2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Monday, October 31, 2005

Training update

Weight: 120lb

Feels like forever since I trained - it was last Thursday prior to my flight to Melbourne. So, tonight was Shoulders/Back and Abs, with Jodie. I am only training 3 x week at present - instructions from Richie, to reduce my training. Tomorrow is killer leg day. It is Cup Day tomorrow so gym closes early I believe - we will go around 10am. I guess we will head to the races at some stage tomorrow - it's always a fun day and tomorrow is going to be nice and hot. I will have my 2 glass allowance of wine tomorrow probably.

I had my skin folds and tape measurements taken again this morning - doing this every 2 weeks. I have dropped over 7mm in 2 weeks and all measurements have gone down. I am not feeling particularly strong in my weights these days which bothers me a bit.

Get better soon Nat!

INBA weekend

Written Sunday 30th:

I'm home, flew back this afternoon, and just been through my emails and sorted them for tomorrow, so now will check in for a brief rundown of events. As Kerry mentioned, none of our girls placed - but there is definitely no shame in that because they all looked fantastic and presented themselves beautifully. Rae and Rachel were in a large class of 14. The girls all enjoyed themselves, though poor Rachel was pretty sick. Go home and have a well earned rest Rachel! Some very strong competition at the show as you would expect at the Nationals. I'm a bit concerned personally about the jump from Novice/Intermediate Figure, to the Open classes - there is a lot of serious muscle starting to happen there! It will be a huge leap to go from one to the other, but, as yet I don't have to worry about that as I'll still be competing as an Intermediate next year.

As usual there were sour grapes going around re some decisions, but of course not from our girls :)

Was great to meet Jade and Natalie, and to once again catch up with Kimmy and her friends. It was a very long day and night, as usual.

Oh how is this! One of the physique competitors used a (big) LIVE SNAKE around her neck in her routine!!! It was pretty freaky!!

Also, I've tee'd up someone to work with me on my posing. I think my posing is pretty good, but I really want to nail it next year. The show on the weekend reinforces how important posing is to presenting the 'best you'. Some girls had great bodies but did not know how to show them off. Also very important is the choice of posing suit - style and colour. So I will travel to see this lady down the track a bit.

I personally had a nice relaxing weekend - was lovely weather. Managed to do a bit of shopping but not too much. I wanted to get some wrist wraps for my wrists which are starting to feel the heavy lifting. Chiro says the one I am using is not strong enough. I went to Myer but didn't know they don't have a sporting department anymore - apart from shoes.

After the show Di, Gerard, his mum, and I, went out to a cafe in Lygon Street to feed Di :) After pizza, pasta, an ice cream and some chocolate she was feeling very happy and satisfied. I had my first free meal in 2 weeks and had a bowl of pasta, and shared a couple of chockies with her back at the apartment.


Best to you Nic for your next comp. Did not get any decent stage pics with my digital, was busy snapping with Di's camera, or watching the proceedings. It's really too far away, and too many heads in the way to get anything decent.

Had one of Rae and I snapped together after the show, but it wasn't flattering for either of us so it will not be displayed :)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Killer leg program

Got my leg training program from Richie this morning. It involves some drop sets and some progressive overload sets - I am sure it will be killer. I had my skin folds taken this afternoon - not pretty! Still, from when I had them taken in July I have added 4lb and body fat has supposedly stayed the same. Not happy at 23.5% though!!

Today and last night I have felt exhaustion coming on again. However, this time it's not as bad. Not debilitating. I did have to have a sleep for 2 hours this arvo though. I've had to do my work tonight instead. My cardio has been reduced to 4 x week. I did a session this morning.

Dianna - great post, that is telling it like it is. You will be fine for the Nationals, just get it together and it will all fall into place. I'll be there cheering you on! And Rae, and Rachel! Get to meet Jade too! Kimmy will also be there. Going to be fun.

I am almost ready to release my Client Forum. This will be a great addition to my site. A place where current clients can 'congregate' and talk training and nutrition - and whatever else they feel like talking about! It will only be available for clients, the public will not be able to view the forum. Clients can get to know each other, and buddy up to motivate each other throughout the challenge.

I'm also in the mid stages of selecting a new staff member - can't wait, because it's too hard for me to keep up! Now I'm training for comp, I will have even less time available.

Looking forward to getting my new program and meal plan from Richie, hopefully in the morning. He's also given me some great advice re supplements I should be taking. Going to try out the leg program with Jodie tomorrow.

Also having my next round of blood tests tomorrow (3 over the course of the day), to see what my hormones are doing. Figured since the last 2 days I've been feeling not so good, that I should get them done now. Cortisol, SGBH, Testosterone, DHEA, TSH, T3 & T4 levels all getting tested as requested by my endocrinologist.

K, best be off to bed!

Training with Richie Smyth

I'm excited to say that I am preparing for a competition that is 6 months away - it's on my birthday - April 8. And, as an early present to myself, I have secured the training services of the great man himself, Richie Smyth (NPC judge and competitor and who is currently training Tom Venuto for his latest competition).

