2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Friday, June 30, 2006

A bit of a break...

Our kitchen!

I’m sitting in a café doing a little bit of work, and having my 2nd short black of the day. I am very hungry! Due for a meal soon, and have my egg whites and beans sitting in the car. I eat at least half of my meals cold these days – don’t even notice anymore. I have discovered that I love green beans when I thought I hated them :) This is good news.

So, the countdown is on! 2 weeks as of tomorrow. I must say I’ve had a little bit of a rollercoaster ride the last few days. The question has been asked – why oh why do we do this to ourselves??? But, as always, another day, reveals a more positive me :) Today I feel great. I am getting very hungry but I can handle it. I CAN. I CAN. :) I had a ripper additional leg/cardio session today – I love this workout – it keeps me interested. Something that a treadmill workout does not do!! It’s all mental at this stage of the game. I have spoken to Di a couple of times in the past week which has been nice. If I didn’t know how things can pan out, and change quickly, I would have definitely given up by now. Oh yes, it has been tough. The 2nd to last week (ie this week coming) is very busy training-wise – 3 hours of every day (3 separate sessions) will be taken up with cardio, training and posing. I have tomorrow off which will be awesome, because I have a house inspection tomorrow. Tonight I am training back and shoulders, and abs.

I’m really looking forward to the last week and the depletion, and then carb up.

I am pretty much caught up with work which is GREAT. I feel on top of it. So, now I can just do the final finishing touches that need to be done – ie need to look for some jewelry to wear with each of my costumes, need to grab last minute items from supermarket, start to pack my bag, etc. I plan to practice my posing a lot over the next 2 weeks. I did a lot of posing in one of my workouts (between sets) last week and I was sore for DAYS. So, I need to do more to get my body accustomed to it.

I took pics for Richie this morning. Consensus is I have a lot more muscle than last time. This is true. I have had many people comment on this. I still have a bit of fine tuning to go, and I will be happy. I am waiting on my other suit from Jo – she was ‘blinging’ it up a bit for me, so I look forward to seeing that next week. Got my hairpieces in the mail – they are AWESOME, great length, great style and the colours are perfect. So, that is something!!! Michelle, I got my other package in the mail today – you know the one I mean ;) Thanks for the other stuff you threw in, appreciated!! Now am waiting for the REAL package…I think that will be here in time so that is great. THANK YOU for working so hard to get that to me.

Had ‘lunch’ with Jode today – we haven’t caught up for awhile. So that was nice. I just drank coffee and smoked – yes you read right folks – and Jodie just had green tea! Yes, it’s my vice – I am a social smoker, but when I diet, I tend to do it a little more often. Richie thought it was funny, and he divulged his diet ‘vice’ to me also.

I did manage to do a spot of shopping the other day – love shopping when I fit into everything and everything looks good on me (if I do say so myself) :) I was peeved to see the jacket I bought about a month ago for $90, now on special for $30. So, I bought another one, in a different colour :) 2 pairs of pants, size XS – I took the S back, I’d ‘outgrown’ (or is that ‘ingrown’) it. A red dress, a little cropped cardy, 2 casual stretchy cropped cardy’s, a pair of shoes, and a handbag. Just a small spree :) My size 8 Rusty’s are swimming on me at the moment.

Anyway, must go eat, I am starting to feel a bit buzzy from all the black coffee.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Phew, a breather, at 11pm. Things are getting more and more hectic! I had an outage of my web site and email which didn't help that I then got 75 emails at once :( So have been sorting through them. I am not meant to be working any more :)

Anyway, training all good, diet all good. Have been having a few really good days, and am feeling the changes start to happen. Seeing some veins, and striations in my shoulders and chest. I do feel and look quite depleted though. People are starting to look at me, so I know that I am beginning to look 'freaky', you know, different from everyone else at the gym! I can't wait until the final week, when I deplete and load, and get rid of the sodium and fluid.

It was leg day today, I think Richie is trying to kill me! Also biceps and cardio. I wolf down my meals like you wouldn't believe - no touching the sides.

We've been doing all sorts of things for the house too ie measuring up furniture, cupboards, choosing colours for staircase, getting plans copied etc. It's being painted inside at the moment!

Yesterday I had shoulders and back - still lifting 30lb db's for presses so my strength hasn't been affected too badly. I had a little mishap when BB rowing - my 'hook' slipped off the 70lb bar and dropped onto my quad - nice sore bruise there now. I have my last massage before comp tomorrow - and I will need it after today's leg session. I am also really sore from back day, but more so from the posing I did during my session...ouch!! Posing is such a good workout!

Talked to Kimmy on the phone today, that was good :) We are trying to get a few last minute things arranged - both of us busy as bee's. Can't wait til we get to Melbourne and can just sit and chat (and practise posing!!).

