2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Monday, October 30, 2006

Great cardio session this morning. Just ran hard, and did some staircliming - outdoors. My house is quite convenient to the Arts Centre and the amphitheatre where there are 2 different types of stairs. It was a good 8-10 minute run there, then 10 mins of continuous stairs, and short runs, and a run back. Heart rate was caning for most of the time. My program requires short, intense cardio sessions - and that was a good one. This afternoon I trained back and rear delts, and abs. This ab program is quite a bit more volume than I have been doing! Like most people, I tend to slack off a bit on abs. The training was difficult because it was different - different in that my trainer is big into tempo as a tool for muscle building/shaping. So, lots of slow reps, especially on the negatives. My arms and back are aching now. I actually found it hard on my forearms and wrists, just from the extra time under tension. I am sure they will get accustomed to it. Hard to go back to lighter weights and higher reps though!

Tomorrow I will do another cardio session, and, legs and calves, and more abs. Abs are 4 x week, so have to do 2 in a row.

I have a huge week of new clients, so I best get back to work. I'm seriously thinking of hiring a part time PA!

My computer is making this really loud buzzing noise all the time - it's highly annoying! Just like that little yappy dog across the road that barks at 11pm, 3am, and 6am...grrr.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Flying visit

Back home from my flying visit to the Nationals. Had a blast sitting with Di, Gerard and Ali at the show. Caught up with Kimmy and Margie, and her 'mad mates' :) We all had dinner on Friday night and it was very funny stuff. Great to catch up with Sam and to meet Kristy - that girl has a very bright future in this sport - though, I really think they should disallow such people who don't have to do cardio or diet hard, to compete ;) Just kidding, I'm only envious!

Sam was 2nd in her class which I am certain must have been VERY close. Kristy was a stand out in a huge class of 16. I was quite amazed at some competitors physiques and how different they looked to recent/previous competitions - it just proves that dieting for too long is not a good way to go! So, while a few lost a lot of condition, a couple of the figure girls really stood out to me. Sally Milne, she just looked amazing, and a girl from SA called Vivienne. I thought she must have been close to winning her class, and Sally unlucky not to have taken out the Overall.

I thought the show was run really well from a spectator's point of view - no 'entertainment',/dancers, just bodybuilding - which is what we want to see.

After the show we got a lift back to the hotel with Jacinta, and then tried to find somewhere to eat - without luck! So, Sam, Kristy, Ali and I trotted off to Safeway and bought a stockpile of goodies. We lost an hour due to daylight saving, so it was a late night, about 2am I think when I decided to crash - with a very full belly. Up reasonably early to catch my plane home. I couldn't believe it cost me $63 for the taxi to the airport!!! On a Sunday, no traffic, made good time - WTF??? Cost $51 on the way down, and that was Friday afternoon banked up traffic.

Had words with the receptionist at the Quest Kew Apartments when I left. She had been so rude to me throughout my booking with them, and it continued while we stayed there. So, when she arked up big time at me asking if I could check out and pay for my accommodation separately (as I was the only one leaving), and then about the rollaway bed I specifically told them we didn't need, I let her know what I thought of her telling me I had an attitude problem and that I was disorganised (simply because I had to change our original booking a number of times). Where is the customer service these days, and what exactly is it we are paying for? She was actually almost shouting at me, while there were other girls waiting to check out! As far as the attitude problem goes, Ali saw it the day prior when I asked for directions to the comp - and it certainly wasn't me with the attitude! I might write a letter of complaint to the directors. Pretty unprofessional in my opinion!!

I am looking forward to starting my new program and diet plan tomorrow. Bring it on.
I have been sent some new products to try this week - looking forward to that! Big things happening in the business world but can't say too much just yet, except that I am quite excited.

I PB'd a bench press on Friday before I left, and the seated row. Think my creatine is also helping with my recovery - I get sore but it stops before it gets too bad. Recovering much more quickly.

