the way from home to Melb, in the seat behind me.

Well, about 40mins to go until I reach Brissy. This flight is much more comfortable! I just started (and almost completed) a document titled “Maintaining Your Results”. I feel this is something that most people always have a concern with, and rightly so – so, I will have an article full of instructions, ideas and tips, and will send out to clients as they get close to the end of their program. Will also place it in the Library – when I figure out how to do that!!! Ok time for some shut eye. I think I will need a little nap before I train today!!

Where do I start! Have not had a chance to get to writing. I’m now in Coolum with Di and G, it’s 7am and I am waiting for Di to get back from walking big Arnie and then we are going to do some stairs. My legs are SO sore, quads in particular, from training with Jason a couple of days ago so not sure how I will go with these stairs! Walking up and down these stairs in the house is painful.

So, I’ve been in store at Bodizone where I did get a little bit of work done but not a lot. Today will be catch up day while Di is at work. Jason and Ang, and the kids, were wonderful to me while is Brisbane.

I tried to sleep the afternoon I arrived because I got up at 3.45am that morning for the flights (which were all on time amazingly!). Jason and Mitch picked me up at the airport, and took my luggage home, then we went into the store and run through a few things in there. We both hit a brick wall by lunchtime so I tried to sleep but it was SO hot that it was just impossible. I layed down for over two hours. We then trained chest, biceps and abs at Healthworks gym. My abs are still sore :) Trying to spot Jason was impossible, I nearly injured myself, let alone him :)

Next morning, up at 5.30am to train at 6. Legs that early in the morning has never been my forte, however, I think I did a good job because I am killing now! I wince every time I walk up a stair. 2 heavy sets of leg press followed by a drop set. OMG. The pain! Then smith squats, heavy, as many as I could, then Jason stripped the weights for a drop set until I could do no more. One drop set of extensions, then curls, then calves. Done.

The ad went well – it took me 11 takes to get my lines out :) very difficult smiling and talking to an inanimate object with ‘feeling’. It was so hot, everywhere I go has no air conditioning!! I then did some walking on tready, elliptical, tri pushdowns and bicep curls and it was all done. Ang did my hair and makeup, which was great.

After the ad we then back to shop and there was a lady waiting to chat to me – it was Trish Bates, one of my Body Blitz winners! So we had a lovely chat, and then another lady arrived, this one a competitor doing her first show at the end of April. A

fter finishing up at the shop we quickly got ready to go out for dinner. We met Carolyn at the Breakie Creek Hotel. I couldn’t believe she is such a skinny Minnie!! What a lovely lady, and we all had a great chat. We could have chatted for hours I’m sure but it was a relatively quick dinner. I had 2 glasses of wine and felt smashed! Carolyn gave me an awesome bottle of Margaret River red and a card full of words that nearly made me cry!! Thanks for a lovely night Carolyn and I will be looking forward to catching up to you again very soon!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's a whirlwind!

This last couple of days has been very hectic! I'm finally packed for my trip, including food, supps, training gear, posing gear, etc etc. My case is HUGE and it's rather full - but i haven't had to use the 'expander' yet though - still room to buy stuff and bring home :) Actually maybe I will do a run through tonight and take a few things out - last thing I want is excess baggage!! I have not packed any cold stuff Di, so it better not be cold. Even if it's wet, not cold. I can always borrow your clothes - again :)

I'm rather excited about the trip - Jason is taking me training, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I think he has some scary things up his sleeve. Monday we are doing the ad, and spending time in store with Jason and Matt. I have a posing lesson with Jo on Tuesday and a meeting with a guy regarding some diet stuff. Di is picking me up on Tuesday lunchtime and we will head back to the Sunshine (hopefully!!) Coast. I think I will be doing lots of cardio while there :) If I try and keep up with Di that is.

Ok, well I am going to spend some time with Damien before I leave. Oh had a spray tan today and it was pretty crap. Barely noticeable. They don't understand "dark as you can, darker thank usual, dark enough for a photo shoo", etc. Might have to do a coat of Dream Tan.

