2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am allowed to shift to a 2 day on, 1 day off training schedule which will help me recover better between sessions. So, cardio today was a Body Step class. All good, was starving afterwards! I didn't eat before I went. It was 11.15am before I got back home after the class, and then getting mail, petrol, going to the bank etc. Had a bit of a stress attack about the work mounting up so emailed Damien to meet me for a coffee and chat about how to approach it. I also had a chiro appointment (funnily enough I had one booked for today, and one for tomorrow as well!) at 12.15pm, so after an hour there, I went up for a coffee. We've decided to get a temp on for admin work - so will be putting that into practise over the next couple of months. That will free me up to write programs and some promotion/marketing stuff, as well as update my website more often!

After coffee I had to walk on by my favourite shop - Carla Jane, as I noticed they had a big rack of jackets out the front with an 'up to 75% off' sign up. Soooooooooooooooo. I bought a black jacket like the grey/silver one I have :) Half price!! $60 bargain. They were marking down all their stuff - I found a cute little top and TWO evening dresses! Both the same style, in red, and black. I couldn't decide! Guess I'll need some shoes to go with the red dress :) hehe.

Have to take my pics for Kim tomorrow. Also training legs. No cardio, yippee!! Must have a big day of program writing. I will try and do 2 more tonight, then I will be back on track. I am dreading talking to Kim on the phone next week. The only thing he can change is to reduce my calories or increase my cardio :(((((((((( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Perhaps since I'm going along quite well he won't change anything :)

I shouldn't have laughed at Jodie's story of dropping the bin on her foot - it was payback today, though mine was nowhere near that serious. As I was getting out of the car in a hurry I slammed the door shut and the corner of the door hit me flush in the shin. OMG it hurt. Within 5 seconds it had swollen up to the size of an egg! It hurt to walk for awhile but now is just a smaller lump and a really really sore shin.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Week of posts

I've had lots of people wanting to catch up on how I am going, so here's a selection of posts from my other blog...

Took the day off cardio today. Still stuffed up in my head/throat/ears and feeling exhausted. I trained tonight after a sleep this arvo. Trained well - reduced reps a bit to go heavier, to make sure these muscles remember they have to hang around to lift heavy weights. Got some very nice compliments on my back at the gym tonight.I'm hungry. Tomorrow is CARDIO unfortunately, and shoulders/triceps. I think I might do a walk outdoors tomorrow - it's supposed to be 22 degrees! It was beautiful out today and was 20.Just had a spa. Really needed it, was very relaxing. Now watching S&TC and Seinfeld, before I have my pancake and then crash for the evening. Meant to be going out for dinner with a friend on Friday night but I am worried I won't have the stamina!! I just get tired very early these days.

Tortellini and Baci cake
Tha'ts what I had :) And 2 slices bread (not the best bread but I'll take it), and 2 glasses of wine. Mmmm mmm. I was pretty disappointed at the menu at Zest. The tortellini was the only thing that appealed (and it WAS good - pretty small serve which was probably a good thing too). I had to go to Pizza Cafe to get my dessert take away! Baci Cake is right up there with Mars Bar Cake! Very sinful. Kim allowed me to have a steak or salmon for dinner tonight too - so I had salmon. I am feeling the pinch big time now. I was really flat again today even after my carb splurge last night. I felt weak training chest today. Then all I could muster up, even after an hour's nap, was a walk to the supermarket for my cardio. Broccoli is $7.50 a kilo at the moment, what a bloody joke. I did my 50 mins, but it certainly wasn't high intensity. So, 2 x cardio tomorrow - hope I am a bit more of a bundle of energy. Trouble is, on such little carbs, now I don't have any in reserve, I use them all up in my training and then am zonked for the rest of the day. Yes yes yes, I know, it's me who chooses to do this :) I think tomorrow I might go outdoors for some stairs, and, do a step class tomorrow night.

