2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


As you can see, we have some outstanding performances in the transformation department! And more to come!

Still trying to sort out PHAT Camp details for the end of April - I won't be participating due to being mid comp prep, but, I still want to go to meet up with my friends and clients, and help Kimmy out with her posing. Perhaps I will just do a 2 day trip rather than a 4 day one.

Just waiting for hubby to get back from a meeting and then we are off to see Jarhead at the movies. I haven't been to the movies for so long...just got sms to meet him there so best get moving. I have to drop into the video store to pick up some dvd's that I inadvertently dropped back to the wrong place...whoops!!

Training going well, did shoulders and tris yesterday. Wrists aren't happy though, with the heavier weights they are struggling. Felt like one was going to snap off doing DB Overhead Tri Extensions.

4 weeks to go...

Oh bugger, forgot I need to eat before I go!! So not hungry. Ok, hoping everyone has had a great start to the week!

7th Finalist Tracy Wellman

6th Finalist Bron Burns

5th Finalist - Lisa Vaughan

4th Finalist - Rachel Reeve

Monday, February 27, 2006

3rd Finalist - Belinda Vecchi

Sunday, February 26, 2006

2nd Finalist - Suzie Lazic

NEW YOU first finalist - Beate Matthews

As my news and announcements, and Newsletter is currently undergoing maintenance, I have decided to put up the Ideal Bodies Online New You finalists in my blog. Over the next week I will post all the finalists, and then make a decision as to who the Winner and Runner Up will be, soon after that. It's going to be difficult!!

Unfortunately, due to lack of numbers, the International NEW YOU competition will carry forward to this current year.

All these ladies have done magnificently, congratulations, you are all champions!

I have legs

Found some old pics of my kitty, that is of course when we first got him about 5 years ago, when he was a tiny little baby, and now, as you can see, he's a very large puddy cat - he doesn't normally sit up on the counter, we just caught him being very bad.

Other pic, one of my favourites, INBA Nationals 2004

Yes, I can feel them! Very sore already, even just before bed they were starting to tighten up and that was only 12 hours post workout. I have always taken a long time to recover from leg workouts - I usually go 5 days before all soreness is gone. Hamstrings can go longer, if I am doing stiff leg deadlifts - they really hammer me. Never used to get that sore in the quads, but thanks to 'coach' teaching me how to squat properly, I now do, every workout. So, I was a bit like a cripple getting out of bed this morning! I am sure it will get worse over the next 24 hours. Love it :)

Struggling with cardio - I don't mind doing cardio when it has a real purpose - ie when I am in cutting mode - but for now, the only purpose it is serving is to keep my body fat down as much as possible, while eating all this food. So, it's hard to get motivated for that reason. ie I am putting on a little fat anyway because it's necessary to build muscle, so what difference is a 30min cardio session make :) However - of course I will do it!

I better go shower and get ready! Have one program to do this arvo, then answer some personal emails, and that is about it for work.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hot and sweaty

Pic today is part of the line up from 2004 Oz Titles where I placed 2nd (me in green). Thanks to Sam for sending me this pic! Been having a bit of a chat with Sam, lady in white, who won the class. She is lovely. Check out her site at www.samanthadm.com

After leg training. First session in 2 weeks, so I had to drop back on the smith lunges and lying curls, but I did manage the same or a little more on leg press. I love weekends at the gym - it's really quiet, almost the whole gym to myself. Just downing my Myoplex Lite, and then will have the remainder of my oats. I tried eating the whole cup before training one other time, and it affected my workout, made me feel ill. It feels good to be back in the gym and moving my muscles! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly and easily you become unconditioned.

I have a bit of work to do today, finished one program, and 3 more to write. Still waiting for my site to be finished.

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Stinky guy

My Durathon pic, 2002

Chest and biceps done - felt a bit weak in the biceps (and wrists!) and had to go down in weight for a couple of my exercises. Hopefully that is just due to the week off. Trained by myself as Jodie is away, so it was hard to push past sticking points on the smith incline bench and DB Bench - consequently my weights were down on those exercises but for others I increased (pec deck and crossovers). There was a guy tonight who had the 40lb db's by his bench, who then walked away and did something else. I started with 45lbs but only managed a few reps, so put them down and quickly walked over and got the 40lbs ones. Finished my set, then the guy (who really needed a shower and a good soap up!) came back and took the DB's from me (like they were his!), and proceeded to put them back by the bench where I found them. He then hung around, walking back and forth, sitting down at the bench, talking to another guy, etc etc. In the meantime, I finished another set, and had rested and was SO close to walking up and saying "are you actually going to use those dumbbells or just look at them?". Then he finally decided to do a set himself.