Oh and I keep forgetting to mention - I am meeting Carolyn on Monday! She's coming to dinner with us - can't wait! I also hope to be meeting Kellie (rlatest Body Blitz winner) at Di's lunch on the following Saturday - and Gill, and Alicia and Maraina!! Going to be lots of girls there by the sounds of it. I bet all the dieting girls talk about food. :) Can't blame them!

Di, is Gerard going to be the topless waiter?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hilde the magazine star

Ms Hilde is in the latest Women's Health & Fitness - she looks beautiful! Make sure you check her out!

Today's session was shoulders and back - usually I do back first but switching for awhile. I did though, start off with my big back exercise - sumo deadlifts. I beat last time's effort, did 10 reps at 132lb, 8 reps at 154lb, and then 2 reps at 176lb and back to 154lb for another 6. That is my best effort to date on sumo's. Next time I will beat that. On regular power deadlifts my previous best was 172lb for 2 I think, a long time ago. I don't deadlift very often but I love it.

Then I did some awesome shoulders. Been going up and down rack for side raises, then did some static holds, along with some other stuff.

Have my little phone interview tomorrow for the Sunday Times article. Having a few issues with picture quality at this stage - which is why everyone should get professional photos taken if possible!

I got my Next G network all set up today - I stayed in the store while we set it up - glad we did otherwise it would have taken me forever. Something always goes wrong. So now I'm completely mobile!

Di and Alicia - stop that bloody rain now please!!! Maybe I will continue with 1 real coffee a day Di :)

Sam - yeah Jodie has the full collection too and I'm threatening to borrow them from her very soon.

Lisa - thank you!

Mike - Hi! Seinfeld is my all time fave - what an absolute classic show. I can relate so many things back to a Seinfeld episode of some description! Thanks for your good wishes.

Had another awesome day today energy wise. I can take on the world when I feel 'normal' like this!

I tanned at the solarium today - man was it hot in there. I don't go anywhere for at least 2 hours after a session, ever since Adam told me I looked like a glow stick when I rocked up at the gym one time straight after :) I have a REALLY good accelerator. Tingle factor - 1 zillion.

Had 2 lovely compliments today - was in buying a stash of earplugs :) and the lady behind the counter said I had a lovely physique and asked if I did a lot of training :) Then was asked if I'd dropped a few kilo's by a guy at the gym (latest Body Blitz winner, Adam - can check him out at www.sportzblitz.com.au)- of course he added 'not that I was fat or anything before'. But no, I haven't dropped any kilo's - boy if I dropped a few kilo's I'd be getting very close to comp weight. 3kg on me would be highly noticeable.

Checking out...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feeling great!

Latest pic and old pic

I feel fabulous today! All day I've been feeling awesome. Go figure. Catching up on a few shouts here - better late than never!!

Sam W - I don't know when the article will go in - it's still being written by the jounalist at this stage. But I'll be sure to keep you informed!

Rene - no real secret to good protein shakes apart from a good protein powder/meal replacement, and ICE - lots of it! Got to have a good blender too, and mix for a long time.

Di - and I reckon Arnie is the sexiest dawg around. Especially with those sunnies on!! What a crack up!

Alicia - yes I am looking forward to the gathering at Di's - should be quite a turn up. Looking forward to meeting you too! Are you dieting??

Lisa V - I send Sam DM your message - thanks :)

Jodie & Bec - well I didn't get sore at all, think I need something to shake things up even more. The body is finally used to zillions of pop squats and lunges.

Shar - good on you for beating your addiction!!! Well, I have been advised to halve my caffiene intake to start with, to avoid the withdrawals. (So Michelle, no cold turkey - Mr Sue will be fine). So I've done that so far and I've only had 1.5 serves of caffeine each day for the past 2 days. Yes I'd love you to tape the Biggest Loser please!!!

Maraina - can't wait to meet you too! Finally!