Walking Dead
That's how I feel today! I'm sure the lack of carbs is getting to me. I purposely am not having one of my carb meals because I have a free meal tonight, but gawd, I am so hungry, and flat as a tack and aching all over. Funnily enough, this morning I had lots of energy and did an awesome 50 mins cardio at the gym (combo of machines). 50 mins is really a long time when you are really working it, isn't it? I finished off with abs, and was starving after that even though I had one meal before I came. Thankfully I don't have to train today, and, tomorrow I will have newfound energy in my free meal carbs tonight! That's what is keeping me going today, the thought of having whatever I want tonight!

I can't believe I'm already in the 113's. I'm starting to get paranoid that I am becoming 'small' already in the upper body. But of course, I'm happy to be losing! This is where I was 5 weeks out from my last show! That seems quite amazing. I'm determined to prove to myself, and others, that competition dieting doesn't have to be that depriving. Providing you start in a good spot, I feel you should be able to somewhat 'cruise' in. I wasn't able that luxury in my last show that is for sure. This plan is great because I can choose what I want to eat for my protein - and I can swap the order of my meals around which is really convenient at times. I am also allowed to have a Myoplex Carb Sense in place of a protein/veg meal when I want to. So, I'm quite happy thus far on this plan. I am still having milk in my coffee too. There's minimal carbs, and I must admit I start to feel it after 3 days of 2x day training/cardio. For instance, yesterday was meant to be cardio and training but I was still sore - and exhausted, and my brain wasn't really functioning, so instead of taking today off completely, I did just one session yesterday and made today training day, and tomorrow will be just cardio. It's all about listening to your body. I'm through with that killing myself business! When your body needs a rest, have one. You'd be wasting your time in the gym anyway, if your body and mind doesn't want to be there. So, since I made it into the 113's I'm definitely having a cheat meal tomorrow night :) I will still be somewhat careful though! Also, on this prep program my cardio is whatever I want. So, yes, I can do what I enjoy!

Yesterday I woke up feeling really blah, as my cold and a cough kicked in, but I did finally have a great sleep. I managed to stay in bed until 8.30am after going to bed at 9.30pm! Nice one. But, last night different story - about 5.5 hours sleep - not enough for me. I wondered how I would get through a big day of work, and training, without falling in a heap, so, in my infinite wisdom - I decided to take 2 fat burners. These are Vitamin World (US) brand, ones I've had for ages. I keep 'forgetting' my body doesn't really tolerate them. It took about half hour to have an effect, and I started feeling so sick, like I wanted to vomit! My chest was all tight like it was about to burst! Really strange feeling. Anyway, I had to go and lay down as I was all shaky and just wanted to be sick! Laying down fixed me, as did then having something to eat. I should have just taken one capsule to try it out! I'll never learn.The latest Women's Health & Fitness is out, with Carolyn's success story - it looks excellent! My abs are starting to show - they were quite noticeable when I was doing my step class yesterday.

Monday, July 16, 2007

INBA 2007

What a great weekend! Got to meet and catch up with so many people, it was wonderful. I haven't downloaded all my pics, but here are a few off stage ones.

Congratulations to competitors Shar, Jacinta, Christy and Kara - all looked amazing, and seemed to be having a ball.
It was so great to meet Shar, what a little ball of energy - very hard to believe she was once a big lady. Before the show on Saturday we had our little IBO get together - group photo above. Natalee, Kelly, Hilds, Selina, Jodie, me, Ali and Kerry.
Also met Kara and Susan, in addition to the lovely ladies mentioned above. Was also lovely to catch up with Sam again.
I woke up the day after the show with a sore throat. Now I'm trying to ward off yet another cold. Bought some Olive Leaf Extract today (thanks for the recommendation Lis), and upping my Vit C and Durathon. It is so not surprising - it was sooooooooooooo cold, even with multi layers on. And we did a lot of walking around outside. Did a great Step class at FF in Collins Street, thanks to Shar for the passes. Lots of shopping too. Walked so far. Did two run/walks too and one training session. There wasn't any spare time left after doing all that, and cooking :) My skin folds are down nicely again this week.
Bought 2 jackets, a pinafore, a black top, black Ripcurl cargo pants, Lorna Jane gym bag, 3 LJ singlets, and one pair of shoes. Not a bad effort - didn't go too overboard!
And, on closing, another Body Blitz winner to a very deserving IBO client - I won't announce it yet since it's a while til the mag comes out :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blast from the past - the 2006 INBA All Female.
Magda, yes will be great to meet you in SA - no, I don't have much time to blab about my comp prep as business is so busy - that combined with the training, and other every day duties, leaves me a bit short on spare time :) All is going well though, I'm 4-5 weeks ahead of where I was at for my July show as I have started in a much better place. Enjoying 7 meals a day, training 5 x week and cardioing 6 x week.

