2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bye Bye 2005!

Another year almost down. Where does the time go?

We had another awesome leg session this morning. Today is about 44 degrees, so we chose to train at 9am as soon as the gym opened. Good move I think :) Increased on every exercise (except standing calves) in some way or another. Even added a little weight to the hackies - I won't admit to how much (or how little I should say)! I didn't get too sore last week so I don't expect to be a cripple this week either, which is good news.

Jode, I think I have lost some hearing in my right ear - remember the one that was right near the weight stack when the loose plate dropped doing cable curls?????? :) I'm serious, it did actually hurt, and now I feel half deaf!

Got my hair coloured again yesterday, gone a little darker this time, but not too dark - I'm still a blonde - I think.

So, 2005, what a year! No roll calls here either, couldn't possibly list all the people I'm thankful to have in my life. Yep, they know who they are. I do however, want to collectively thank all my wonderful clients - if only I had enough hours in the day to scan blogs and write personal notes and emails to you all, I would :) Thank you for making 2005 a very memorable year for me - I count my lucky stars every day, to be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to help hundreds of women (and a few men!) learn to believe in themselves, and that with effort, consistency and patience, that can achieve things they only dreamed of.

I have had many ups and downs in my life, as we ALL have, however, I don't like to dwell on the down things. I had my father pass away of cancer when he was 50 - to see him go through the pain of that and to see him so frail and weak, on his death-bed, is a vision I will never forget. To see what mum went through, living at the hospital for weeks, and watching him die. I don't like to talk about it, I don't want pity or sympathy from others - I deal with it in my own quiet and personal way. I'm a do-er not a talker! There's not a lot of drama, 'razzamataz' and fanfare here.
I'm not perfect and I don't pretend to be. If I'm happy you'll know about it, if I'm p*ssed off you'll know about it, and if I'm sad or disappointed you'll know that too. Yep, I'm real - and I'm happy to say, so are my friends.

I got married (again) this year, to a wonderful man/bloke :) Yes, there's definitely a lot of bloke in him. We are building a house, and it will be soooooo good to get out of my tiny, but lovely, little unit and have some room to move! I have been here for about 10 years, so it will be like the end of an era when we sell this house.

I battled ill health for many months, and came to the unfortunate conclusion I may not be able to compete again if I did not find a way to get better. I did a lot of research, spent a lot of money, and time, on finding a way to get through. I did, because I am determined. I'm thankful that it now seems I am on the fast track to recovery.

I worked hard with my website and business, and had an unbelievably successful year, and I have huge plans for the future of IBO. At this point I MUST thank my wonderful new staff Sharleen, and Lisa (whos personal blogs will 'grace' my home page very soon!) and Personal Success Mentors (Jodie, Rae, Michelle, Karen and Hilary) for the fantastic job they have done with my clients throughout the year.

There were lots of big and little achievements over the course of the year - too many to mention. A year where I met many new and wonderful people along with a number of my clients in person.

It's been a great year, and one I won't forget. So, on that note - to all my family, friends, aquaintences and clients (these also fit into the friends category!) have an AMAZING new year - I hope it's a little cooler where you are!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

It's going to be so hot over the next few days! Something crazy like 44 degrees!

Getting a little sore in the chest, but not like I thought I would be. Also, legs last workout did not get very sore at all - guess I am now accustomed to the leg trashing. We have them again on Saturday, and I think we better train in the morning before it gets too hot!

Today was just cardio. Had to drop my car in to get new wipers fitted, so from there I walked to the gym, jumped on the tready for another 15 mins, at 15 incline, then hopped off and walked back to the car. I also managed to fit in a tanning session at the new tanning salon before I went. 8 mins flat, very slick.

Am getting closer to choosing my suit colours for next season. Oh the choices! I have narrowed it down to about 4 colours :) Was chatting with a friend from the INBA a couple of days ago - he was saying how the quality of the Figure girls had dropped overall this year compared to previous years. Will be interesting to see what it's like in 06.

We are going out for dinner, so I had better get moving!

Above and beyond

When life asks for a single measure of effort, give two, or three. When just a little bit of patience and understanding is called for, give a lot.

When a small thing is expected of you, give more than what's expected. Once you've worked yourself into a positive, productive, value-creating state, keep it going for a while.

Every extra effort draws immense leverage from all the ordinary efforts that have preceded it. Once you have positive momentum established, it pays to make the most of it.