So, this morning I went to the doctor again. I thought 'bugger it', I'm sick of going around in circles. For the last week I've been feeling very lethargic again. Personally I feel there is something going on with my iron levels. From what I've read, athletes need more iron than the average Joe. The reference range for hemoglobin is 115-160. Anything under is considered low. The highest test I've had I was 127 on the most recent one. I've been 115 and 116. But because that's greater than 114, nevermind it's extremely borderline, I am considered 'normal'. Serum iron was low this last test, and Transferrin was low last test. In my test in September, which alerted me to the iron fact, my red blood cell count was low. There is obviously something going on here. Especially when mum told me I had iron injections as a child. I haven't been able to find the medical records unfortunately. I asked the doc what's the procedure to get iron injections - he's referred me onto a physician but I can't get in until April 17!!! Crazy. Anyway, at least I'm in! And, so I will chat to him about it all and hopefully he will give me the ok to have an iron infusion - which apparently is a lot nicer than an injection which hurts like hell (and for weeks!) and gives you a huge lump and black bruise on your butt.

I want to thank Josh for the email he sent me today - I really appreciated that Josh. I will respond soon as I can.

I had a ripper chest/tris/calves session today. Quick 40 mins but very intense. I've been a bit slack on the cardio, so tomorrow is morning cardio and then shoulders and back in the afternoon.

We had the inlaws stay last night so went out for dinner. I had grilled Barramundi and veggies. Damien cooked up a roast beef tonight.

Tomorrow I have to go get my Next G network thingy set up for my trip. I can't believe I fly out on Sunday already! I have to get nails and eyebrows done on Thursday, and a massage, on Friday a derma, and on Saturday a spray tan!! I'm going to ditch the salt for a few days prior to doing the ad, drop a bit of fluid.

Ok well there's my wrap. Nearly bed time though I want to stay up to watch Sex & The City and Seinfeld reruns.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Well it's been a tough 4 or 5 days. Still getting these periods of exhaustion. Rather frustrating! Yesterday I did a morning Step Class which was great, but died in the butt when I got home. I was a walking zombie yesterday afternoon. I tried to take a nap from 2.30pm and dozed on and off - got up around 4.30pm. Then I just veged out. I was meant to be at the gym by 4pm for a training session but I had to postpone it until today. So, as Bootcamp with Jodie and Bec had been organised for midday at the gym, I decided to train shoulders/biceps before bootcamp. I took my Whey Pumped and raspberries to have post workout and before cardio. We did a few Jen Hendershott moves (not quite as fluent as Jen is at them of course! Nowhere near it in fact!). Lined up 7 steps and continued to walk over top of them on our hands. My shoulders are aching now, with that being a 2 x shoulder workout. We did lunges, pop squats, toe taps on step, one leg step ups, cardio equipment, and walking around room on hands and feet in supine position.

Anyway, I've decided to give up caffeine for 10 days and see if it makes me feel any differently. This statement is a big one for me. Hence I am most probably addicted. So, I will still have a morning coffee but will switch to decaf (one per day). Michelle, you know that also means giving up the you know what (ML). I will just tell myself it's only 10 days :) Also means no Driven or fat burners which I haven't taken for over a week anyway. I was going to do caffeine and artificial sweeteners but feel one at a time would be best so I can tell which, if anything, is helping. Di, I'll need to get some, or bring some proper decaf with me! Be warned I could be really really grumpy. Actually by then I should be over the withdrawal symptoms!

I will be in Queensland for the next two Sundays so no Bootcamp - not here anyway.

I had a hard leg session on Thursday and still pretty sore from it. I squatted first up, only my 2nd squat session and my first decent (as in weight) one for a long time. I manged 35kg plus the olympic bar for a good 8 reps and then 40Kg plus bar for 6. Followed that with what is a PB for stiff leg deadlifts, 32.5kg plus olympic bar, for 12 reps! Ouch!! That's my bodyweight.

Oh before I forget, has anyone happened to tape The Biggest Loser on DVD? I have NEVER seen this show and I believe I MUST be missing out. We don't get Channel 10. I'd love to see a few episodes if anyone has any taped, or if anyone is willing to tape a few episodes for me!! Please email email me or leave me a commet - thanks in advance!

Anyone out there have any good ideas for strapping wrists? My poor skinny little wrists need some attention - my current strapping is stretched to buggery and really does nothing more than 'pretend'. I need something that has lots of support but that i can wear under gloves. The ones with the steel bit I don't think would work. Reminds me I STILL have not found any new gloves. Perhaps when I go to QLD I will find some.