Ok, time for bed, it's been a big weekend. I have a few pics of Sam and Kristy that I hope to download tomorrow. I've cooked up my lunches for the next 3 days, so all set there.
Here is the link to my article on bodybuilding.com - pretty cool.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

So tired! I have had too much alcohol this weekend, and I am feeling it. I heard from Sam who did well at the IFBB Nationals, coming 3rd in her class, yay go Sam!

I have strength training again this week, chest and bis tomorrow. This may be my last week of this, as I will be receiving my complete new diet and training program this week sometime. REALLY looking forward to it.

Spent a good deal of time stressing about the web site these last few days. Let me tell you, it makes you want to tear your hair out at times. Really have no control over things, however, am doing my best to make sure it is not down for any significant length of time. Having a few issues with the web admin, a few things I am not too happy with but I hope they will be worked out amicably.

I am fading fast. Not a huge amount of news here. Did some unpacking of boxes yesterday, so now at least we can fit one car in the garage :)

Friday, October 20, 2006

New email contact while web site is down


Please contact me here until my website is back online.

New email contact while web site is down


Please contact me here until my website is back online.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another winner!


Trish Bates, Ideal Bodies Online 3rd Monthly Body Blitz winner this year! Well done Trish, an amazing transformation.

My butt has never been so sore. I went for a walk/run tonight - it actually hurt more to walk than it did to run. I have no idea what made me so sore - thinking the only things I did differently were changing from 45 degree leg press to seated horizontal leg press, and, adding a hip extension to my 1 leg step ups.

Today I trained chest, and finished off with a few shoulder exercises (they were still a bit sore from back day on Monday). Increased my lifts from previous workout especially noticeable in the smith machine '24's'. My arms are still a bit sore, hopefully by tomorrow they will be all recovered so I can trash them again :)

I've been chatting to a well known and very successful trainer about my goals etc for the end of this year and for 2007. Have a rough plan in the pipeline and will get my instructions in about a week. I am looking forward to this new challenge! I don't sit still for long :)

Time for bed. Had a spa tonight, good for the muscles!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh yes

Here is my PB leg press from last week. Couldn't take the pic of me actually LIFTING it unfortunately, as I needed a spot so I didn't get crushed :) 550lb, 4 reps.

I am definitely sore. I can't believe how sore I am getting these days - I thought the more you did the workout, the less sore you got over time. Well, my butt is screaming. In fact I was nearly screaming when I had a massage today! He certainly gave me a good working over. But, much needed. Really weird was that one leg was quite a bit more sore (muscle soreness) than the other - and it wasn't my 'problem' leg. Anyway, getting sorer by the minute. I actually had to get up last night and stretch using my groovy new foam roller (thanks Michelle!) and then rub my entire leg with Metsal heat rub because it was aching. Biceps are still screaming so tomorrow I will train shoulders and chest, and leave bis for later in the week or the weekend.

Having more web/email troubles at the moment - I hope it's just Dave resetting the server or something. Considering looking for a new webmaster, the problems are getting a bit frustrating to say the least. Even with all the hold ups, I am still getting lots of new clients, the Oxygen ad seems to have done very well.

I have been cooking up a storm tonight. Well, cooking anyway :) Meals are ready for tomorrow, which will give me some more time for training and whatnot.

I'm looking forward to the INBA Nationals next weekend and mostly, catching up with everyone again.

Ok, it's time to eat and then consider going to bed early :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Been off the air

Unfortunately. Few web site issues to deal with. I apologise to anyone who tried to email me since Thursday evening, and couldn't get through. It was all back online from yesterday though. Web site getting there slowly.

Anyway, back from Melbourne, good trip, though I had mega pains in the stomach on the way down and was unable to train at Doherty's :( Sat and had coffee instead. Ronnie did show up, my goodness, he is monumentally massive. Went out and enjoyed a few too many wines on Friday night, and, paid for it the next day. I was so seedy I had to go home after the prejudging to sleep! So, I didn't even see the finals. The show really wasn't very big so I didn't miss much - except Ronnie posing. Was a long drive home on Sunday, but at least I had enough sleep the night before. Will do it all again in 2 weeks for the INBA Nationals - but this time I am flying thank goodness!