The longer you extend that momentum, the more powerful it grows. In such a situation, even a small extra effort can produce large and impressive results.

If you stop when you've done just the bare minimum, you walk away from all the momentum you've created. What a shame it would be to waste something so valuable that you've worked to create.

Instead, choose to go above and beyond. You'll find that every extra effort will add greatly to life's richness.

-- Ralph Marston

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Too much food!!

Shovelling in the beef and beans as I sit here and type. I really am NOT hungry. So hard to eat veggies when you aren't hungry! But, gotta make those muscles grow! I still have a rice cake with peanut butter to eat before bed.

Had an awesome chest session with Jodie today. We pushed some good weights. Did a set of 10 flys with 30lb db's and 2 sets of 6 Incline presses with a pair of 45lbs. All spotted by Jodie of course. Would not have been able to do them alone. I think I may need to start using straps on back day - yesterday I had trouble holding onto the 50lb db for rows. I have a pair of straps but I haven't used them in so long I don't know where they are!

Got quite a bit of work done today. Now going to sit down and relax, and learn a bit about my groovy new digital audio player.

Will be having skin folds and measurements done again on Friday.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back at it...

Great to get the body MOVING again, after a few days of feeling a bit like a slug :) Or, a 'bloated pickle' as Richie's wife put it. He told me to wait until Friday to have my skin folds done - he said "I think we are all feeling the post Christmas indulgence".

Went for a 45 min walk this morning, before it got too hot. After that I went to Target and bought a huge Christmas tree for our new house! It's 7.5" tall.

Trained with Jodie at 2pm - we had to train at the other gym today as we didn't realise our usual was only open from 9-12. So we had to make a few modifications but still got a good back/tri/ab workout.

Food all clean and all according to plan today - had trouble eating it all again, but I managed.

Just sent out a newsletter, finally. Was good to have a few days to catch up on things like that! I will be starting anohter "NEW YOU" contest as from Jan 1. This one will run from January to April. Once again, will be lots of great prizes.

Well this is just a short drop in, it's late, so time to go have my hammies stretched and get some zzz's.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Boxing Day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! I did! Spent 2 days home with Damien's and my parents, in Murrayville. He has such a lovely family. We left Christmas Eve, around 4pm, had a bit of a snooze when we arrived, and then got ready to go to the pub - for the Christmas reunion of all the locals. Couldn't find any food so we had to go back home to get some chicken - was either that or a tough steak in the park :) Had a couple of wines, and I called it a night. Damien stayed on for awhile chatting with his mates.

Christmas day lunch was spent with my mum and Wes, and Damien's mum and dad and the both of us. We had a beautiful hot lunch, pork with crackling, ham, turkey and roast veggies. A couple of champagnes too (was careful what I did with the cork this time!). Had a big sleep in the arvo, then had Damien's brother and sister and their families around, as well as his grandma, who is 92 and doing extremely well! We opened prezzies (I got an MP3 player, excellent! and a huge George Foreman roaster, along with a voucher from House, some towels, chocolates - don't need those, a big plate and vase for our new house, and other odds and ends), ate some more, and watched a few Seinfeld episodes. We showed our wedding album around, as we have just received it back. Really pleased with it! I ate pretty well, the only 'bad' things were a couple of florentine biscuits from my big hamper, and 3 chocolates after dinner - and a few handfuls of nuts and dried fruit. Certainly didn't stuff myself full like usual! Did not do any exercise over the 2 days, but that's not a problem. Got back today and went for a long walk with Jodie tonight. Watched a bit of the Boxing Day Test this afternoon as well as had another huge sleep!
Not hungry today, ate very cleanly and probably not enough. Training tomorrow and looking forward to it.

Got some great feedback from Richie re my squat technique. As I have had some problems with my squat form in the past, I was really quite happy with this! This is what he said: Looking at your squat form in both videos (my compliments to the cinematographer (thanks Jode!), by the way) you look excellent! You are going nice and deep and the weight is heavy: keep up this great work because the squats are the foundation of your quad size and overall leg conditioning.

He also said "It is a shame that I cannot train you in person because you are so dilligent and I am already proud of you. I am eagerly anticipating your reaction to how well you will look for your next show."

That was nice to hear. Gives me great motivation to continue my hard work.

I'm considering taking on a client to prepare for a comp - this will be a first for me so am looking forward to this as it's something I have always wanted to do.

I have the internet and MS Office up and running on my laptop now. I had 1500 emails come through :( Lots to sort out. Better go and have some more food and sit down for a relax.