We finally ordered our blinds! Yippee. So in 6 weeks it will be a different house! One more huge job out of the way.

I had my hair done on Friday - 3.5 hours of 'torture'. I hate spending all that time in the hairdressers! What is worse, my roots turned out orange and I have to go back tomorrow to get them fixed!!!

I received this from a client today and thought I would share it here:

Tequila and Salt.
This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it everyday. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true.

1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for.
2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.
3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.
4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.
5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.
6. You mean the world to someone.
7. You are special and unique.
8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.
9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.
10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look.
11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.

And always remember....when life hands you Lemons, ask for tequila and salt,
and call me over!

Good friends are like stars........You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

"Whenever God Closes One Door He Always Opens Another, Even Though Sometimes It's Hell in the Hallway"

I would rather have one rose and a kind word from a friend while I'm here than a whole truck load when I'm gone.

Ok, time for some more work. Trying to get stuff done so my week is not too full on with my trip coming up.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Perhaps I'm one of the few (judging by the ecard I just received from Michelle!) that enjoys and believes in Valentine's Day. Any excuse to go out for a nice dinner and buy a nice card and little prezzie for my hubby :) Perhaps it's the people who don't have partners or have partners that turn their nose up at it that don't like it. It's not one day of the year to be good to your partner, it's just another one :) Can't have too many of them in my book? Doesn't have to be expensive, what's a card cost - $5? Anyway, Damien never lets me down - he bought me some lovely flowers (and a card which I'm sure is even nicer!) but is yet to give them to me. I had to put the flowers in water though as they were keeling over in the heat! We are off to Seasons for dinner, al fresco dining - be rather warm and sticky, but that's ok. Love eating outdoors.

I trained back yesterday - chin ups, lat pulls, one arm rows off the rack, straight arm pull downs, and then shoulders. I'm quite sore. I booked in for a massage - couldn't wait the month out! It was sooooooooooooooooooo good. He actually thought I had a calf tear, he could feel it. So, I haven't been doing any step for a couple weeks. Calves were very sore.

Today I did 2 x cardios - a 30 min session on the home tready this morning, and just returned from a 40 min walk/jog/run outdoors. Tonight's session is so I can enjoy a piece of bread tonight with my dinner!! Ha, how sad! Realistically though, I burned about 250 cals, and a thick piece of bread and butter would just about cover that. That's why huge free meals can really stop progress! Shows you how very important nutrition is in the whole scheme of things.

I got home from wherever I'd been yesterday to find 3 HUGE cat spews in the family room! My god it was disgusting. Thank goodness I had locked Rexy in the tiled area. We would have had to pull the carpet up!!! Poor Rexy. He goes through these 'spew phases' :)

I was talking to mum on the phone today and telling her how my iron levels had not improved since I'd been using an iron supplement, and in fact they actually dropped. She said "well you used to have iron injections when you were a kid". I'm like "WHAT???!!!" Gee mum thanks for telling me this possibly vital piece of information!! So apparently every couple of months I used to have injections at the hospital. I get my latest test results back tomorrow so if they are still down I will go back to the doc and see what my options are.

And finally, some awesome news - Ideal Bodies Online has another Body Blitz winner! Kellie Robins has been named one of the April winners! And rightly so!! This single mother of 4's awesome pics are in my client gallery. Congrats Kellie!!!

I still have to get back to some comments, rest assured I will. Got to go get beautified for dinner and I'm running late!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A bit more lively today...