I trained back and tris yesterday, strength day. More PB's all round, which is cool. Maybe it's the creatine kicking in. I DB Rowed 65lb for 10 reps! Off the rack though, but still I was rapt with that. And I blitzed my first two triceps exercises. I'm very sore in the tris and bis (from pullups) and lower lats, as well as low back and shoulders. And tomorrow, I will start getting sore legs and bum. Had the killer leg session today, alone. Those lunges up the corridor are torture. But they have to be good for me :) I also did calves tonight, and finished off with some 'bench jumps' - that's my description. Hands leaning on bench, jumping over and back across bench. Good for the heart rate. Also went for a walk/jog for 50 mins this morning.

You know how I posted 'why am I losing weight?' a short while back? Well, now I'm not :) The scale is slowly but surely creeping up the other way as I knew it probably would eventually. But hey, at least I'm honest :)

As always, as soon as I start to 'drift' I want a new challenge. Someone asked me today via email, what keeps me motivated. So I had a bit of a think about it. New and different things is one answer. I get bored quickly. I'm loving the strength training at the moment, that is different and fun. So I have some ideas in the pipeline that I will be working towards. I have a phone appointment with someone rather special on Thursday morning, and really looking forward to the outcome of that.

We still haven't unpacked any more boxes!! Damien has started his new job and is flat stick with that, between us we are not getting a lot of free time, so we have put down Saturday morning as our unpacking morning.

I am getting better at sleeping. Last night Rexy had a bit of a mishap in the bathroom. He somehow, at 4am, managed to knock down the fly wire screen from the window!!! Damien, asleep on the couch, thought he had been shot! I was fast asleep upstairs :)

Ok, time to sleep. Congrats to Sam and Kristy for their performance at the WA INBA's - looking foward to cheering you on in about 10 days time!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

PB's galore!

Leg day today and I 'smashed' my previous PB's! Squatted 168lb (from memory - Adam will send to me later) for 4 or 5 reps. And, beat my PB leg press by a whopping 50lbs :) Pretty happy with that. Got 4 reps I think, at 550lb. Then 155lb for 6 on leg extension, another PB. I will be sore no doubt. Still amazes me I can lift these weights with this injury I have. My tape has already come off too - so much for that lasting 4 days!

Adam and I are going to train at Doherty's gym on the way down to Melbourne. That will be good, that was where PHAT Camp was - hoping big Ronnie might be training. Apparently he was there last year. Then we will probably go out on the town for a while. Looking forward to the show - apparently it's a sell out. Lucky the tickets are organised, we have 2nd row tickets :) Nice.

Well, I need to take a shower, and attend to some feedback emails. I will be off the air from tomorrow until I return. Tomorrow I have cardio, then the dreaded 3 hour hair appointment - though it's not so bad now they have massage chairs at the wash basin :) Then training shoulders with Adam. Then will have to pack and cook/get my food ready.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My butt has been strapped

Let me explain. My injury now seems to have spread to my hip and butt - piriformis muscle in particular. Was so tight today, and fortunately, I had a chiro appointment scheduled. He really worked it - going to be very sore and bruised tomorrow I think. He put some ultrasound on it too, then taped me up with some sort of tape that helps reduce inflammation. It's amazing how relaxed I feel after a treatment at the chiro. I had a real overhaul today.

Did two short (35 mins, and 25 mins) jog/sprint sessions today. Tomorrow will do either a long walk or a HIT cardio, then have legs in the arvo.

Ok, am really tired so have to get to bed!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Just posting this so I can change my profile pic.

So, today was good, back into the swing of training. Hate having days off! I started the morning by walking all over town with my backpack on, doing all my little jobs - posting and picking up mail, buying a big new pack of sea salt and Vitamin C, and a new battery for the digital cam so I can take lots of pics of big Ronnie on Saturday :)

Walked for about 50 mins. It's so nice out now I figure I should be getting some fresh air and sunshine before it gets too hot.

Trained chest and bis with Adam today. I didn't feel 'with it' and consequently my chest lifts weren't that great. Well, on a par with last time but didn't improve any. I didn't do bad on biceps though, 5 reps of 20kg (plus bar) ezy bar curls.