Bit of an injury has popped up in my knee - but, had a brilliant massage yesterday that seems to have really helped. I'm sure it's all related to my old hamstring/adductor injury - and my hips were tight, and piriformis muscle felt like a 'garden hose' according to my MT. OMG it was painful, but gooooooooood. He thinks it's a bit of tendonitis in the patella tendon.

JL, thank you so much! I have called, left message and waiting for a response. Hopefully she'll get back to me soon.

Ok, well jetting off to Melbourne tomorrow - having 4 days off, woohoo!! I do have an article to write however. Shopping with Jodie tomorrow and Friday, as well as training and cardioing when required. Ali is staying with us, and Hilds and Di are just up the road. Show is on Saturday and I look forward to meeting Shar (go Shar, go Shar!), Kara (go Kara, go Kara!), Selina, Mimi, Susan and Natalee - and hopefully I haven't left anyone out!! Will take lots of snaps.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

JL great to hear from you. I'm doing the WFF/Nabba show in Adelaide, 22 September. Same as Magda - hope to see you both there! Just on that, any SA - Adelaide girls out there who have any recommendations for where to go for hair and make up, I'd love to hear them. I have no idea where to go in Adelaide.

Nat - thanks for the LJ recommendation - we'll be there!!

Thanks Yummy Mummy - I'm not quite sure of your name :) And Ali :) Can't wait to catch up, we have lots of yakking to do.

I'm ultra busy so this is a really quick post! I'll be back though....

Monday, July 02, 2007

Quick check in

It's been awhile! Have been blogging elsewhere, but will just check in quickly here - everything is still full on - more so since I've started my comp prep. Now less than 12 weeks out, so the serious stuff has begun, meaning, cardio most days, and training 5 x week. Had an awesome day today, 2 x cardio, no training, heaps of energy after a great sleep.

In IBO news, we have 5 transformation stories coming out in the September Oxygen special, all wonderful success stories with some awesome after photos. Had a great little piece in Body and Soul yesterday and business has gone crazy!! It's all good.

Training has been great, working hard in the gym. Off to the All Female Classic next week with Jodie. We've arranged some spare time to do a spot of shopping on the Thursday and Friday. Also will need to fit our training and cardio in there too. Have an IBO get together in Camberwell on the Saturday morning - all welcome!

And a final closing comment - I think it’s the best compliment when someone feels the need to try and bring you down because of your success. :) Following on from that, here's something that may be of interest...

Embrace the responsibility

It is not anyone else's job to make you happy or fulfilled. What you choose to be is what matters.

When life is not going your way, there is nothing of value to be gained by looking for someone to blame. Instead, move beyond what has already happened and get busy exploring the positive possibilities available to you.

If you experience a disappointment or even a serious setback, that is no reason to give up hope. Though life is certainly not perfect, you are completely capable of moving forward no matter what may have happened before.

Happiness will come to you when it comes from you. Success will be yours when you choose to take responsibility for making it so.

Instead of obsessing over who might have hurt you or why or how, decide to get on with life. Instead of putting your energy into resentment, put that energy into creating meaningful greatness.

Your life is yours to live. Embrace the responsibility and all that goes with it, and your days will be filled with true richness.

-- Ralph Marston