Yesterday I felt like a wrung out rag. In fact the last few days I've felt less than 'optimal'. I am wondering if the fat burners I've been taking have something to do with it - when you add up my caffiene intake over the day, be it actual coffee (I only have one actual coffee!), coffee flavoured protein shakes and fat burners/supplements, I can be right up there. My sleep has been suffering too. So, time to take a rest from those and keep an eye on my intake. I was trialling them for awhile, but think I will leave those til I really 'need' them. Hopefully I won't! So, yesterday I did nothing! Well, I worked, I had quite a bit on but no training. All I had planned was a step class - I even got dressed ready to go but piked out because I didn't feel up to it! I was a hungry little hippo all day too, and ended up having a bit of a feast in the evening, inlcuding a slice of pizza, a pita bread with chicken/cheese/sundried tomatoes, a yoghurt with raspberries and a half protein bar! That was after dinner!! It's definitely hormonal, I could eat a damn horse when I get like this! And, add to that mega salt ingestion. Surprised I wasn't as puffed up as I expected this morning :)

So today have drunk heaps of water, done a good hour's bootcamp with Jodie and then trained chest/tris/calves and abs this afternoon. So, all back on track today. I did a bit of a cook up and made up meals for the next couple of days. Not that I need to because I am home anyway, but it's one less thing I have to think of.

I have my Brissy intinerary sorted. For anyone in the area I will be at Bodizone Sports Supplements in Geebung on Monday 26th Feb - 9-11am and then 4-6pm, so please feel free to drop by and say hi! In between that I will be making the tv ad, and earlier that morning having a tough (I'm certain it will be nothing less) training session with Jason (1 of 3 while I am there). On Tuesday I'll be posing with Jo, and then I go up to the Sunny Coast with Di, for some work, training and relaxing! Di has organised a lunch on the Saturday with a few girls up that way - that will be fun! I get my hair coloured next week, and a spray tan before I leave.

I've finished organising the info for the Sunday Times piece, so now I just sit back and wait :) I'm a bit weary now so I might grab a 20 min power nap! No pics today...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Phew, another week gone!

They are just whizzing by! I certainly have needed Di's help this week - it's been a huge week with new clients, as I mentioned. I've also got a few REALLY exciting things in the pipeline - one includes a story in the WA Sunday Times. Thanks to a lovely client of mine who is a freelance journalist over in the west. She has pitched the storyline and they are keen to grab it for the lifestyle liftout! So I've been hounding a few clients to provide me with some info for the story. I need to work on the rest of that this weekend.

Training is good, still 'developing' my program as I go! I change it around all the time anyway, so no big deal. I swap exercises here and there or do drop sets or supersets to change things up. Today I did some isometric/static training for shoulders. Just something I am trying out. It was hard!!! My shoulders are very achy tonight. It's certainly different and I was getting a great pump. I also trained biceps. Only doing 6 sets for bi's - I don't think I need more as they get a decent workout on back day too, especially if I'm doing chin ups.

I did 30 mins on the home tready this morning - caught the last half of Seinfeld and the first half of Frasier.

I haven't been getting enough sleep lately - so I'm feeling a bit washed out at times! I was woken by the bloody garbage truck AGAIN this morning, at 5.15am. Lucky us, not only do we get it on Friday's, but we also get it on Thursday's, for the bins down the main street. Always first thing in the morning. So, was woken up at an ungodly hour again yesterday. I managed to get back to sleep this morning, only to be rewoken by the recycle truck at 6.15am. I gave up, got up and had a caffiene fix. I go to bed fairly late ie midnight sometimes, so that's not enough sleep!

Tomorrow I will do a step class at 10.30am, and will have a rest day from training. Sunday is bootcamp Jodie and Sue style, then later I will train chest and triceps.

Well, programs are calling so I better get back to it!! I just enjoyed my supper of oats and cottage cheese with sf maple syrup. Mmm mmm. With a huge pinch of sea salt. Ali got me onto oats with sea salt.

Have a great weekend everyone. If I haven't answered an email, it's just because I'm trying to get on top of the work sitch. Aiming to catch up on the weekend!