I did some cardy(o) this morning too. Incline walking, while reading my bb course, which I have almost finished! Just finished my makeshift meal of rice, chicken and cottage cheese, now trying to decide what to do for the rest of the night.

Have a couple of photo shoots lined up for a bit closer to my comp - it's time I had some new ones done. Have a guy who contacted me quite a long time ago now, who is very keen to do a few shoots with me - even wants to come to Mildura! His work looks good so I am looking forward to setting up some times. Also going to do another one with photographer/friend who took the above and previous pics (this pic used to be used in Durathon advertising). Cool.

Tomorrow is leg day. Interesting to see how I go on my own, and not trained them for 2 weeks.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bed time!

A wedding we went to in April 2004

Just back from dinner at the Setts, Damien was a judge for the Lions Youth of the Year. The kids did a great job. I didn't have dinner - well, I ate the green beans and picked out a little bit of chicken from the ricotta pie we had, then I waited until there was a break in the proceedings and drove home, downed some chicken and came back :) I wasn't hungry until later anyway, as I had my protein shake just before I went.

I am so sore! A week off has certainly had an impact! I can't imagine how my new clients must feel in their first week :)

Will be training by myself tomorrow and Saturday at least, Jode has had to go out of town on short notice. Jode, be thinking of you.

JL thanks for the mail today. Much appreciated.

Tracey, thank you for the lovely compliment!!

This week started off quiet but has ended up quite the opposite - had 3 programs come in today, so I will be very busy for the next few days. I hope my site is fully up and running soon!

"A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline."
Harvey Mackay

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back into it!

Pic from 2002, 3 weeks out from my first comp. Pic taken by Wayne McDonald. I have very dark hair!

Yes, it feels good!! Had a pretty good session, went up on my pullovers, and my seated rows. I really noticed that I looked very flat, just from not training for a week - no glycogen in muscles, therefore no "pump". Be back to normal in a few days. So keen to get back into it.

Went to chiro tonight, who ran through some scapula stabilization exercises for me. He wants me to do some swimming but I am being a bit stubborn :) Not into swimming. He taped up my neck and shoulder and wants me to leave it on for 5 days if I can.

Thanks Tracey, and well done indeed!!

Not much else to tell, Damien scored another tender today so that was good, we went out for a little celebrating. One glass of wine only.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

7 days of rest

Me and my darling mother, at our engagement party

DONE! Well, just started my exercise assault again by going for a walk/jog (in my required heart rate zone). It feels good to move again! I was starting to get lazy!

I had a massage this afternoon, and I was more sore than I am when I train - not sure how that works. She got stuck right into my neck! On more than a few occasions I had to grip the side of the table in pain! Good pain, if that makes sense. A massage has to hurt a bit, in my opinion! I had to ice it for a while when I got home. I have more range of movement now already.

One of my clients wrote to me to let me know I was on the Best of Max's Muscle TV Series One dvd - I had heaps of these given to me from Max's, ages ago, but hadn't yet watched one! It was backstage at the INBA Vics in 2004.

Tomorrow I am back into it at the gym. I will train alone tomorrow, Jode has a meeting, but she also has a crook neck!! It must be a disease!

Monday, February 20, 2006

48 hours in the day?

I have so much time I don't know what to do with myself :) Not like I didn't already know it, but this training caper takes up a lot of my day! So, while on this week break I am catching up on a few things. I can't do a lot with my website, as half of it is still down, but that should change by mid week. I have only TWO days to go until I can pump some iron again with Jode :) I have a massage booked for tomorrow, and chiro on Wednesday. Neck is probably about 85% at the moment. Lisa, (Body Blitz winner) has offered to treat me when she comes to visit in April. She is an osteopath, so that will be great to have another opinion and a different form of treatment.

I had a few jobs to do in town earlier and noticed plenty of news crews planted along Deakin Avenue near the courthouse. I actually used to work with the mother of one of the girls that was killed. So so tragic. Chontelle, yes it was and still is such a shock.

I left a message on Kat’s blog but somehow it didn’t appear or maybe it was deleted by mistake, twice, anyway, in case you will read this Kat, I just wanted to publicly say good on you for finally finding a diet you are happy with – seems you have it all under control now without all those artificial sweeteners (boy, just how many sugar free lollies did you eat??!!). Remember when you first emailed me all that time ago asking for a sponsorship/free program? You were going to have some bikini shots done for a magazine article - complete with fish! Any updates on that, coz I am still looking forward to seeing it!

