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Saturday, January 05, 2008

New blog address

All my blogging will be done HERE from now on. :)

Decided it's too time consuming to copy and paste to this one as well!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Another year bites the dust!

I can’t believe it, how fast is the time going! I hope everyone had an enjoyable NYE - personally, I’m not a huge fan of NYE, never have been. After all the Christmas build up I’m a bit over celebrating. We actually didn’t even realise it was new year - too busy watching Oz dvd’s. I guess we are old and married :)

So, how many people out there are feeling totally crap after all this previously mentioned celebrating? Quite a few I would imagine, including myself! It never ceases to amaze me how my body rejects eating heavy/rich foods ie what some people eat all the time. I become very lazy and tired, I get aching joints, and a horrible taste in my mouth. I guess it was compounded by the fact that I wasn’t training either (resting my hammie/groin). However, all it takes is one or two days of eating clean to feel normal again. And, those days were yesterday and today. I was up at 6am today, New Year’s Day - I was out walking by 7.30am. Let me say it was very quiet out on the roads - I was imagining how many hangovers there would be in each house as I was jogging by. Funnily enough, I ran into Jodie down by the river, also getting her cardio in before another scorcher of a day set in. I did a good hour of walk/running. I want to go for another walk but it’s still way too hot and it’s 7pm. Will see what it’s like in an hour or so.

I had a big day of work today so I couldn’t afford to be hungover at any rate. I have 19 new programs for this Monday coming! Yep, it’s the new year!! I’ve completed 10 so far, so I feel on top of things. When people get back to work I imagine the emails will come flooding in again.
Our poor garden has taken a beating with this hot weather while we were away. Half of our garden is half dead :( Temps have been over 40 for days now. So, last night, this morning and tonight we have been out there with buckets.

I have a toothache :( I have been living on painkillers since Saturday. I thought I would wait and see how it came up but it’s not getting any better. I can’t chew on the left side of my mouth and last night managed to somehow screw that up and the pain nearly sent me through the roof. That brought on a head/jaw/neck/face ache like you wouldn’t believe. I had to get an ice pack and ice my face!

I hope to catch up with Lisa Vaughan, previous Body Blitz winner, and now friend - in the next few days. I think we were going to do some cardio but, in this weather I think outdoor cardio is not really an option.

Ok, must go water, then think about dinner.

Well it has been some time since I last posted. I’ve been on holidays J Well, kinda. I’ve had some time off (well deserved in my eyes!) over Christmas and New Year. I really needed to stay away from my computer as much as possible! I’ve been to Victor Harbor and Adelaide, for 4 nights, after Christmas Day at mum’s, then dinner at my sister in law’s. I’m still in Adelaide at present, but we are heading home tomorrow after visiting the Central Market to fill up our esky with seafood, fruit and veg. I’ve had the entire week off training. I had been having some trouble with my groin/hamstring injury flaring up again and figured it would be a good time to take a bit of a break. The diet has well and truly been ‘liberal’ but that was always intended and whilst I feel a bit blah from the different food (as in rich, sweet, fat food) I’ll be back into the swing of things with a vengeance as of when I get home. I’ve signed up back at my old (new!) gym so a change of pace and place, will be good. It’s closer to our new house too so it’s more convenient.

Coffee with Ali
I caught up for a coffee with Ali this morning who is also in Adelaide, and got to meet her lovely daughter. Ali and I chatted mostly about comps, diets and training – as you do J Ali is working on coming to Mildura in the next couple of months which will be great.

What’s in store for early 2008?
So, 2008 is shaping up to be a huge year already. We have the WHO Magazine article coming out on Jan 11, featuring Carolyn’s amazing transformation. That same week I travel to Brisbane for a few days to visit Rachel to do some staff training. I had fantastic news from a client last week that unfortunately I can’t share until about February! It’s very exciting though and could involve a trip to Melbourne for me in early Feb providing I can arrange a few things. I also hope to have an article published soon by Body & Soul liftout (Herald Sun, etc) – they have expressed interest so I will take it from there.

I have my own personal plans but will not elaborate for the moment. Basically they involve beating my dependence on muscle relaxants to sleep – involves a detox program and I can expect nasty side effects from withdrawal and acute rebound insomnia. I have counseling sessions booked and I will begin this very scary phase after I return from Brisbane. There is no way to determine how long it will take for symptoms to diminish but the longer you have been taking them, the longer recovery appears to take. Not a good sign for me as it’s been over 10 years. However, I am looking at it positively. I also plan to compete – date is tentative in my mind. Following that, we would like to try to start a family! I’m getting on a bit, so whether it happens remains to be seen I suppose, but at least I know everything was and still is working down there, it appears I am still ovulating regularly and my cycle is pretty much like clockwork.

Anyway, so I hope everyone had a fab Christmas. If you overate and feel like crap, no biggie. Put it behind you and focus on making 2008 your best year yet, no matter what your goals!

Winners ‘make’ it happen. Losers ‘let’ it happen.”
- Denis Waitley