Today's pic is the very pregnant Rachel, Jode and moi, at Di's wedding, and the 'fitness girls' at same wedding :)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Just finished a back/shoulder workout. I am including sumo deadlifts into my back workout every 3 weeks for some heavy duty workouts. Managed 154lb for 6 reps and 165lb for 3. The first rep of that set was an all out effort let me tell you! I was shaking and straining and grunting - the 2nd rep was easier. I probably could have done a 4th rep but didn't want to bust my boiler :) Then some kneeling cable lat pulls, heavy one arm rows off the rack (managed 55lb for a set of 10 and 8 and then 61lb for 6 reps - could not do these if I didn't have hooks!), and seated rows. Then cable machine side raises and resistance band rear delts and some abs. Ran into the latest male Body Blitz winner at the gym after my workout. Nice to see another Mildy resident win one! Watch out for him in the next edition of Ironman or on the Sportzblitz site. I saw him having his photos taken at the gym before Christmas. He showed me his before and afters then and I knew he'd have a pretty good shot at it.

Well my sugar results came back normal! 4.6 or 4.9 can't remember now, but definitely normal. Doctor can't explain it. It must have been breakfast. I had some sultanas which I don't usually have but you wouldn't think that would make your sugar sky rocket. Oh well, it's good news anyway - thanks for your concerns!

Really busy week this week!

To all my previous Perth or WA clients who finished the program with good results- I'm looking for someone to help me with a promotion over that way - please email me asap if you are interested! It's a great opportunity!

Not long until my 'working holiday' to Queensland! I'm getting quite excited - Di has arranged a lunch for all the girls - will get to meet some more lovely competitors and IBO clients!

Thanks all for the great compliments on my physique improvements! It's a slow process but I had always been a small skinny fragile kid (up until late high school when I started to stack it on a bit), always the smallest in the class, so it's really satisfying when I see the changes I've been able to make to my body through consistent training and a good diet.

And yes Di, I must have a really great tanner :) No prizes for guessing who!!

Sam - I am flattered... :) They say it's equivalent to the pain of childbirth, so keep that in mind. I haven't had a child but I'll tell you what, it was the most pain I've ever experienced! If you like the Baywatch or 'beach ball look' you can go over the top of the muscle and not have as much pain or as long a recovery - I prefer the natural look myself!

Today's pics are a couple of "blasts from the past"! First pic on railroad track taken 4 weeks prior to first comp and 2nd pic taken week prior to comp at routine practise.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another pic comparison

Here's 2002 and 2006 - yes a little enhancement there but still the muscle growth is still obvious :) Excuse the posing in one pic and the stupid look on my face in the other..
And other pic is just one that was snapped by a friend so nobody has probably seen it. July 2006.

Waiting for sun to go down so I can go to bed!

Excuse the mess of photos, I have no clue on how to set them out properly. This 'pictorial' shows how I've added a little bit of size over the years. First pic is first comp 2002, 2nd comp 6 months later, then in 2004 and then last July in 2006. Check out the arms, they have certainly grown! The change in overall muscle density is very apparent. I've got some great chest ones, I will have to do that one another time - in my first comp I looked like I had come direct from a concentration camp!
I am so tired - it's 8.22pm and I am sitting in bed typing this, barely able to keep my eyes open. As always, when tired, my salt cravings have gone through the roof. I would estimate I've eaten at least 2 tablespoons of big crunchy sea salt just tonight. I wish I knew why. Anyway, I will just have an early night. Didn't get much sleep last night. Jodie and I had bootcamp this morning, which was great - we did an hour all up, including the walk there and back. Then I had my chest and triceps session this arvo - it only took about half hour - had a few supersets and drop sets in there which probably made it quicker. My upper body is aching all over again. I would have done calves but I seem to have a small tear or something - it's a bit sore from step class so didn't want to risk it.

Tomorrow is cardio only. It's going to be 42 tomorrow - reached 41 today. I don't feel it anymore, this a/c is marvelous :)

I predict I will start my comp diet on 1st April. Means I get to miss out on celebrating my birthday and wedding anniversary two years in a row. Not that the birthday is anything to 'celebrate', best it just slips on by really :)

Di - well my GHD's don't do anything for me in humidity! As soon as I step out into the 'atmosphere' my hair is a frizz ball. That night that picture was taken I remember I spent ages straightening it and then went out on the balcony for a pre dinner drink and within seconds it was a damp frizzy mess. So that is why I tied it back and flattened it! And oh yeah we are so heeuuuwwge. ;)

Hilds - in winter you will remember why you live in Cairns :) No, I don't blend my cherries I just add them to the thick chocolate mixture.