Anyway, back to it, writing some client feedback, and will get stuck into some early programs for the weekend.

Have a great day all!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Terrible news

I can't stop thinking about this terrible accident that happened last night in a small town just outside of Mildura. 5 teenagers killed. Everyone knows everyone in a town like this, even though names haven't been released you can't help but wonder. It's shocking. Hope and pray the injured kids will fully recover.




Saturday, February 18, 2006

And this is the rest of the house

Office is top right!

This is my new office....

Or it will be in about 5 months!

Friday, February 17, 2006

My latest Body Blitz winner!

Congratulations Lisa Vaughan - what an amazing transformation!

I don't have a lot to report today, apart from that exciting news! Today was day 3 off training, and my neck had improved markedly when I woke this morning, so no need for chiro or massage today, will just wait until next week.

Just finished my baked barramundi and veggies, and will be off to bed very soon. Damien wasn't feeling so crash hot today, we're not 100% if we are going away tomorrow or not yet. I wouldn't mind having the weekend at home, but, will see what happens.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Home Sweet Home!

Here's a bit of a blast from the past, jeez my hair is long. Christmas 2003, with SRWA friends. Memories...

Damien still did most of the driving :) He was feeling fine after his op, so that was good as I was feeling a little tired and still sore from my neck problem. I drove the last leg home. We stopped for lunch at the Marong pub, had a thai fish curry that was really yummy. Have forced down all my food again today. So I have done 2 days without any training and I am missing it already :) I will be like an animal by day 7 :)

First thing we did when we got home was drive by the new house. It looks MASSIVE!!! Now it has the top storey on, it makes the 2 storey house next door look like a doll's house! Must take another pic tomorrow. Went for a walk 'inside'. Still can't believe it!

I have quite a few supplement orders to get out tomorrow, and some programs to write. Then we will be taking off again on Saturday, for a party in the Barossa.

First thing I will do when I wake tomorrow is to call to get on the waiting list for another chiro appointment! Then book in for another massage. Surely this neck has to get better soon!

Richie is big on rest - he advised me to have 7-10 days off if I need it. Says I will come back even stronger. I think these niggling injuries are trying to tell me it's time for a rest.

Thanks Tracey!! I have emailed my webmaster and hoping some good news about my site soon. I need my forum and galleries back!! Not to mention, it is time to judge the NEW YOU competition, and I need my News/Announcements back online!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In the big smoke

We drove and drove and drove - well that is what it felt like. 6 hours, very boring drive. More of the same tomorrow! Except this time I will be doing the driving!

Last night we had a Valentines day drink on our balcony (I got flowers before we left), watched cricket, and ordered in. I won't mention what I ate! Damien had to leave to be at the hospital by 7am - I kept sleeping and woke up at 9.30am!! Got up and did a bit of work, then I slept for another couple of hours in the afternoon! I think it's my neck. Last time it was out I just felt strange, tired and off my food. It's still so jammed up it's not funny. I emailed Richie to ask how he felt about me taking a week off training - my wrist and forearm tendonitis is also coming back with a vengeance. Richie said it was a good idea, so I decided today will be my first day off. No cardio either he said. Also told me not to reduce my calories. So I will be feeling nice and fat after a week of not doing anything. It is a good week for it though, with coming to Melbourne and on the weekend a trip to the Barossa. Kim isn't able to see me on Saturday either which is a bit of a bummer, but she said that the posing would be hard on my body too, so best to not be doing that either. I will reschedule for early April as we have a wedding over there.

Damien had his surgery this morning, by midday he had sms'd me with the message "I'm not dead!!.." :) Well that was good to hear!

I met Lisa today! Was great to meet her, we had a good chat about work, training, and other stuff.

Well, I have a few more enquiries to answer and then I might go back to bed!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Enjoying a sake in Japan, October 2005

Great shoulder workout tonight - burn baby burn! Reminds me, took some more video that I must send through to Richie in a sec. Only 6 weeks til I start to diet, have never been so looking forward to dieting before!! Though I am used to eating all this food now, it's not hard on training days. I've even added about 30g glucose (straight sugar) to my whey protein shake after training. It is a bit harder when I don't train as I am not burning any energy so I am just not hungry. Today I did cardio in the a.m. and then trained tonight. Had my skin folds and measurements done again this morning - all pretty much the same. Measurements are slightly up which is good. Richie is happy with how I am looking. Speaking of, Kimmy, also Richie's 'girl' is looking great in her recent update pics!!! Go Kimmy.