Give of yourself

The best gift you can give is to give of yourself. Your time, your attention, your love and caring are far more valuable than anything that could be wrapped up in a brightly colored box.

When you give of yourself you discover how very effective you can be. When you give of yourself someone else receives great benefit, and so do you.

Give a little kindness, or patience, or understanding or love. Give encouragement, and attention, and assistance, and time.

You always have what it takes to give of yourself. For in every situation, there is something valuable and positive that you can offer.

Sure, you could spend your moments feeling sorry for yourself or wishing you were somewhere else. Or, you could choose to give of yourself and create a beautiful experience out of wherever you may find yourself.

When you make the world a better place for others, you have the good fortune of living in that world too. Give of yourself, for it is the most sincere, meaningful and valuable gift you can give.

-- Ralph Marston

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

I'd like to wish all my wonderful friends and clients a safe and happy Christmas, and hope that you have a fantastic day with family and friends. See you after Christmas.

Your dreams

There is a reason why you have the dreams that you have. Your dreams are yours so that you'll be compelled to follow them.

The pain you feel when you're prevented from following your dreams has the same purpose as any other pain. It is meant to get your attention and encourage you to correct the situation.

The joy you feel when following a dream is also there for a reason. That joy serves to keep you in pursuit of that dream.

Your dreams are not there to frustrate you. Your dreams encourage you to more fully become the best that you can be.

Your dreams may not seem reasonable or practical or realistic, based on your current circumstances. Keep in mind, though, that those dreams exist to encourage you to reach beyond the circumstances of the moment.

As you follow those dreams, you'll discover and develop new skills, passion, and knowledge that can carry you far. Follow your dreams, and fully become who you are.

-- Ralph Marston

Friday, December 23, 2005

How exciting!

Our slab is down, woohoo!! We went and had a peek as they were working on it yesterday morning. Was like a huge construction site! Attached photo. Damien had to go water it today as it had already started to dry out - no wonder, it's forecast for 42 degrees today and it felt like that at 10am! Sitting here with sweat running down my back. Noice..

Also received my new notebook computer yesterday, that was very quick. Got a Dell brand, recommended by the IT dept at council. Looks pretty sleek, but will have to wait until we get our new printer/fax/scanner before we get them all hooked up together.

Jodie and I trained early today - excellent idea as it will be way too hot this arvo. Leg day! I told Damien it was leg day today and his response was "so, more complaining then - that's what leg day means to me!" I'm always telling him how sore I am and asking for massages :) Took some video footage of my squat technique to send through to Richie. We managed to increase our smith lunges and free squats markedly this week, as well as increases on leg press, and both curls, and calves.

After having my beloved Myo lite I went to visit my chiro. He really gave me an overhaul! He worked on my hammies as they are really tight - I have had an ongoing problem with my right hammie/adductor - chiro thinks more hamstring. So he 'broke them up' in his words, said they were very ropey. It hurt! But they feel much more loose now. I told him how I don't feel I have a lot of strength in my hammies, and he explained in detail how and why I need to stretch them and why my strength may be compromised - if a muscle is consistently in a contracted state (in a state of 'tone') then I would not be able to work in the full range of motion - hence a decrease in strength. I have to have Damien PNF stretch them for me every night before bed. I am definitely going to do this as I do really believe this has been a reason for my lack of hamstring strength and development.

Anyway, today I am spending doing odds and ends here on the computer, and will go and wrap the remaining prezzies soon. Jodie gave me a lovely handbag this morning, in one of my favourite colours, green.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

House on the go!

Yippee! It's started! Had our first inspection today, they have laid the foundation and are pouring the slab at 6.30am tomorrow! So exciting. It looks soooooooooo big.

I've also gotten stuck into my article writing for Womens Fitness & Health mag tonight and knocked them all over so am quite happy with today's accomplishments!

Car has been serviced, Christmas cards done (at eye doctor's rooms!), presents purchased, presents mailed, chickens ordered. Have to get a couple of new tyres before we drive to Murrayville over Christmas.

My eye bleeding has cleared up so that is a bit of a relief! Next time I will make sure to drink the ENTIRE bottle of champagne rather than putting it back in the fridge - don't want to make that mistake again!