Kelly - how did you guess!! Yes, I do love blue :) I didn't realise it was that obvious! Great to hear from you. What do you have to do now for your cholesterol? Seems odd doesn't it...

Hils - yes Selina already told me you told her I was a short ass :) Am I 'false advertising'? I can't help it!! Thanks re the sugar thing - it's rather weird for sure. Hope you are feeling a lot better.

Lisa - send me an email and we can chat about the possibility of catching up! There are a few of us trying to get together...

Ok well that's about it for tonight. I think I need a bit drink of water and then to hit the sack.

Love Monday's...am I the only one?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sam W - You should have finally received my reply by now :)
Lisa - great to hear from you and good to know someone out there is aware of the virtues of a jumper around the waist! I got your mail and will be getting back to you soon.
Hilde - Ms Magazine Star (everyone buy next month's Women's Health & Fitness!) - did you try the bootcamp yet?
Jode - well thank goodness they have finally cleaned them...
Liz - nice of you to visit! You need to be kept warm up there in Qld?!!! My puddy cat is very fussy - he likes his Fussy Cat, and he's a bit partial to ham off the bone and metwurst - generally anything other than that he won't touch it :) I'm so glad to hear you saved him in the dream - I hope you wouldn't tell me if something bad had happened to him :) Isn't it interesting what we dream!
Hils - I hope we can catch up in Feb - great to hear you'll be Phat Camping!
Michelle - yes we all have weird little quirks - I bet Carolyn thinks one of ours is not ironing our gym clothes :)
Ali - yes he's well and truly over it - knocked him for 24 hours and then he was fine. Thanks. I hope your training and dieting is going well.
Deb - great to see you! Yes well I've moved on from the flicked back hair of the 80's but I guess the jumper thing must have stuck :) My music taste is probably still stuck in the 80's too :)

Ok, well it's very bloody hot here this weekend so I'm not venturing out if I can help it! Tomorrow Jodie and I have bootcamp - Bec if you are intetested, 9am same place. Getting it done early to avoid the heat. I did a step class this morning, and was going to train but got caught up in writing programs - plus my shoulders are aching from yesterday's workout! So, tomorrow wil train chest, tris and calves. I changed my split around so did shoulders and bis yesterday. Both are sore. I worked up and down the dumbbell rack for lateral raises, that was hard work. Hence the soreness. Started with Military Press to front on smith machine, then 2 heavy sets of lateral raises, then drop sets, up and down stack. Then DB rear delts supersetted with resistance band rear delts (love these) and then finished off with some Mil Presses to the back, with the olympic bar. Then biceps. I'm starting to get sore wrists and forearms again. Doing a lot of grip work with the heavy stiff leg deadlifts and pull ups and stuff and my poor hands and wrists are starting to feel it. I need some new wrist wraps and also have not been able to find new lifting gloves yet.

Went out for dinner AGAIN last night. I am living the high life, I better not get too used to it because that will all be stopping in a couple of months. Will enjoy while I can though! I had salt and pepper squid and a couple of nice chardy's.

I had my Women's Health Check at the doc's on Thursday. Blood pressure 100/60, and get this, I had high blood sugar! The nurse was like "you don't look like the sort of person who would have high blood sugar, but we better do it anyway". It was 6.9 and she's like 'oh! we better do this again - have you been touching any sugar or anything?' I said I'd had a few sultanas in my oats for breakfast that's all. So she wiped off my finger and squeezed out some more blood. This time 7.3. So, doc wanted me to have a fasting blood test and a glucose tolerance test - but they keep you in for 2 hours and I had about 4 hours sleep that night so it wasn't going to happen. He did say I could just have the fasting one and that would show if there was any problem. So, the results were supposed to come back yesterday but didn't. I can't believe my blood sugar was high!! WTF??? What are they going to tell me to do - cut out the sugar from my diet (what sugar?) and exercise??? Anyway, shall see what happens.

I've one more program to write tomorrow and that will be it for this week. Next week is already looking very busy with new clients.