Damien and I are taking a few days break after the comp - I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to that! Going to the Yarra Valley - wine (and food) tasting heaven! So busily trying to find a nice B&B there. Some gorgeous places - complete with double spa and fireplace.

Ok, must go to bed. Every day is a big day these days.

Site and email are back..

thank goodness. So, the idealbodies address is fine to use now, thank you. Be back for a report one of these days!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Email and web site down

Bugger it. I am trying to find out what is going on...in the meantime, you can reach me at sueheintze@ncable.com.au

Hoping it's not for long!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Just made a big post and it disappeared. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Friday, June 23, 2006

It's been so long...

Time between posts is getting longer and longer. Where does the time go? Oh I know, I spend all day at the gym, that's where it goes! Ok, so I have barely even looked at my computer today, except to get my program and diet changes from Richie and to speak to Jo Rogers about my suits. I have a ton of banked up email which I will endeavour to get to but apologies in advance if you are waiting on a reply!

Today was spent like so: hour on treadmill, home to eat, shower, have nails done and eyebrows waxed, home to eat, into town again coffee with Damien and then to new house to see what has been done. A couple of questions needed to be asked of builders so drove back in to town and dropped in there. Organised sample colours of walls and carpet and arranged change of colour to wardrobe runners. Tanning appointment. Drove back to house to meet Damien and landscaper for meeting. Home to eat. Out to carpet store to pick up sample. To post office to get and post mail. To gym for 2nd training session. Home to eat, shower, and here I sit at 6.40pm. Tonight I will try to get some work done!!

Tomorrow we have a rest from open inspections - yippee!! Thank goodness for small mercies. So, 2 cardios tomorrow.

Had something quite embarrassing happen today - but funny at the same time so I will tell :) I had run out of sports tops to wear to the gym this morning, so put my sports bra on, got a tshirt out, and then put my big woolly warm jumper over the top. Off I went. Got there, went to take off my jumper before session and lo and behold - I forgot to put my tshirt on!! So, all I had on was a sports bra! Going home was out of the question as I had an appointment at 11am, and that would have put all my timing out. So, I thought 'perhaps I can just do my whole session in my jumper...' - thinking positive. I lasted all of 10 mins before I was sweating buckets. There was no way I could not take my jumper off! So, I told the lady on the other treadmill my dilemma - she said 'oh no that's fine! I think all the guys work out early in the morning anyway'. So, here I am, stepping it out on the tready in my tracky daks and Berlei sports bra :) Now, how many of you would have done that 'eh?? It gets worse. A guy did come in. So, I had to yell out to him 'please don't mind my top!' etc etc. He said 'ahh no worries, it's no different to a sports top!" I said, "I suppose, but it just doesn't feel quite right!". Then another lady came in, and I felt the need to explain myself to her as well! She was right next to me and said "at least you have the body for it! Ohh look at your arms, they are beauitful!!". Then she was asking what I do to have arms like that. It looks like I may have a new client :) Actually it was good to chat, it really made the time go quick!!

Ok, well I best be off and do a bit of work before I crash. I have a phone appointment with Richie in the morning. Not long to go now, and did I mention I am having a mild panic attack at the little time there is left!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Things are crazy busy!

Thanks so much bloggers and readers for the motivating comments on my pic. It was lovely to read through them all :) I do believe I have 'grown' a bit, thanks to Richie steering me in the right direction in the off season - EATING :) and of course training very hard. With 3 and a bit weeks to go, I hope to see some further changes happening in this short space of time! Every day I get up and can see a little more muscle popping out, or a new vein or something, so that keeps me going :) I love the final few weeks - the 'end' is nigh, and I am focused.

I did it hard tonight for cardio, one foot in front of the other was what I was telling myself. I do a lot of 'talking' to myself when it gets a bit tough. I remember lots of motivational quotes that mean something to me - I think about them as I train or cardio, and just keep going until it's done. I had to lie on the floor when I got home, I was feeling a bit light headed. I felt fine after I ate, and showered. It feels so good to get through these sessions when the body and mind are telling me otherwise. This sport would have to be 80-90% mental, especially in the pre contest phase. Damien ate a pizza in front of me last night, when I was 'starving'. It smelled great and yeah it would be nice to have some but I am not in the least bit tempted. If I gave in that easily, what would be the point of pursuing this sport?

Anyway, this morning's cardio was fantastic, an hour of the best. I really pushed it - by the time 35mins was up I was starting to struggle mentally. So, I cranked up the incline to 15, rested my hands on the bar (not holding just resting!) and closed my eyes. I walked with my eyes closed for the remaining time - if anyone could see me they would have thought I was mad! However, it made me focus, and relax at the same time.