Tomorrow morning we are going out to the carpet place - we have to get something for the stairs - already they are getting dirty! And, I think we should have sold Rex in the garage sale - it's amazing what he can do to our house in a week. His weepy little eyes drip all over the tiles when he shakes his head - went round and cleaned up all his spots today. I wipe his eyes all day but it doesn't seem to help. Yet another reason he is no longer allowed on the carpet. He's banished!

Tomorrow is cardio only day - x 2. Cooked some beautiful Barramundi tonight - lemon pepper, parsely, lemon juice, some tomato and onion slices, and a bit of white wine - baked in the oven. Awesome. Plus a big salad. Have enough for tomorrow night too.

Night night. Thanks for the comment Gillian :) Building is fun, but time consuming! But, at least you get to have what you want - for the most part!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

You notice Rexy gets top billing? He is king of the castle.

I just took these pics of him 10 mins ago.

Well, now blogger is playing up, had the best pic of Rex to post. Will post when it decides to be nice.


Well let's see, what have I been up to? :) First up, congrats to all the competitors who competed on the weekend - I've seen a few results here and there. Makes me wish I was part of it, but, I'm having too much fun relaxing :)

Went for a walk/jog/run/stair climb this morning, for 50 mins. Got swooped by a bloody magpie - I was in the middle of the road, trying to run away from it, crouched down and waving my arms above my head frantically. I would have looked a sight, I hope nobody saw me! Then later today I went for another shorter walk. My groin has been playing up again - I have now started using the foam roller Michelle sourced out and sent me. It's really quite effective at hitting those sore spots.

I haven't trained since Wednesday! Not because I haven't wanted to, but because I did myself a little back injury while attempting pull ups. I KNEW I should have warmed up better. Anyway, on the first rep on the negative, I strained something. Couldn't do any more pull ups, attempted some lat pulls but it was just getting worse. So decided to just do shoulders, which I did manage to sufficiently cane. Next day my back was all tight and sore so I decided to rest from training, and then again the day after. Tomorrow it's back to chest and tris - heavy.

Heading off to Melbourne this weekend, bit of a road trip, can't wait.

Went out for a drink with Jodie last night, haven't caught up in a while. So that was nice. I didn't sleep well at all the night before, so I spent a lot of yesterday trying to catch up. Then last night I was woken up at 5am by loud voices - an argument. I got up to see where it was all coming from. Sounded like downstairs but it was across the other side of the road. I am really having trouble with the thin walls here, I need soundproofing!!! I hope when we get blinds that it cuts out some of the noise.

Right, I just realised I still haven't taken those house photos so I am on a mission - will go down now and do it.

I have been ultra productive today, for a Sunday! Done a lot of work, because I am going away I have to be prepared. Trying to get a newsletter out before I go too.

Oh, some good news is that www.bodybuilding.com emailed to say they are going to publish an article of mine next week - I submitted it ages ago, and they only publish a couple of new ones each week, and only if they feel they are worthwhile, so, this was a nice surprise.

Ok, I will be back with some photos!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why am I losing weight?

I'm still really sore from my back training on Friday! I had my first chest/calves workout yesterday, on the new program. A bit of a 'getting to know the program' workout, but I still felt I got a great one.

I cooked dinner last night :) Oh yes, I actually can cook. Usually I don't have time or am dieting, but I am going to start putting my lovely new kitchen to good use. I made a Spaghetti Carbonara - it was divine. Easy too. I sourced out the cheese from the local deli, and, picked up another jar of Meredith Goat Cheese at the same time :)

I am so surprised because my weight is actually dropping. Today was the lowest it's been since before I went to Queensland - and I have been eating like a horse. I was suprised because I had more carbs than usual yesterday, what with the pasta for dinner. I think my body composition has changed a little though, but not a lot. I have still been training and cardioing hard, but eating what I want (which is mostly good stuff anyway - I'd much prefer something like avocado, goat cheese - or any cheese for that matter!, sun dried tomatoes, etc, over potato chips or junky type food). Just had a lovely egg white omelette with sun dried tomatoes and some light cream cheese for brekky. Yum. Trying to decide if I should go for a run, or save it for my leg session later. I have to meet the cleaners at the old house around 9.