I booked in for another massage today, my neck was crying out for it. An hour and 40 mins later, it was feeling much better! Loosened it up nicely, and tomorrow I will go to the chiro at luncthime, and hopefully this will be all it needs.

We watched Cindarella Man last night - what a great movie. I cried. Russell Crowe was awesome. Gotta love those 'joisey' accents. Richie has one of those :)

With the break in (web) traffic yesterday I was able to get my music sorted! One job crossed off the list! I also ordered some hair pieces, will be interesting to see what they look like when they arrive. I will give away the ones I can't use. Should be getting my posing suit pretty soon I hope - will probably have a heart attack when I see how small it is, knowing that I have only 15 weeks to be able to fit into it :)

My site is partly back up, thank goodness. The rest will be back up soon. Ok, off to email my video and then bed.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Legs done and dusted

for another week. This week a much better workout. First week is always a bit iffy, getting used to a new program. So, I think I will be sore. Added more weight to my Smith Lunges, which is our final exercise. Jode did well too. We were huffing and puffing big time by then! Did our leg presses back on the seated leg press, as it has a neck rest - no way with my neck like this could I hold it up while pressing those weights. My neck has improved a little, but still very sore.

Still waiting for news on my web site - it could be a few days before it's reinstated. Even then, the Forum and Galleries may not be up for some time :( Hopefully email will be up and running soon. I guess I will just have to take a forced break! Perhaps I can finally get my music done...

Went out for dinner last night, to Pizza Cafe, for yes, PIZZA! My first in maybe 4 or 5 months. I had 3 slices, a glass of wine, and that was it :)

Today's pic is of Rexy doing what he does best - nothing. All tucked up in bed :)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Web site and email down :(

If anyone needs me, sueheintze@ncable.com.au - I am not sure how long this is going to take to be fixed. Not a lot I can do unfortunately.

Another stiffie...

Neck that is. Woke yesterday and couldn't move my neck to the left - bit difficult, not to mention dangerous, driving like that. I couldn't get in to my regular chiro, so had to see a new lady. I don't really feel as if it helped, so I am just hanging out until my appointment with my regular chiro on Tuesday, before we go to Melbourne. Will mean we get into Melbourne around peak hour - fun. I tuffed it out at training last night, and still trained well. My chest is already getting sore. Took some more footage of me trying to perform reverse triceps pushdowns and sent to Richie - I couldn't even finish the set, it was too painful for my wrists, and the weight was not heavy. So, we've changed the exercise to one arm, not sure how that will help since it's the same movement, but will see.

Above is an update on our house, yes it even has WOOD now :) It's progressed even further but have not taken any pics.

Just finished at the gym, incline tready (whilst reading!) and then some abs. Our blender has had it, so on the way to gym I called into Harvey Norman with a voucher from our wedding (Jode, it was yours, thanks!), and got one that boasted "crushes ice to snow like flakes" so I figured it would be perfect. HOWEVER, 10 mins after trying crush my frappe ice to 'snow like flakes', I was still looking at a whole lot of mushed up chunks of ice, not much smaller than I started with. I am SO annoyed!!! It's going back...

Ok, well, time to do some work!

I will be putting out a newsletter soon, got lots to put in it. I have a good special on Sugar Free Maple Syrup now as I am overstocked!! $20 for 700ml bottle. It's really thick, not like those watery Atkins and Carb Watchers brands.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


SRWA current and ex staff at our wedding

We had pullovers in our back workout yesterday, which of course also works chest - I have this weird feeling deep in my chest/ribs. Sort of hurts to breathe! My lats and rear delts are getting very sore. Noticing some good changes and definition in the shoulders and rear delts, and of course my back, which always is in pretty good nick.

I had a full day off today, no cardio either. Meaning I will need to do cardio tomorrow morning, then, hair appointment at 2pm and we all know how long that takes (will be taking my lappy and doing some progams), then training chest and bis at 6pm. Then LEG day Saturday. Didn't get sore last week from legs, so I plan to change that this week!

Our new dvd recorder packed up the other night, so that's in getting fixed. We do have 2 dvd players, then the other one decided it didn't want to play Kath and Kim as it was too scratched up, so, we ended up on the floor in lounge room, watching it on the computer!