Had a Christmas party at one of the Board Members of LMW last night - was a beautiful night for it, 40 degree day but lovely at night. Outside, beautiful food, had a thick, lean fillet steak and salads, some prawns, a couple of chardy's and I even indulged in a little lemon tart for dessert. Received a lovely huge box of homemade chocolate biscuits (shortbread, florentines, choc covered oranges, melting moments etc), homemade museli, jams, fruit cake and champagne from LMW. I will be taking most of that with us on Christmas Day to share around!

Trained chest today - it was SO hot. Trained at lunchtime as Jodie was unable to train today. Last week I managed to get a pair of 45lb dbs up (with no spot) for a set of 5 incline bench presses, but today I could not even get them above my head!! Had to go back to the 40's. I did increase on a couple of others though. Calves again too, and abs.

Received my express posted Myoplex Lites today, thanks very much to Michelle! Now am enjoying my Capp Ice's once again.

Tomorrow morning will do some cardio, wrap presents, go out for lunch with some workmates from the old SRWA and maybe do a spot of shopping after that. After all, I am on holiday!!

You can speculate and guess and theorize and envision, and all those things have their place. Yet you will not know for sure what you can and cannot do until you step forward and make the effort.

There are many things that might go wrong, and many obstacles you likely did not anticipate. Yet you must not allow the possibility of those problems to stop you before you even get started.

When something comes up that you didn't plan for, you can learn from it and make adjustments. When a difficult challenge arises, that challenge brings with it the opportunity for even greater value when you choose to persevere.

Everything that is easy and guaranteed to succeed has already been done. Real accomplishment comes from doing the things that no one else thinks you can do.

Lift your eyes up and see the objective at the end of the path. Then lift your feet up, one after the other, and take the first few steps along that path.

Accomplishment is not what is reasonable or practical or certain or without controversy. Accomplishment is precisely what you decide to make it.

-- Ralph Marston

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Torn up

Just finished training legs. Managed some good increases on free squats, and smith lunges. I just finished icing my left quad as I did something on my first set of lunges that caused me a bit of pain. I stretched it and managed to finished all lunges. It didn't affect me on anything else. We used the new leg press machine as our 45 degree sled is now out in the other part of the gym and not allowed to be used at present. This leg press is a horizontal one, and is Nautilus. I managed to get some decent sets but it was different. Also used the new seated ham curl - need a licence to be able to drive some of these new machines - I am used to the old style equipment :) We finished off the hard stuff with our 3 sets of hack squats and it was a killer. No way I could add any weight. Jodie then went off to her Christmas party, and I stayed to do cable abductors and calves. I can tell my legs are not going to be very happy for the next few days :) They are aching with fatigue right now. Actually, I REALLY need to go see my chiro, I must be out of alignment as I have had an aching right leg, from my butt, hip, quad, ham, all the way down to calf, and achilles, and even my foot and toes, for days. I did some sprints with my walk the other day and I have had really sore arches in my feet ever since and then this ache came on. I had a massage 2 days ago and it killed me - she had her elbows dug into my butt cheek and it felt like someone sticking needles into me. My IT Band was very tight, and she did some stretches with her forearm - my god, the pain! But it's good pain, I wouldn't have a massage any other way!

What a saga with my eye! Just on the off chance that something may be wrong, I decided to tell the optomitrist what had happened (cork in eye). They told me I really need it looked at immediately, so, I spent the entire afternoon in and out of eye doctor's. From 2 until 6pm. I had my pupil dilated twice, and looked at by 3 different people. They found some bleeding, nothing major, but I have to go back and have it dilated again on Monday morning!! Thank goodness I took some work with me, but I was told I would be there for an hour, not 4 hours!

I have now ordered my new notebook computer! Can't wait. Hopefully the changeover will go smoothly. It won't be for another 2-3 weeks though.

I have not even done my Christmas cards yet. Job for this arvo perhaps. Haven't done shopping either. Have decided to close the office 2 days earlier, on the 21st to allow me some time to get all my stuff done. Don't think that will cause any hassles.

Our house starts next week!

Well I better get back to it, programs to write...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Been ultra busy again today. I stayed home all day waiting for the plumber to look at our hot water - they were coming 'in the morning'. Well, 5pm was close I suppose! Now they have to come back tomorrow morning to look at the drains but at least we got a hot shower!

Yeah thanks for the hilarious comments on my champagne incident :) It was quite funny really. And very fortunate I didn't lose an eye! Though I think I may go have it looked at, as I still have this 'blind spot' which is quite a weird feeling sometimes.