Just finished my yummy MRM Choc Whey Pumped and cherries and now it's time for a little nap with Rexy. :) It's a tough life...

I will see if I can add a picture - this is the one I was trying to post a while back, when Adam left. This was at Phat Camp 2005. The other pic is when Di and I first met in person! Noosa, March 2004??


Here is a cut and paste from my "News & Views" section - my blog wasn't working when I last made a post:

...So I will have to use this for my personal blog until I can get it figured out! I need a permanent IT specialist here! It’s a full time job just trying to get/keep things working as they should! I also don’t seem to be able to post pics in this area, so I have submitted a support ticket.

So, to my training. Today was my final check in with my trainer for this 12 week program that I have just completed. I called him at 11am and we chatted for about 20 mins. I will be re-signing in about 8 weeks when I am due to start my competition preparation. I’m sitting at about 8% less body fat than I started my last comp prep, so, that has got to make it a little bit more bearable I sent Kim a photo of where I was at this time last year, OMG it was scary. I was in my bulking stage and feeling VERY uncomfortable. Kim was happy with the progress I’d made, he believed I’d lost from 2-5% body fat from when I started 12 weeks ago. The measurements say I’m the same, but he feels from looking at the photos that I have changed my body composition, that I’ve lost fat from hips and inner thighs, that my upper body is ‘cleaner’ and tighter and I’ve kept my back width and shoulder caps. So, his simple instructions for the next 8 weeks are to maintain my current condition. I’ve been doing that relatively easily so this should not be a problem.

Kim says that with my condition the way it is now, it will make the dieting easier, and will not be so hard on my body, and, importantly, I will be able to hold on to more muscle. It was quite funny, as he said to me ‘because you are so tall with long limbs…’ - I said “I’m not tall!! I’m 5′3″!!” He laughed and said ‘well it must be the shoes and the camera angle because you look very tall in the photos! But you still have long limbs…” I told him that everyone is surprised when they meet me in person because they all think I am tall. And, I’m so not! Actually I don’t mind being little :)

When I train upper body I get so pumped, and when I do my front relaxed pose I am getting a very nice v taper. I have a good lat spread from the front, I just need to perfect the back pose. I’ll be seeing Jo Rogers of Style on Stage for that, when I head up to Brissy in a month’s time. I hope to also catch up with Hils while there. I also found out that Deb, another client, will be attending PHAT Camp on the Gold Coast too, so there is another lovely client I will get to meet! If there are any of you in Brissy, Sunny Coast, Gold Coast area that would like to get together, maybe even for a training session please email me!

So, today i did my own training plan - still in various stages of devision (is that a word???) You know, I’m still devising them Today was legs. I started with supersets of heavy stiff leg deadlifts, for 10-12 reps, supersetting with smith machine lunges. 3 supersets. Followed with high wide leg press, 20 rep, 300lb. Then a triple drop set, 8/8/8 of seated hamstring curls. OMG. I was seeing stars Another set of leg press, 15 reps at 360lb. Then another triple drop of seated curls. One more set of 10 leg press, 400lbs.

Then on to knee extension - triple drop set. I was starting to feel a little ill after these 2 sets Followed that with 3 sets of BB Squats for 12 reps each. Took that fairly easy as I haven’t done free squats for about 3 months. So I used 40kg for 3 sets of 12. My legs were like jelly before I started them, but I actually managed these quite well and I will probably be able to increase this a fair whack next couple of weeks. Workout only took about 35 mins but it was intense. My heart rate was racing for the entire session. It was up to the high 160’s at one point.

So, I think I’ll do shoulders and chest tomorrow. I’m going to try training shoulders 2 x week, instructions from Kim. Kim by the way, is Kim Oddo - trainer of the amazing Monica Brant and many other sensational Figure competitors in the US.

I have my music cd burned Di, so I will send that to you so you can make me an awesome routine :)

Ok, well I just wanted to check in and let you all know how my training is going, since you can’t read my blog.

“When one door closes another one opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”Alexander Graham Bell

Thursday, February 01, 2007

testing my stoopid blog....

wow, looks like it worked. Here I am learning something from the pro, Jenn Hendershott, April 06