My neck, shoulders and upper back is jammed up. I need another chiro visit but am on the waiting list. I may even have to try someone else as I will be off to Melbourne on Tuesday and driving 6 hours won't do much for my neck and back.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Checkin' in

Those things are a bit of a waste of time, but good for a break in between working and for a bit of fun :)

Had to go see the bank about our income protection insurance this morning - seems they are having a hard time getting some cover for me! The insurance companies aren't too up to speed on online training :) I'm classified as a 'special risk'. Anyway, probably won't end up getting it for me, rather expensive, and don't really think it's warranted.

Had a good walk with Jode last night, lovely day, even woke up COLD!!! Only got to 25 yesterday, nice change!

Tonight we have back and calves. New back program today. Always makes things interesting.

House is going full steam ahead, we went and watched them for awhile yesterday, standing there going 'that's our house!' :) It's going to be awesome, it looks huge already.

Jode and I will need to judge the NEW YOU competition soon, so we can notify PHAT Camp people who is coming and to where!

Better go and have my PB and rice cakes, and then might have a little shut eye before I train!

He Loves You For You

When it comes to your body, your guy hardly notices
It's nothing to do with the way you look...
He's just has really fallen for you
But make sure to stay sexy - keep the chemistry going strong!

He doesn't even notice?!!! Hmmm will have to do something about that...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Shoulders rocked!

Pic, Vegas, 2002 after Natural Olympia

Jodie was on fire tonight!!! She blitzed shoulder presses! It was great to do shoulders when not previously fatigued in chest, back or tris - we both agreed it was good to train them really fresh and our increases in weights certainly showed. Adam called me "Muscles" tonight, and said I was definitely looking bigger and thicker. Thanks Ads :) Some days I do feel I am noticing some definite changes, other days I wonder - which is why I have a trainer - I just can't look at myself objectively.

Took a video to send to Richie, doing a new exercise - reverse triceps pushdowns, but Jode, I think something happened, as the same frame just keeps playing over :) Will have to do another. I will have to email him, as I either was not doing this exercise correctly, or I have wrists that can't cope with that particular exercise. They hurt so much I could not even finish the set. The one arm pushdowns are a great exercise, cannot cheat with those.

I did my cardio on the tready today too, whilst continuing to read my bodybuilding course info. Makes it far more interesting! More cardio tomorrow, and, my treat, a massage :) Training back on Wednesday, cardio again on Thursday, train Friday and Saturday, cardio Sunday. All falling into place nicely.

Booked our accommodation in Melbourne for next week. I will be working the entire time. Meeting Lisa too which will be great.

We got Kath and Kim series 3 out last night - watched 4 episodes! So funny. Off to cook some dinner, and watch the rest of the episodes...noice. :)

Yeah RIGHT!!

You Have Your PhD in Men

You understand men almost better than anyone.
You accept that guys are very different, and you read signals well.
Work what you know about men, and your relationships will be blissful.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Work done!

Only in the US - Fatburger. Me after Natural Olympia 2002, Tempe, Arizona. PS I didn't eat one.

Ahh, all done. Now I can have a bit of a break! Sitting here watching the Aussies cut sick on the Sth Africans in the cricket, while I munch down on my rice cakes and peanut butter. I am amazed at how much food I can actually eat and not gain weight. I am trying to gain weight - muscle of course. I had those few days where I was feeling off, and my weight dropped a couple of pounds and hasn't gone back. Though I think it may have been a lot of fluid involved in that couple of pounds. I must be eating around 2200 cals a day and am maintaining around 121-122 lbs. I still have top 2 abs showing (you won't see any pics here until there are at least 4 of them!!), so can't be putting on too much body fat.

Will have to find a new training partner when Jode goes away :( It won't be the same! Really enjoy having a training partner now, used to always train alone but would now find it a bit boring. I will be starting to diet around the time Jode leaves for the US of A, and when she comes back hopefully she will notice some changes in me!

Had an email from new INBA president to say he was happy to see me competing again this year! Really looking forward to it!

Finally got my cardio done today - missed yesterday as I had too much work to get done, as well as being buggered by leg training - and Richie doesn't want me doing double cardio, got into trouble for that, so 3 will have to do for this week gone. I might go for a short, easy walk later, just to get out in the fresh air! Had a great sleep last night finally, it makes SUCH a difference!

Really need to get onto my comp music, and, get out a new newsletter! Hope everyone is having a great weekend..

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Posting all these comp pics so I can remember what it's like!