Great explanation Rae. I looked at the diet you posted a while back, and I personally figured that to be a pretty low calorie diet for off season (looked to be under 1200 cals but maybe you add extras?) for someone of your build, but, if you are happy and feeling good and have the energy to train hard - and getting results - that's great! You are right, everyone is different! I couldn't live on no carbs year round and 50g of chicken or beef for a protein portion (I think it's important physically and mentally to have an off season) but if you can do it, don't feel deprived, and your body doesn't resist it or your hormones don't react in a bad way, then why not!

My experience with my current trainer is also different for me. Different because I have never allowed myself to eat this many calories day after day - but, the difference is, it's all clean food. I would have thought I would put on quite a bit of fat/weight on this regime, but so far everything is steady. My body is getting used to the increase in calories and I no longer feel like it's 'too much food'. I have great energy to train, and I get the carbs and protein to allow my muscles to recover and rebuild. And, I don't feel deprived in any way. It's really quite hard to overeat consistently on clean food!! How I turn out on comp day this time will be a new experience for me too.

Anyway...must go pack the dishwasher and get to bed!

Monday, December 12, 2005

I always knew champagne was bad for you...

How on earth can this happen? We opened a bottle of champagne a few nights ago, in celebration of our house progress, and when I put the bottle back in the fridge, I put the cork back in lightly. Yesterday after making my salad, I opened the fridge to put the lettuce back in the veggie container, and BANG!! Something hit me full force, in the right eye! I thought someone had shot me! I dropped the veggies and covered my eye with my hands - it hurt so much!! All sorts of things were going through my mind, not in the least which was "what the hell was that???" and "Help, I need an ambulance!!". After I came to grips with the situation, I slowly pulled my hands away from my eye, half expecting it to be gushing blood. It had swollen already. Rushed to the bathroom to check it out and could barely notice a thing!!!! After the initial pain of it hitting me (eye socket and actual eye ball!), there was no pain and the swelling went down quickly. I am left with a bit of what I am calling a 'blind patch' - at times it feels like my hair is covering my eye. So how freaky is that!!! Imagine, could have lost my eye to a champagne cork!!!!

So, that is my story of the day :)

Today I have started writing a diary for WF&H mag. They are doing an article on "A day in the life of" me :) Gee, be a pretty small and boring article, will have to send lots of pictures of clients to go with it :)

Trained back and tris tonight with Jodie. It was like a sauna in the gym, must have been over 35 degrees outside and humid. First day of new program, is always a bit of a 'get to know the program' kind of workout.

Our plumbing has decided to pack it in. Shower has been dripping non stop for days now, and tonight after getting out, it was literally still running buckets, but taps were turned off as tight as
possible. Another job for tomorrow.

Got to get new computer this week. Getting a laptop so I can sit anywhere in the house and do my work (wireless network is awesome!). Especially when we get the new place, don't want to be stuck upstairs in the office all day! Am a bit afraid of the changeover of data, files, programs etc. Something ALWAYS goes wrong. So, this is taking up a lot of my time this week.

Had skin folds done again today - they have all dropped back to previous readings, knew last fortnights readings were weird.

Have started looking for my comp bikinis. Going to get something special this time!

Well, have had a late night of work tonight. It's 11.30pm so I am off to bed.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sore chest! But the good news is my legs are finally sorting themselves out. Yes, 4 days after training them, there is only a slight soreness left. Thank goodness. It's funny, I could barely walk for 4 days, yet Jodie's legs were fine and she did pretty much the same as I did. Weird.

It's great having a new program. Shoulders and calves today, though did not feel as though I had a particularly hard workout. We are talking about slotting legs in on Saturday's as it would be 'nicer' to do legs when fresh rather than at the end of a long day.
Rae, you are amazing, gaining muscle on such a low calorie/low carb diet!! Defying logic and science! Can't wait to see how much you have improved this year - by the sounds of things, you will be up there with the best.
I find it quite hard sometimes to eat as much as I have to eat! A cup of oats all at once is rather filling!! :) But, I shall enjoy it while I can - rather be eating than not!! I know what that has done to my metabolism - like someone said to me, starvation diets only work once.

Well, off to do something other than talk about training!!!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I have not been this sore in ages. I have to actually lower myself down on the toilet seat :) Bit too much info but that is how sore my legs are. And it's only been 24 hours, so I imagine when I wake up tomorrow, I will almost require a wheelchair :)

Having a bit of trouble consuming all my calories today - never thought it could ever be a problem! Had to force feed a couple of meals. Still have one left, but it's a Myo lite so am looking foward to my 'milkshake' a bit later.