Tomorrow is cardio, and chest, tris and calves in the evening. I send new pics to Richie tomorrow who will then plan out the next phase for me.

Did anyone happen to record Survivor tonight???? I am 'spewing' I forgot to record it!!!!! I would love a copy if someone out there did!!!

I still haven't received my INBA tickets! I haven't forgotten, all those who have paid. Will send them out as soon as I get them.

There is so much happening and I don't have much spare time! I manage to get a few hours of work in each day if I am lucky! Thank goodness I have some great girls working for me!

Oh oh oh...our house! It's going ahead, all so very exciting. Our kitchen is almost done! The silestone benchtops and splashbacks, and cupboards are in! All our doors are on, and our laundry cupboards and 2nd bathroom vanity. The vanity top in our ensuite is the wrong colour!! They put the same silestone as the kitchen! Black! So, lucky we are going there regularly to check things out. It is looking amazing, I just cannot wait to get in there!!!

Hope to check in again soon...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hi all, very quick post as I am running like a chook with it's head cut off today! Had skin folds done, very happy with them. Jodie took some pics while I practised my posing and routine for her at the gym yesterday. Have attached one. This is the only pic I will post before comp, thanks for asking everyone. Will be back for more later, and to respond to comments. Got lunch with the inlaws at the cafe, so will be off! Of course I am taking my chicken and green beans with me :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Still hanging in there!

2 cardio sessions today. We got up and cleaned and tidied the house for the inspection, and I did one cardio before taking Rexy to mum's. Mum and I then went to Gloria Jeans for a coffee and then did some grocery shopping. I then collected Rex from under the bed, and brought him home to 'safety'. I had something to eat, did a bit of work, and then needed a sleep. I slept for about an hour. Woke, had my first black coffee for this prep, and then did my 2nd cardio. I have started to ask myself why I am doing a comp in the middle of winter!!! Usually I do October shows, so it's starting to warm up a little by this stage. Posing in tiny costumes is not very fun when your bits are freezing.

I just finished my steak - yum, can have steak 3 x week instead of my salmon now so that was a nice change. I am missing my bigger protein portions!! Now cooking up my veggies and that will be it for the night.

I had someone email and ask how 'selfish' you really have to be in this sport. It truly is a 'selfish' sport. You just have to be, or you won’t make it. For instance, in the final 4 weeks, it gets really tough. Low calories, training 2-3 x day, always hungry, tired – you just don’t have the energy to DO anything much else but train, and you are constantly wanting to eat so you are always fighting the urge. You can’t wait to go to sleep so you don’t have to think about food :) Then you get up and do it all again the next day. I have certainly found there are easier days than others. But there are days that you have to fight with every fibre in your body. You can imagine all of the above if you are having a bad day ie 'starving', exhausted, stressed, cravings - how easily it would be to just say 'this is way too hard'. You can’t go anywhere, even out for dinner, not only because you don't know what you will get (even if you order plain fish and steamed veg), but because the temptation can be too much ie sitting waiting for your ‘specially prepared’ meal, watching others eat bread rolls and drinking wine while you are absolutely starving and drinking water. It’s no fun! So its much easier to become a hermit at this stage of prep and stay away from any temptation. I am sure Damien would love it if I didn’t do any more comps but of course he would never say that - he is supportive of my competing. We used to go out for dinner quite a bit, well that just doesn’t happen now and I know he misses that. As do I :) BUT, I love the discipline required - I know there are not many people that can muster the will and determination, the focus and committment, to see through a goal such as getting on stage. To accomplish this means so much, it is such a powerful feeling inside, to know I have not sucumbed to the 'easy way out'. I'm not there yet, but I will be :)

Veggies are ready!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Hungry hungry hippo :)

I am hungry :) So what's new. Go metabolism go. I had to get out of the house tonight, so as to avoid standing in the pantry/fridge, looking for something to eat. It worked as always. I see the signs of change happening once more, which is good news.

I did a nice hard session at the gym this morning (cardio) and got a lot of work done at GJ's. We then had a meeting with our builders at the house, and when I got home at about 4pm, I just died. So, I decided to have today as my one session day, which means tomorrow will be 2! We also have another open house tomorrow morning :( I will do my first cardio while that is on and then another later in the day. I better practise my routine a bit more too. Jodie was going to come in and be my 'audience' on Sunday, but she isn't well so I don't know how long she is out of action for. Get better soon Jode.

I can't think of anything else at the moment, apart from being very busy, everything seems to be running smoothly at the moment.


