2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wow, it's a whirlwind!

Anyone out there? :) I'm not sure if anyone still reads since I have been taking so long between posts!

As always there is a lot happening. Training up a temp - it's a slow process but hopefully in the end it will be worthwhile.

We've been pretty social of late - after returning from our weekend of wining and dining we then had dinner out with big bad Adam who is back from Darwin, on Thursday night, and a dinner party for some friends on the Friday night. Thankfully my darling husband did all the cooking and cleaning so I could catch up on my work! We had scotch fillet with blue cheese sauce. Very impressed! It was great to catch up with Adam who I think is looking bigger than ever these days! We have trained a couple of times so it's been good to have a spot.

Also had lunch at mum's on Sunday so have managed to catch up with a few friends and family this week. Can often get caught up in business and work so it really was good to do that.


Me being me and not content with just cruising along and getting bored, I have decided to experiment a little with my diet. I'm taking a complete about turn and have switched to a high fat, moderate protein, low carb regime. Low carbing for long periods is not healthy nor good for muscle growth so it involves a refeed day of high carbs. I'm justing finishing up the 'induction' phase in the next couple of days - 12 days of low carbs in a row. Today I feel fantastic - for awhile there I've been a bit spacey and quite weary in the evenings. They say that until you make the 'switch' from sugar burner to fat burner, that you will feel this way. I have been enjoying salmon caesar salads with avocado and cheese (no croutons!), peanut butter, cream on my diet jelly, whole eggs with cheese, nuts, roast chicken and skin - this is very different and makes a very nice change! It's very easy to overconsume fats if you are not careful so I have to be very diligent with my numbers. Calories during induction are reasonably high so you don't miss your carbs. I've already lost about .5% body fat and I'm eating A LOT. I'll be trialling it for at least 6 weeks - if I feel it's worthwhile I may look at using the principles for some of my advanced clients.


Training is designed around the diet - I deplete for 2 workouts and then lift heavy and hard, then carb up for 36 hours. I haven't done a carb up yet but wil do so starting Friday after my heavy workout. I did the workout last week and boy did it hurt! Long workout, and heavy. Happy with how my chin ups are going of late. Adam spotted me for unassisted chins and was about to get between 4 & 6 on my own (plus a few assisted) for 4 sets. Squats 4 sets of 60kg.

Cardio is just 3-4 x week. Who wants to do more than that when you don't have to. When depleted it's quite tough.


We are in the process of changing the business over to a Company which will be quite a bit of work come end of the month. All good though! The tax saving will be most welcome!

I'm excited to be writing for Oxygen magazine now - this will be excellent as they are much more my style of mag. My first article is a two part article titled "Is Diet Your Downfall?". It won't be out until Dec/Jan though! Current Oxygen mag I am waiting for - 5 clients and we are doing a special promo - if you purchase anything from the Additional Products range you will receive a free copy of Oxygen #25 (the latest one).

The Client Forum is going off these days which is just fantastic. A great group of regular poster's as well as all my new clients getting involved. It really keeps everyone motivated and the girls (and guys!) just love it.

I will have my new IBO singlets ready this week - they came up really well - great style of singlet - cross back and quite flattering. Pale pink, and pale blue.

Team IBO is growing! Kristin Gleeson the September Body Blitz winner is now part of the IBO Team! Welcome Kristin! You can read about her on our Staff page. We are also welcome back Sharleen Twyman as Program Co-ordinator. Many people are familiar with Shar's recent triumph in the Figure arena but for those that aren't I'll be posting her details on our staff page soon.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hi from Warrenmang!

Well, have I let my hair down this weekend that is for certain! Just finished an awesome degustation dinner at Warrrenmang - 5 courses (small ones!) and all exquisite! Wine with each course. Absolutely beautiful though I didn't actually feel that satisfied at the end. I was really looking forward to a ravioli dish they had advertised - unfortunately on an old menu. Tasted the best red wine I've ever had tonight - the Warrenmang Black Puma Shiraz. They don't usually have it by the glass but we were lucky enough for them to open a bottle specially. Well worth it and we will be buying some of this. This comes from a true blue chardonnay girl. This red was absolutely sensational.
Wine tasting 2 days, but only one winery today - hey, there is only so much wine one can taste. We went to Blue Pyrenees winery today, had a cheese platter for lunch. Very nice, definitely hit the spot. We had massages today - worst massage in history. There's nothing worse than finishing a massage and feeling as though half your body hasn't even been touched. I didn't realise your upper arms, shoulders, chest, quads and upper hammies and glutes were not part of your body. And why do they spend so much time on your bloody fingers and toes of all things. We both agreed it was an absolutely crap massage.

It's been a nice break. This place is sensational - the views amazing. Watched a couple of boxing kangaroos in the vineyard this afternoon, from our room! Speaking of Kangaroos, how good was that game last night - go Roos! Not so good last week but I'll take this week! See how they go against Port on Saturday.

We'll get up in the morning and drive the 4 hours home. After breaky. They have cooked breakfast here every day too. So, omelette it is tomorrow!

I trained the day I left, did a bit of a walk around yesterday, nothing today, and by the time we get home and I do all my jobs, I think I will train Tuesday instead.

Claudine - I haven't written in my comp blog for some time since I have decided not to compete this year. But, thank you for your interest!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not so lazy Sunday

Thanks guys, yes things have settled down, sort of - always something going on though! I'm not one for sitting around doing nothing very often, or for very long. As soon as I have 'nothing to do" I feel bored. I've plonked myseld down in front of the tv to watch the Roos v Geelong at the moment though. I was getting highly agitated because I couldn't find it on any of the channels but, thankfully, I got it. I started 'watching' on AFL Game Day Live. Looks like a good start to the game. Will settle in for awhile now and hopefully the mighty Roos will come through.

I've been very active this weekend. I walked to the gym yesterday, 50 mins, then did a heavy workout of power deadlifts, smith lunges and leg press - then walked half way home :) Jodie dropped me off half way. It was a gorgeous day so I packed up my backpack with my hooks (can't deadlift without them), towel, MRM BCAA's, water bottle, notepad, MP3 and pre workout drink of MRM Metabolic Pump and off I went!

Am a bit sore today but not too bad yet - in fact I went for a 30 min run/stair climb around 11am and felt great. Another nice day out. Why can't it be nice, warm and sunny all year round :)

Tomorrow is upper body, will train in the morning I think.

We are going on a little weekend away this week! I am looking forward to a few days of R&R. We decided on Warrenmang in the Pyrenees wine district. Have heard some great reports on this place. The restaurant has chefs hats so that is a good sign we'll get a good feed! Cooked breaky included. We'll do wine tasting on Saturday, and eat at the restaurant that night, and, think I will book a couple of massages for us on the Sunday. Plan to do some good walks while there too, to even up the 'balance sheet' a bit.

Kimmy - got your mail, will write later! Hope you are better now.

Ali, got yours too - I'm fine, just been a bit quiet on the blog front - thank you for thinking of me :) I hope your prep is going well.

Kirsty - with great difficulty! Note the chunky heels - they make it easier.

Magda - sorry to hear you aren't competing. What happened?

Claudine - thank you for the compliment on my suit! I'm still yet to wear it on stage!

I get prickles on the back of my neck when I hear the national anthem played. Ok, time to put the 'puter away and really concentrate on the footy. Hope everyone is having a fab weekend.