2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Has it been that long???

Getting close to a month since I have posted! It's that busy time of year for body transformations so I have been flat out like a lizard. I'm retiring from comp prep :) It just makes no sense when my business is booming and I am so busy. I cannot keep up with the training - I have no desire to kill myself to do it. I think once you have proven you can do it, the discipline and time required is just too much when you have a partner, family, business. So, the decision was quite easy really - my head space wasn't where it needed to be. Maybe next year, unless other plans evolve :) For the moment I am just enjoying eating my blueberries and cottage cheese, MRP's, and having the odd wine when I feel like it. My diet is always pretty clean but it's a mountain of pressure off just being able to choose what you want to eat when you want to eat it! Pics above are at my retiring conditiong.

Damien is busy setting up a desk downstairs for our new temp who is starting next week. I need some admin support, so this is the first of two steps in reducing my workload so I can concentrate on marketing and promotion (I have made some awesome contacts there recently!) and updating my website more often. We're getting there!

We are planning a short getaway to the Grampians in a few weeks for some hiking - looking forward to a few days off. Really need to start planning next year's holiday too - may be our last for some time! I'd love to go to Europe but I think that may have to be when we win lotto :) ie never. Another cruise would be nice though.

Well what an amazing weekend it's been weather wise. In the high 20's - awesome. I was out 'pounding the pavement' this morning - it was just glorious. I got swooped by a magpie :( And yesterday too. So, I guess I will have to avoid our nice tree lined areas by the river for awhile. Just when the weather is divine, now I have magpie's to keep me away. Tomorrow is shoulders and chest. I haven't trained since Wednesday actually - had a huge deadlift session where I managed a PB of 5 reps at 95kg on sumo's. Did 4 heavy sets. My back was too sore to train 2 days later! I'm reducing my training to 3 x week, and increasing the cardio a little for awhile. I was getting some good upper body size going on with the new program I was doing. Lots of chin up, and deadlift variations. No direct shoulder work which was different.

Today was the first day in ages I have had relatively free to do what I want. So, I went for a look around the shops to see what's about for summer. It was so relaxing not to be rushing here there and everywhere. I also managed to get a newsletter out - first one in ages.

Work this week is looking huge. I think I will aim to start on programs tomorrow and get a couple done each day so I am not still writing on Saturday/Sunday.

Watched Blood Diamond last night - very action packed movie!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Thanks for the lovely comments and emails guys, really appreciate it. Well, things have been quite hectic with getting a new diet and training program sorted, and trying to keep on top of work. The good news is I crawled out of my hole :) I'm feeling back to normal. My passion for training is back and I want to be in the gym rather than lying in bed or getting around in a fatigued daze. I am quite impressed with my trainer and what he has provided me in regard to my diet, training and supplementation program. It's a real learning experience. It's all very different and I freaked out when I received the diet. Let's just say it contained a lot of fat and calories. He was adamant this would work for me, however, could see it was very 'mentally challenging' for me so agreed to write me a different version that I could 'cope' with! This one still has much more fat that I was having before - I know I need this. Lots of protein, and carbs only after training. Lots of food and supplements to feed and normalise my out of control hormones! I get cheat meals too. Jodie and I trained today, 2nd day on new program. Today was heavy day, very low reps and lots of sets - supersets actually. Big compound exercises, so burned lots of calories. I did cardio this morning. I've scheduled my big training days for the weekends, so that I have my busy work days as days off. At present I have 3 full days off for recovery. It's nice, I'm liking it so far.

So, that's my update.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Short and sweet

I've had a relapse of really bad adrenal fatigue - I'm working through it, and my trainer is designing a new training and diet program for me to help me combat this. I've had 4 days off training, and 2 off diet as per his instructions. The training program is really interesting - have never trained this way before. And less cardio!! Joy! Can't wait to try it when my energy levels are back. Have not seen diet yet but I do believe I will have more carbs, and fat.

I don't know when I will understand that I cannot be superwoman! I'm getting there :) I think it's finally sunk in.
Thanks to the lovely Lisa for doing me up a tincture of adrenal herbs - as much as it will taste like crap, I'm sure it will do me the world of good.

So, work is busy, and still preparing for comp - just have hit a bit of a snag - I'll get through it!