Kimmy, I meant to write something for you. Do not stress about how you are looking and definitely stop comparing yourself to others - remember, this comp is for you, your aim should be to get on stage in the best condition of your life thus far - and you are definitely going to do that and you are going to do yourself proud. Remember everything you have been through, and you have come so far. But, you must forget about comparing yourself to others because someone else will always have better legs, biceps, back - etc - insert your own word there. And that goes for all competitors of course. If you compare, you will always find someone 'better'. So, do it for you - block out everything around you and just do what has to be done, without being 'anxious'. You set yourself up for disappointment if you think otherwise...I've seen it before! I know you are going to look amazing on comp day, and you will surprise yourself believe me. And we are going to have so much fun :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday, has been a 'breeze'

Lordy me, is it COLD!!!! I was up at 6am and off to the gym by 7 for a cardio session. About 300 metres down the road I made the mistake of putting my windscreen wipers on with a spray of water, as it was a bit dirty – and it completely iced over on contact!!!! I had a tiny spot I could see out of if I sank right down in my seat. So, I thought I had better not risk it, since it was still a bit dark too. I turned around and drove home, and ended up having to scrape the ice off with my gloved hands!! It was minus 4 this morning. I can’t imagine living where it snows and having to scrape snow off the car every morning, or shovel (or even snowblow!) snow from the driveway!

I am at the office (Gloria Jeans) – what a life ‘eh, being able to work from the coffee shop. I can’t get the net or mail here obviously, but that is the great thing about it – I have no interruptions and I get SO much done in 2 hours!

A huge thank you to Beate, a previous client - what a lovely, thoughtful and generous lady – she read my blog about how much I loathe cardio, and she sent me a couple of cd’s with some motivating music on. Now Damien is having a hard time putting them on the MP3 but I am sure he will figure it out!

I had a good session of cardio this morning, even though I was without my MP3 – while Damien was playing around with it, he flattened the battery! Lucky I had the new Ironman with me to read. Did all you PHAT Campers receive your copy? It has the Jen Hendershott and PHAT Camp article in it. And a tiny pic of all you campers! You need a magnifying glass to see who the faces are!

Thanks to all who gave me feedback on my photos – I sent the 'real' ones to those who either asked or my friends who’s straight up opinion I really value. My goodness how the weeks are slipping by. Also huge thanks to the people – friends, clients, acquaintances – who have emailed me with supportive messages. I will post some here so I can go back to them when I need to read them :) I am sure there will be plenty of times I need to in the next few weeks!

Just letting you know i am thinking of you and wish you all the best for the next four or five weeks. You have done a fantastic job so far and this time from all accounts you are healthy and well. You are such an inspiration for me and I will look forward to reading your blog over the next few weeks. Anyway thinking of you, supporting you in any way i can even just if you know i am thinking of you and looking forward to seeing the final photos .

You look amazing!!!! Very inspiring - you don't have an ounce of fat on you and have amazing muscle tone. You will blitz your comp - very motivating... thanks again.

I read your Blog today and just wanted to say that I am sorry to hear you are having a tough couple of days however you are a wonderful trainer and motivator and if anyone has the will and motivation to succeed it is you.

You hang in there and keep working because I know you will reach your goal and you will be fantastic at the competition.

Thanks so much for my program, especially as I read on your blog that you weren’t feeling too good! As the ladies commented on your blog – you really are inspiring and such a great role model for us girls and to read that you’re soldiering on is even more inspiring and also a true measure of your dedication. I’m sending you positive vibes and hope that you’re back to normal soon. I’m hoping that some of your dedication and focus will rub off on me ;).

Hope your routine is coming together, you are right on track with you body. I am sure you will look amazing - you have beautiful symmetry I think you could do very well Sue and perhaps find yourself competing overseas.


You are DEFINITELY WAAAYYYY more muscular than the last time you competed!

You can already see the vein in your arm popping!

Deep cuts starting to show in your pecs!

Your abs look great!

Your legs look hard already - nice quad!!! And look at how high your butt is!!!!!!

I know it's hard for you to step back and see all the hard work you've done - but consider where you were LAST year this time!!!

Thyroid problems - no energy, exhausted, weird cravings.....hmmm - well this year those same symptoms are for different reasons. If I remember right you were even comtemplating whether you would compete again EVER - right?

Look at this pic compared to the ones of you at Phat Camp last year - tell me you don't look 100% stronger, fitter and harder!

If we sprayed you with some brown paint right now - today - people would be impressed!

Hi Sue - your pics are great and I can certainly see you have added some major muscle.

Wow. Excellent. Lots of muscle size everywhere. Beautiful shape. Looks good to me!

That's a selection, and I will come back and read often - thanks girls, and guy :)

Trained chest and triceps with Jodie last night – nice quick session, I added some pushups to my chest regime, and also changed the order of some exercises as per Richie’s instructions.