Munching on some PB and rice cakes before I have a well earned (if I do say so myself!) nanna nap. Poor Shar has had to go back to hospital again, after some complications from her op. Thinking of you Shar and don't worry about anything here, it's all taken care of!! Get better soon!

Jode and I had a new leg program to do today. It was different - a bit higher reps on some things - BIG program, 30 sets. First time I have ever done front squats - done on smith machine. Very awkward feeling, felt my shoulders getting a better workout than the legs! I am sure it will come. We took an hour 15mins, too long, but we spent a bit of time fiddling around with the front squats. We don't have hack squats this time, but I think these have taken their place as far as the description "Torture Chamber".

Slept really badly again! Tracey, thanks, yes I may have to try the bath, I tried reading last night, and that didn't help either. I woke again at 5am and had trouble getting back to sleep also. My mind is just wired! Too much going on? It won't ever be any different so I will have to find a way to cope with it!

I had some lovely compliments from a lady at the gym last night, which was nice.

Well have done my jobs, only 2 programs left to write (they will be done tomorrow) and it is now time to snooze - I hope I can. Just a small one so I don't feel like a zombie!

Friday, February 03, 2006


Me before mum's wedding and above, my mum and step dad, almost 12 months ago now

Amazingly busy here, I have 11 new programs this week. I have a lot of email (mostly friends!) to catch up on so will try to do that after I have finished my work, otherwise I will never make it!

Looks like we will be going to Melbourne on Valentines Day - not especially for the romance, but because my hubby has to have some surgery (not life threatening!) and I will need to drive him home as he won't be able to fly. I guess we will be gone a few days.

Went out for dinner last night with mum and the inlaws, and a guy from the US that used to work for NASA. He is now retired and travels the world!

Today I have had to do quite a few jobs in town, and also managed to buy 2 new tops and a pair of shoes while doing so :) How does this happen?? Have not been shopping for awhile though, so that's ok - besides, they were bargains!

I have to catch up on some cardio - have to do some today as yesterday I was head down, bum up, doing programs. As well I did not sleep until 2am, crazy sleeping patterns of late. Tonight is training chest and bis with Jodie, and if I don't do cardio today sometime it will be done tomorrow and Sunday.

I have officially sent off my entry form for my first comp of the year, how exciting! Also should have my first posing suit made within a couple of weeks. Need now to sit down and figure out where I want my music cut, and send that off to be done, then Kim can get to work on my routine!

Mum just rang to tell me she found some Ultra Size protein at her house, that I had stashed there! This very cool because I can have this instead of my Myoplex at night time (it's more of a MRP rather than a straight whey protien) - I do believe that would be playing a part in keeping me awake (caffiene). I LOVE Ultra Size...it's a little over the use by date, but I'm sure it will be fine!

More later!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wedding day pic - not sure why Jodie is not in this pic, but here are my lovely bridesmaid's Di, Kerri, Julie, me and Shazza, in the process of getting beautified

Just finished new shoulder workout, I like it better than the last one - more work! Jode was on fire with her DB Presses - go you good thing Jode! I'm really impressed with Jodie's strength increases of late, she has come a long way.

Now sitting here downing my Cappuccino Ice - I think I need a new heavy duty blender - this one is doing some weird things - and I seem to have little bits of black stuff in my shake :(

I have a really busy week with programs, looks like everyone is back from holidays and ready to get fit and look good! Lots of husband and wife teams joining which is great to see!

Watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory last night - have been waiting for it to come out on dvd for a while now. I loved this movie when I was a kid! The new one was pretty good too.

Picked out our new border tiles today - didn't like the ones they suggested so we ended up choosing new floor and wall tiles, as well as border tiles! I think these ones will look even better than the originals we had chosen.

Feeling a little beat, so think I will have a night off the computer for a change!

Decide and do

Life can be unfair, confusing, discouraging, and filled with all sorts of unexpected factors. Yet even in the most difficult situations, achievements of every kind are most assuredly within your reach.

Decide what you intend to do, and get clear on the specifics of what that involves. Then get going, and don't stop until you're there.

Even when you're discouraged, you can still put one foot in front of another. Even when distractions beg for your attention, you can choose to remain focused on the task at hand.

Even when setbacks come, there is a way to keep going. Even when you make a mistake, or a whole series of them, you can learn from what you've done and go forward from there.

Anything can provide you with a good excuse to give up. Yet nothing can stop you when you choose to keep going.

What do you truly want in your life right now? Decide what you intend to do, and know that you can make it happen.

-- Ralph Marston