Busy day, just finished off a couple of programs and did remainder of feedback today. I have not been near my Forum for the past few days, just impossible. Since it's nearly 9pm, I'm logging off and going to watch some tv.

PS Peanut butter is good :)

PPS Thanks Amelia, that pic was from Vic Titles last year, it's a decent ab shot, probably the only one I have! Oh had a new web page created by a site called Bodybuilder Females, they emailed to ask if I would submit my details - it's pretty cool - I like the way they did the pic! http://www.bodybuilderfemales.com/sue-heintze.htm

Measurements and weight are more toward in season ones :)

New legs!

Program that is :) Am so feeling it tonight! Flexing quads in car on the way home and they were shaking. Soreness has not kicked in yet, just lead legs. Lower reps so heavier weights, and back to lunges and leg press as well as free squats. Hack squats still rate a mention too unfortunately! Admitted to Richie that I could not even finish my 3 sets of cable abduction - did 2 sets, barely able to get the band on/off my ankle, that is how buggered I was. Jodie was in the same boat. Speaking of Jodie, she is improving her strength markedly, very impressive!

Also have new diet :) Around 500 more calories for this growth period. I certainly won't be going hungry. Peanut butter is a welcome addition, but cottage cheese has gotten the flick :(( I will be interested as to how my skin folds respond to this 'mega calorie' plan. I am already noticing definite improvement in muscle shape, and size. I have noticed good strength increase in the last few sessions so Richie has advised me to stay on the same supplement regime for a few more weeks before I cycle off.

Had a nice weekend, was Damien's birthday, celebrated at one of the local motels with some friends. Sat out by the pool, was a beautiful night for it.

Have a friend bringing back some Myoplex Lite from the US for me. Oh this is another thing that I get to keep in my diet which is great. I am nearly out of my Cappuccino Ice so look forward to receiving that. Also purchased some Bonanza Bars - these bars are BIG, and a little bit bad (ie have carbs and lots of calories) but they are awesome. Tried them in the US on honeymoon, PB and White Choc PB.

I'm quite surprised at how busy things are leading up to Christmas! I have 12 new clients starting this week coming. Great to see people still wanting to get in shape during the festive season. I always reckon it's a better idea to be following a plan at this time of year - left to their 'own devices' people can get a little out of control with all the Christmas parties and whatnot. I think I only have one more to attend, and that is the week of Christmas. Unless we go to Melbourne for one.

Still haven't totally decided on what comps I will do this year yet - looking at a few options.

I will be closing the office for a few days over the Christmas period. Little bit of a break required!!

What you make it

You can speculate and guess and theorize and envision, and all those things have their place. Yet you will not know for sure what you can and cannot do until you step forward and make the effort.

There are many things that might go wrong, and many obstacles you likely did not anticipate. Yet you must not allow the possibility of those problems to stop you before you even get started.
When something comes up that you didn't plan for, you can learn from it and make adjustments. When a difficult challenge arises, that challenge brings with it the opportunity for even greater value when you choose to persevere.

Everything that is easy and guaranteed to succeed has already been done. Real accomplishment comes from doing the things that no one else thinks you can do.

Lift your eyes up and see the objective at the end of the path. Then lift your feet up, one after the other, and take the first few steps along that path.

Accomplishment is not what is reasonable or practical or certain or without controversy. Accomplishment is precisely what you decide to make it.

-- Ralph Marston

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Feeling strong!

GREAT training session with Jode tonight. I felt really strong, and I increased my weights quite markedly from previous workouts. Chest and biceps tonight. First 15 reps on Machine Bench felt like a feather!

Rexy's birthday today, he's been sleeping all day, nothing unusual :)

If you haven't checked out Beate's photos in the Client gallery, go have a peek - look at her back shot - awesome changes.

Nohing much else to report, pretty boring actually! Weight is still around the 121-122 mark.

Still got neck problems so have booked into Chiro tomorrow. Also having a facial tomorrow - bit of a treat for me :) I really need to go have a tanning session too but it's too hot! I'd die in that little room. I've just ordered some new accelerator from the US - it has a cooling agent in it, so hopefully that will help!

Currently have Michelle the recipe guru working on my recipe booklets, this will be GREAT - lots of new and exciting, healthy recipes for clients to try.

Ok, well I might go and do some reading before bed. It's 10pm so think I have spent enough time here!