Oh yeah, I got my new posing suit!!! I thought the colour looked a bit bright when I saw it, but on, it really enhances my tan and looks really good. The beading, as always, is beautiful. Now, for my next one…I already know what I want!

Will respond to comments later!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Couple of pics

Decided to delete :) Thanks for the lovely comment though Kimmy!

So bloody hungry!!!

I will have to go to bed soon, I am just ravenous tonight! I have had a good day energy wise though, and was able to get a lot of work done at the 'office' (Gloria Jeans).

I did my cardio, and some posing at the gym this morning. I must have looked a site in my tiny shorts, crop top, 6 inch heels and fluffy gloves :) It was FREEZING. Literally, the grass was white outside and I was puffing 'smoke' in the gym. I have lost my bloat and weight has stabilized again so that is good. All on track.

Had a good email chat with Sam today, about our respective preparations - it's refreshing to find someone so willing to share thoughts and experiences on the subject. Like Sam, I am expecting my next posing suit from Jo in the mail tomorrow too! Sam and I also have some news and that is we have joined forces and with our combined knowledge we are now preparing clients for competition. Together we will be preparing Dianna Carr for her wedding :) and her October shows.

Damien's flu is improving tonight thankfully. He still has a horrible cough though. So far so good - no symptoms here. EVERYTHING IS CROSSED.

Well, that's it from me, it's 8.30pm and I think I will be in bed very soon :) Cardio in the morning, and leg session in the arvo. Myoplex Day, yippee!!!!

Today's pic - sleeping beauties :) Damien and Rexy tuckered out.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sick hubby

Hi everyone, thanks Michelle, Kimmy and Sam, yes we can't wait for the house, it's been awhile! Going on 6 months since the slab was put down. Now, if we can just sell this one!

Well, I have my updated plan - let's just say I will be very scarce from here on in (at least for next 10 days anyway) while I just LIVE and breathe training and dieting. My calories have been reduced - I was hungry before so ouch :) and my cardio increased. But, of course it's to be expected at this stage of prep.

Something I AM a bit concerned about, is poor Damien has come down with the flu - not your average cold, but the aching and fever as well. He is not in a good way at all! I have everything crossed that I don't catch it! My body would be stressed and immune system under pressure with all the training I am doing so I just hope it's strong enough to hold this off.

First thing in the morning I am calling my chiro and then my massage therapist. Then I will cardio, then hopefully have a massage, and then more cardio in the evening. Today was cardio and biceps, and then legs tonight. Managed new diet fine today. I am still holding fluid, which is kind of annoying, as I haven't been doing anything different.

If I am not around much over the next few weeks, apologies in advance, but have to tend to clients first - and of course my training!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cardio sux

Really struggled on my 2nd cardio session last night, (well my morning one too actually because I was fatigued from the day before's leg workout) but I pushed on. I got back and I was shaky, and feint, and had to lay down. I gobbled down my meal and felt a little better. Got out of the house again last night which was good, as I was sooooo hungry. I had a coffee whilst out and that kept me going.

Today I woke at 5.30am so didn't get a whole lot of sleep. I trained back and shoulders this morning, on my own (Jode is away). Good session, am enjoying the heavy weights on shoulders. Went back this afternoon for more cardio, and did a much better job than yesterday. Came home and ate dinner immediately, so hungry. My meals are barely touching the sides now, my metabolism is roaring!

I took photos for Richie today and resized and sent them all through. I await his advice with anticipation! I think...I hope he changes my diet, as I feel I have been at a bit of a standstill for a couple of weeks. I did some comparisons with 2004 lead up pics and I definitely have better shape/lines and am thicker and more dense. I even think my butt is a better shape this time around - must be all that incline tready work.

Came home from gym with a crick in my neck - I think I shrugged to hard. I was thinking I would have a massage tomorrow but then remembered it is a public holiday :( So I have been rubbing Ice Gel into it and massaging with my massage 'stick'. Also took some nurofen to help with the pain/swelling.

Other than that all is good! Did I mention I was hungry???? Oh yes I think I did :) I could eat a horse.