It's about time I had a massage I think. I might book one for tomorrow, since I will just be starting to get sore from legs today.

I went shopping for house stuff yesterday - we threw out all our old saucepans, so I scored a great set for half price, and some other odds and ends - bath mat, toothbrush holder, chopping board etc. :) It's fun. And, we also ordered our lounge suite and dining setting, and coffee table for the formal area. It's gonna take 8-10 weeks!!! Bugger.

We've been letting Rex roam around a bit in the house, he's quite amusing. We let him outside on the balcony last night and he was in 'bug heaven'. He's getting quite good at going up and down the stairs now :)

I've just written a list of things I need to get for my office. I haven't unpacked boxes yet still. So many boxes, so little time :)

I will take some pics today, Gill was asking me to post some of the house, so I will do that later.

Ok, well must get going, I think I will go for a short run.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I think my back is the most sore it's ever been - that is, my back alone - deadlifting gets every muscle in my body sore, including my back, but pull ups - ouch. My lats are sore from top to bottom, front to back. It's hard getting the back sore so it feels good! This is due to the workout Adam put me through on Friday - back and tris. Yeah, my tris are sore too, and of course the biceps, from the pullups! Started with heavy lat pulls, then some overhand wide grip pull ups, 3 sets - I could only manage the first couple on my own before I had a spot for the next 4. Then did ones that I have never done before, holding a v grip handle over the chin bar, and pulling up to one side, then the other. 3 sets of these too. More lat pulldowns, one arm rows off the rack (I did 55lb for 6 which I was pretty happy with), and seated rows. Think that was it, then triceps. This week I train on my own, doing a program Adam has written for me - it's a doozy, especially leg day!

Today I did a Body Attack class, and yesterday I walked/jogged for 50 minutes. I have to say that my injury has improved markedly - whether it's due to my orthotics, or rehab work I am not sure - probably both however since I have had the orthotics, it's just improved out of sight. Crossing fingers it stays that way.

My weight is holding around 113-114 which I am pleased with. I could eat a horse, my metabolism is through the roof. I have been enjoying lots of salads of late. Tonight I had a caesar, with real dressing, and croutons :) I added some anchovies, a little feta, more cos lettuce, and chicken. Am having 1 or 2 Myoplex's per day, and enjoying some flavoured rice cakes (Nacho Cheese, mmmm), and some cottage cheese again. And, some cream cheese also, but the 80% less fat one. It tastes just as good to me. Sun dried tomatoes, and avocado, and sometimes chickpeas go in my salad. With some light mayo, and some tomato Kasundi (Indian spicy sauce). I'm having the odd wine of an evening too, so am enjoying myself, without going too crazy (not often anyway!). We found an amazing chardonnay in the Yarra Valley - Carlei Vineyards 2004 - had a glass at the Healesville Hotel and fell in love with it! Couldn't find it anywhere though, so when I got home I emailed a friend who is in the wine industry, and as luck would have it, he was able to source it for me, at wholesale price! So, we got a case, as well as a half dozen of a different year - $50 a bottle retail. Kerry, you love your chardy, you should try these. Next time you are here I will open one. If there is still some left ;)

Speaking of Kerry - she was here on Friday, and we had a coffee and caught up, and she also came to the gym while I trained with Adam. She bought me some Meredith Dairy Marinated Goat cheese! It is divine, we bought some while in the Yarra Valley - she sourced it out for me - thanks Kerry :) It's all gone already, but, now I know where to get more!

I posted some pics from Di's wedding, I posted these last time I blogged but they wouldn't take - for some reason tonight they worked fine. So, finally, a couple of pics. Will try and add another of Di and Gerard now.

We had a garage sale at the other house yesterday, which was actually kind of fun even considering I had barely any sleep. Sleeping has been a bit topsy turvy of late. There is quite a bit of road noise here, which I am not used to. I sleep with ear plugs in and a mask on to keep out the light because we don't have any blinds!

Looking forward to going to the IFBB show, should be different! Goin' on a road trip !