See Tom Venuto's comp prep blog at: http://www.bodybuildingsecrets.com/home.php

and Richie's site at:

I spoke at length to Richie yesterday, and, after viewing photos, and going over my previous training and dieting, he is going to come up with a plan. Number one priority is to add some size to my legs. He feels that if I can do this, I will be very competitive. He said my upper body is great - I just need to build some muscle on my legs and get them up to speed with my upper body. His fiance who is also a champion bodybuilder, also viewed my photos - Richie told me she's very critical, yet her comment on my photos was that I have great structure - so, that made me feel good :) He is going to design my program for the next couple of months, with the view to tearing up my legs one day per week. I'm scared :) He's very confident he can help me obtain the improvements I need to have a successful 2006. I have to increase my calories, and he will provide my meal plan to me when I have my skin folds taken tomorrow. So, unfortunately I won't be losing any body fat for the next couple of months. Unfortunate because I feel a bit uncomfortable where I am at at the moment, and was looking forward to dieting for the show. However, Richie feels it's unneccesary this early and will work against me if I diet this early. I am back using creatine, and arginine, and of course glutamine. So, that's my news. With all the talk of competition, I'm just itching to get back into it!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cravings and appetite diminished

Noticing over the past few days that I am handling lower calories really well. In fact, even at night I am not getting the urge to snack, which has been a problem in the past. No cravings, woohoo!!! So, I am thinking, perhaps all this adrenal and thyroid treatment, not to mention going off the pill (6 weeks ago), is actually working, and balancing out my hormones. It's 26 weeks until my competition, and, I have some exciting news to talk about later!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Feeling great!

Had a great run/walk combo this morning, just an awesome day outside, 25 degrees. Just trained at 3pm - was still feeling sore an unrecovered from previous sessions so think I will make a new training split. My biceps are very sore today from yesterday's session! As are my forearms. My wrists and forearms are really feeling the pinch lately.

Diet has been great. Had a high carb day yesterday, funnily enough I wasn't that hungry. Went out for dinner instead of cooking :) Yeah, it was never gonna happen. I like going out when I have the chance as I know when comp gets closer there will be none of that. My dinner wasn't the best - fettucine marinara - prawns the size of peas - ie out of a can. Not real impressive when it's supposed to be a pizza/pasta cafe.

Had lunch with an ex coworker yesterday, was lovely to sit out in the sun and catch up. I had a chicken/avocado sandwich :)

My food intake today is here:


I do feel like I am improving in the health department which is great.

Business is almost out of control! I can't wait to put on my new staff member! Should not be far away. I also am working on getting the Client Forum up and running very soon. That will be a great addition to my site. Members will be able to chat and get to know each other there - a great place for inspiration and motivation.

Have had some finishers start to filter in for the NEW YOU 2 Challenge - some fantastic transformations. I hope to find some time when I get the new person on board, to update my client gallery and put out a very late newsletter!

As I said, I trained today - my strength seems to have reached a bit of a plateau, partly as I was still feeling fatigued from previous workouts I think.

Rae is competing on Saturday. Rae will be thinking of you!!! Wish I could be there.

Now, back to work...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Training and diet update

Diet going superbly since returning from Japan. I am now in the groove. Have a great plan which is going well. Tomorrow is my high carb day which I will be needing. I am starting to feel quite hungry today, but I think that is mainly due to waking at 5am and only 5 hours sleep. Have been doing some form of cardio every day - today was just a walk with mum. Tomorrow will make the most of my low glycogen state in the morning and go for a run on rising. Then will get into some carbs. Lunch with a friend, will be able to have a sanga! Woohoo. How long since I have had a sandwich, goodness knows. Also be able to have a protein frappe and some cottage cheese. Looking forward to that.

Can't believe how much strength I lost in the 12 days since I trained. Scary. Anyway, very sore from training, and will have a massage tomorrow arvo too. Hmm, when am I going to do any work? I also have to train!

I might make a pasta dish for dinner tomorrow night. Me? Cook? I have almost forgotten how. My usual cooking is limited to oven baked chicken and fish with a few spices thrown on top :)

K time for a nana nap, am doing client feedback, but it's difficult when sleep deprivation is setting in!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Images of Japan

Photo 1 - Just finished singing Waltzing Matilda to around 40 Japanese businessmen/council people.

Photo 2 - Damien being a bit silly at the Japanese fruit and veg market :)

At left - being poured a sake (Japanese Rice wine)
Below: Women's lunch

Above - the Mayor of Kumatori Town, with Tom, Kylie, Damien and I
Left - At the Farewell Dinner, the Mayor and his wife, Damien and I.
Below: Traditional Japanese house, 800 years old.

At left: Danjiri Festival welcome. These guys are mad!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Japan was awesome!

But we are tired!! I am at Melbourne airport filling in time until 12 noon, for our final leg home. We started at Kansai airport in Osaka at 10am yesterday morning, then flew to Kuala Lumpur (7 hours), 4 hour wait, then KL to Melbourne (7 hours), then 4 hour wait, then 1 hour flight to Mildura.

But, I am home now :) And caught up on sleep and rest. Did not train entire time while in Japan and have not yet trained since been home. I am leaving it til tomorrow, as since I've gotten home I've had to catch up on a bit of work, not to mention the 8 programs I need to do tomorrow. Also the usual, washing, cooking, cleaning up etc. Plus, hair done (3 hours), nails done, chiro appointment. Just too full on! I managed to screw up my shoulder/neck the night before leaving and woke with a very stiff neck, which hurt to move - the same thing I've had many times before. The thought of the above plane trip was mortifying so I drove to the chiropractor at 8am on the morning I left (was leaving at 10am), in the hope he would fit me in. Which thankfully, he did. He said I was a mess and would not have been a very happy little vegemite if I had not come to see him. So, he ultrasounded me and taped me up and it felt better immediately. I survived the trip, but no training due to the shoulder and more so, absolutely no spare time.

We are off to a wedding in 5 mins. No rest for the wicked! It's raining and blowing a gale - the worst wedding weather you could possibly have, bar a snow blizzard I'd say!

Will write more and post pictures soon!

Thanks to all clients who have been patient. I will be back to work on Monday (will be working in the background tomorrow - writing programs for new clients).

Nicole W, if you are reading, did you receive my email from before I left?