Will try to post a pic of our house now, I finally resized them. Let's hope blogger behaves. Ok it worked. Now this pic is a bit old, our house has since been painted. 2nd pic is our landing, looking out from our bedroom - the doorway to our bedroom is 4 doors wide so we can look out :) Also, will post some pics of me that I took today, in my forum if you are interested to see how I am going with my prep.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I really appreciate "normalness"

I'm back! My goodness, that was a tough couple of days. First I have to thank everyone who left a comment or wrote to me personally, with their support. It is so appreciated. Thank you xxx

I have a feeling it could have been brought on by the fat burners. Anyone who knows my past, knows I suffered very badly in the 2nd half of 2005, with adrenal exhaustion and low thyroid function. I was experiencing bouts exactly like this - every week to fortnight - and I wasn't doing it hard with the training and dieting, so I actually do not think that it is caused by that. Perhaps that adds to the stress, but, I do have to watch stimulants ie caffiene intake (which was getting a bit high on occasion) and of course, some fat burners. Stress really brings me down hard but I have felt that even with my workload (now shared which has taken MAJOR stress off me!!), building, selling houses, and training and dieting for comp, that I had it fairly well under control. A couple of days of poor sleep and then the stimulants of coffee and fat burners, really affected my adrenals. The salt craving is also related. It is a symptom of adrenal exhaustion. Thanks to Kim who emailed and reminded me of all of the above - so quick to forget when you are feeling well again. I have now started to add a half teaspoon of sea salt to my first glass of water for the day - this should stabilize things for me. I have limited my caffeine intake to 2 coffees now and that includes 1 decaf.

Yesterday I woke up feeling 'normal'. How good did that feel. I was my old self, positive, focused and ready to hit the gym hard. I had a great 'additional' leg session, and then later back for more cardio. The only down side is I now have 2 x day training until Monday! Never mind at least I am capable now and I can catch up.

I couldn't get in for skin folds until Thursday, and tomorrow I will do photos for Richie. My weight has stabilized again, so that feels good. I have had 4 comments this week on how good my shoulders are looking this time - which is nice because they have not been a strong point in the past. People saying "You've definitely put on size". When Jodie's MIL changed my routine video recording over to DVD, her workmate said that I looked better than the lady who did the routine for me - hahaha - don't tell Kim - not that she would take that seriously, but still I thought it was a rather nice compliment :) From my own (and Damien's) perspective, looking at the dvd, I am definitely bigger, and thicker, with more shape. The tricky bit of course, is keeping the size up top and losing the bit I have to go below. Can I do it in 5 weeks??????? My goodness how time flies!!!

I am just sitting here having my first coffee of the day. We have yet another inspection today - they are really getting OLD :( Got to pack up, tidy up, vacuum, get Rex out to mum's, pack up my food and change of clothes for gym (both done), and be there before 10.30am. Inspection is at midday, so will have to go into town for awhile - perhaps will take the lap top and do some work.

Speaking of work, I will have the last of the programs done today. If anyone (friends or clients) has emailed me and not received a response yet, it won't be long!!

Have a great day everyone, and once again, thank you heaps for your support.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Doing it tough!

Well, it's a challenge at the moment, that is for sure. This is the time that it would be easy to say "I've had enough", it's all 'too hard'. But no, that would be the easy way out! The last couple of days have been really difficult - I've been experiencing exhaustion, very low blood pressure (I'm assuming, due to extreme diziness on standing), unbelievable cravings for salt (I'm very glad it's not sugar!), my head is all spaced out and all I feel like doing is sleeping (or eating). I am so hungry I could eat a horse. Eating to plan is taking all my energy, focus and determination.

I always give my food a good dose of salt, yet these last 2 days even that is not enough. I ate 10 anchovies yesterday, and immediately it made me feel better.

I could barely get my heart rate above 100-105 while powerwalking, even though I was pushing it. This was SO frustrating. It's like my body is shutting down and trying to conserve whatever is left. And doing everything in it's power to make me eat off plan so it doesn't have to drop any more fat! I haven't been perfect that is for sure, but I haven't eaten any junk food, just a little more food than I should have. And the salt - that caused a 3lb rise on the scale so I canceled my skin folds as they wouldn't be a true indication, will have them done next week. Photos in a few days for Richie.

I canceled my training yesterday afternoon and decided to do it today instead. I woke today still feeling 'spaced out' and out of it. I went back to bed at 8am and slept soundly, until 10.45am. I did manage to get to the gym and train chest/tris/calves at lunchtime - but I did not make it back for cardio this evening. I am giving in another day, which means I will have 4 days in a row of training 2 x day now, to catch up. I did manage to get a couple of hours of work in this afternoon though which has taken a bit of pressure off.

It's funny, I've been feeling great, and this came on very suddenly. It's exactly what was happening to me very regularly, last year. It has only happened twice now, since September last year, since I started my thyroid medication.

I will just battle on, and hope that tomorrow I am back to normal. If history is anything to go by, then it usually takes about 3 days.

Thank you so much Mandy, Kerry, Lauren, Amyand Selina!!! Was lovely to receive your messages when I was feeling a little bit down. Truly appreciated.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm not well today, I managed cardio this morning (if you could call it that, it so wasn't worth it), but training will have to wait until tomorrow. Work is also on the backburner until I feel more up to it. It's been such a busy week this week too, with 12 new programs to write! I have a record amount of previous clients returning or signing up for ongoing programs. Return clients would have to be the best testimonials ever!

Be back when I feel better :)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Won my coffee machine on ebay - $127.50, retails for $329. Cool. I lost the first one, but landed the 2nd one. Bidding was a bit crazy at the last minute as always! I didn't get to go to the office today (GJ's) as it was right when my auction was to end :) I will definitely go tomorrow.

Training was awesome today, cardioed like a demon - whoops, can't be using that word, it's reserved for the 'cool' people of the blogs I believe...hehee, private joke that I know some will appreciate :)

My sleeping is a bit light on of late - pretty sure it's because of the increased caffiene that I seem to be finding myself consuming. That and the fact I have started to take some stimulant type fat burners to increase my energy for cardio. That certainly works a treat - today my heart rate was kept easily over 150bpm, and I had energy to burn. I will cycle off in a couple of weeks though, I really don't like taking them. As they are stimulants, they also interfere with my sleep. I only ever take them in the morning, not the afternoon like suggested on the pack. Anyway, so I woke at about 4am this morning, and got up at 5. I did some work until about 8 when I was going to go do my cardio but my eyes were so heavy I felt sleep would be more appropriate. I slept for another hour then got up and headed off to the gym. Trained biceps, and then did my hour of demonic (oops) cardio. :))

Back home, for some work for the afternoon. Trained legs with Jodie tonight, good session, managed to increase my weights tonight, so not sure if the GAKIC thing is true Michelle - hard to say! But hearing you on the $$$ - did you know it retails for something like $140 here???

I do feel my shape is certainly changing. My weight is at 113.2lb this morning, lowest yet. My legs are definitely leaning up, and changing shape so I will just keep plugging away. Can feel my hip bones at the back now, so that is a good sign.

I got to have my Myoplex tonight, so that was a nice treat!

We now have a garage door on our new house :) It's coming together! Still haven't posted photos have I, might go do that now.

Have a great evening everyone! Train hard, stay consistent, and be patient!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday evening roundup

Had a nice short (compared to leg day!) back/shoulder session at 9am with Jode. I am enjoying going back to heavier, shorter sets for shoulders. I feel as though I have lost a little bit of strength in the last 2 sessions I have done - chest and back/shoulders. It could be because I have run out of my GAKIC supplement. I now wish I had some more so I could do a 'test'! Decided it's too expensive to continue with. I hadn't really been able to detect any positives from using it, BUT, it's interesting to note that right when I ran out, my strength has decreased (only slightly) and I fatigue more quickly. I ran through my routine a few times with my ipod on, and the fantastic ear plugs that Michelle sent me!!! They work a treat, I can do it anywhere now, no need for a cd player :)

Went back for cardio this afternoon, had a great session.

I get skin folds done again this week - boy that comes around quickly. I don't feel they have dropped much. Will see I guess!

I am waiting for an ebay auction to finish - I want to bid on a coffee machine! I am loving ebay - I bought all my skin care on it over the last few days - 3 items from Israel! Some MD Formulations, some tanning accelerator and some Angel perfume for my mum for Christmas - all from US :) It's the earliest Christmas present I have ever bought. It will probably get lost in the move!!!

So, tomorrow being Monday, is biceps and cardio first up, then Jode and I will do legs in the evening. Tomorrow is my biggest training day. I get to have a Myoplex, yippee :) I will also go to 'the office' and do some work out there (Gloria Jeans) :)

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. Time for my grilled sweet potato :)

I 'stole' this from Kerry's blog, as I think it's a fantastic piece and so very very true:

Now is the time

Whatever happened on the previous attempt doesn't matter anymore. What matters is what you do now.

Though you may have failed once, or numerous times, or a thousand times, that has no bearing on what you're able to do now. In fact, each failed attempt brings you closer to success.

By discovering what does not work, you have more information to help you know what does work. The more you have invested in the goal, the more motivated you are to make it succeed.

Effort is never wasted, even when it leads to disappointing results. For it always makes you stronger, more capable and more experienced.

Now is the time to make use of all that strength and experience. Now is the time to push forward with more commitment and effectiveness than ever before.

Take great satisfaction in where you have been and in how far you have come. Now is your opportunity to make it into real and lasting success.

-- Ralph Marston

Back after our flying visit to South Australia. Went quite smoothly which is good! I had a 1.5 hour session with Kim on Friday - I can now practise my routine to my heart's content. It should be good when I 'get it together' a bit more. She commented on my shoulders (yay!!) and said my posing was beautiful and that I have great symmetry. Just gotta get that last bit of lower body and ab fat to move and I'll be there! Richie does not want me doing any more cardio at this stage, which I must say I am happy about, though it feels kind of weird not doing as much as I have done in the past. There is method to the 'madness' I know, and that is to keep my upper body size and new leg muskles that I have grown. My weight was up a bit, but now down again this morning to the lowest it's been.

I had a tanning session on Thursday and I used my old accelerator - I swear I am so much browner from just one session with this stuff. I have been using a different one, that doesn't have 'tingle' and it's nowhere near as effective. So, it was onto ebay to purchase some more of the 'good stuff'.

Friday was my day off, so apart from the posing with Kim I didn't do any other training. We spent Thursday night at Jacobs Creek Retreat, where we spent our wedding night, and where our reception was held. Gorgeous place. www.jacobscreekretreat.com.au if you want to have a look.

My coffee machine has sh*t itself :(((((((((((((((( It's leaking water everywhere. Not good. We give it a good workout. I will have to try and have it fixed, but want to get another anyway, as we will need one for the office/bedroom upstairs in the new house! Speaking of, I took some pics - it should be all painted this coming week, they have done part of it.

We looked at some blinds while wandering the streets of Gawler filling in time - think we are going with Roman blinds. The lady was very helpful, so now we have some ideas at least.

I'm training with Jode at 9am this morning, back and shoulders, haven't trained since Thursday so looking forward to it! I did cardio yesterday, I was not feeling very energetic and felt like CRYING at about the 25 minute mark because it was so hard! However, I pushed on, and pushed through it, and was happy with my effort at getting through the hour.

We went out last night because I was having one of those munchie days - I was really hungry, and I know if I just sit around I think about food. So, we went out, and that was good, worked a treat. I had a coffee, and took a diet ginger beer with me.

I am quite banked up with emails due to having virtually no access while away, so I will be putting in a big afternoon of work today.

I've made a new schedule to fit my posing in - 3 x week, on cardio only days, and my day off. I need to start tanning a couple of times a week soon too, even though I am pretty brown already.

I've decided not to do the Melbourne trip 2 weeks prior to the show - I think that will be a bit too stressful at that time - I have no idea what my training will be like at that stage so i think traipsing around Melbourne while having to possibly train 2-3 x day, having to cook and carry my food, etc, will just be too hard. I will stay home instead and do a photo shoot after the show perhaps. Lloyd is considering a trip to Mildura specially so I hope that works out.

Ok, time to shower and get ready to pump some iron.

Sam, yes thanks for reiterating - it's difficult as you know, wanting to make things happen faster than they are. I too am fitting into all my 'precontest' clothes! I can even wear my Aussie uniform pants from 2002 trip to Arizona - not that I would wear them, being yellow and black, but they fit! Bit cozy, but they fit, and I am 12 lbs heavier than 2002!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Has it been that long?

I haven't posted since Saturday - just too much going on. We are leaving for the Barossa in a few hours, I have done one cardio session, and back to the gym at midday for a leg/cardio combo session. My energy levels for cardio have increased MARKEDLY since Richie has dropped me back to 2 days on 1 day off training. I can now give it everything. Tomorrow will be my day off - well, apart from 2 hours of posing work with Kim! I hope to get the 2nd part of my routine down pat, then I will be comfortable to just practice, practice, practice.

Following that, we are heading to Mawson Lakes to check out some house stuff, then will be travelling to Murrayville to see Damien's family, then back home early in the morning as we have to work, and of course, have another bl**dy house inspection!! Pleeeeeeeease somebody buy our house..........

Training has been great, really good leg session the other day, and was sore. Treated myself to a massage the day after. Chest, tris and calves last night, I tried the 45lb dbs for my presses but unfortunately I only made 3 reps before one wrist gave out, then while Jode was tending to that db, the other wrist gave out, so I ended up just dropping them :) Quite funny really.

I'm wondering when Richie is going to reduce my calorie intake, but he said not for now anyway. Still on 1500, that's a lot to my previous starvation comp diets. Still plenty of carbs too. I feel I need to reduce the calories, but I think maybe that is one part of where I have gone wrong in the past. Get a bit edgy about only being 6 weeks to go and you start to think you are running out of time. I am starting to notice my legs are shaping up slowly but surely, seeing a little more definition every day I wake up. Weight is up a little to what it was, but I will blame T.O.M. for that.

Well, I still have to pack my clothes, and food, and I might fit in a tanning session before I go to the gym.

I called into the new house before and took some pics, so Kimmy, I will post them when I can :) They are painting the outside at the moment.

Was interesting to hear the different reports back on the NABBA/WFF show..............

Thanks to everyone who have left comments, I will try to catch up very soon. You could say life is rather hectic!!!