2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Photos on website

I've updated my Client Gallery to include one from the INBA All Female Muscle & Fitness Classic - feel free to visit!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Getting sore!

Everything is in motion once again for comp prep. Had my week off, and the body is finally settling back in. The scale made a huge jump in a week - scary, but understandable, considering all the added carbs, sodium etc after depleting. I didn't think I really went too crazy, I don't even think I had any chocolate - can you believe it? The only chocolate I had was on the way to the restaurant after the show - Kimmy and I shared some Choc coated coffee beans that Di very kindly bought me. I had a lot of bread though :)

I've had two very low carb days on this new plan, and got through them fine. I'm only just getting my training and cardio back into full gear - today I did a short intense session on the elliptical/tready combo. Then this arvo I did a back/triceps workout. My new program has power deadlifts - I loooooooove doing these. Have not done them in a while and even though I took it pretty easy, I can already feel my low back starting to protest. But, I have a massage booked for 3pm tomorrow :)

Just finished my Myoplex Carb Sense, final meal of the day. Vanilla Butter Caramel :) It was great, Michelle, I may have a new substitute for the Cappuccino when I finish my stash - lets see, that would be about the year 2009!! Not the way I am going through them. Anyway, I'd just put milk with it if I wanted carbs...

Tomorrow is high carb day. Yippee!

I've decided to hire my friend Adam to train me on leg days. I want to be 'whipped' on leg days, and I know hiring a trainer to push me will help my condition. We will probably incorporate some plyometrics and sprint training too. Can't wait, been too long since I have had someone really push me.

Our gym has closed, and will reopen at a new location as Beach House Fitness on Monday. I don't know what equipment they will have so it will be interesting come Monday. I hope they have a decent 45 degree leg press, jeez I have missed that, and they better have a squat rack in the ladies gym! I also am hoping they may have an assisted pull up machine/dip machine. Tomorrow I will have to train at their other gym which I'm not very familiar with. Tomorrow is chest and bis. Also cardio again tomorrow.

I posted a couple more pics, but they are a bit fuzzy. In the back shot, you can see my heuwge arms, really happy with arm and shoulder development. IOur house is going to be ready in 3 weeks!!! How exciting. They have cleaned up the block and put red loam all round, so it looks lovely and tidy now!

Not too long before we head to QLD for Di's big day! I can't wait, it's going to be awesome. Imagine getting married on the beach, at 7.30am! I just hope Di has oats and egg whites for the wedding breakfast :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Need a backstage helper...

For Vic Titles on October 7 - anyone interested or can suggest anyone? Need to know how to apply Dream Tan, and how to tie up posing suits! :)

Time for an update!!

It's been awhile hasn't it?

Post comp week has passed, I have enjoyed the week off training (especially cardio!) and of course, time off dieting. I certainly made the most of it! After my time in the Yarra Valley, and eating out at most lunches and dinners, I was feeling pretty 'bleh' by the time I got home, and hanging for some good clean food. So, the following few days after that were cleaner, and I felt better. I started dieting again yesterday, and so the night before went out and really outdid myself :) We had Indian, which was just awesome - I love a good hot curry! Followed up with Apple Pie Cheesecake, and a Hazelnut Slice! Oh yes, I took it to the limit. All over now, it was enjoyable, but now I am back to it. I feel soooooooo much better when I take care of my diet.

We've had a bit of 'upheaval' the last few days, and have had to hurriedly find ourselves a new trainer - unfortunately Richie notified us he has increased his competition package price, and it was way above both Kimmy's or my budget. So, we've come up with someone that we are both pretty excited about. I won't give details (I don't really have any yet anyway!), but I thank Kim and Steve for their recommendations.

Will write in more detail as they come to hand!

We finally got an offer on our house - but it's falling quite a bit short of our minimum price. Will see what eventuates. Our new house is looking great - got inside today and our ensuite is almost all done. Next thing to do this week is go looking for fences. We want a pillar and wrought iron one. Then the landscaping of which we have had meetings about already.

Jodie came around the other day and dropped off 2 cd's of piccies from the show, thanks Jode. There are some good ones!

I went to the chiro this morning, my neck/back was still a little out from just before my comp. My chiropractor is great, I think I have mentioned that once or twice before. :)

So, today I trained legs - poor legs, have had about 3 weeks off training, they didn't know what had hit them. I couldn't reach my usual weights, I needed today to 'ease' into it again. My legs were shaking afterwards. Funnily, my hamstring/groin niggle that I get every now and then has come back with a vengeance - from NOT training!!

Tomorrow is biceps and cardio. Boo hiss, cardio :( Also have to take my car in for a service, and do my client Update programs.

Hope everyone is going well, thanks again to everyone who popped in and left a comment for me while I was preparing for my comp.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

posting this to try and put it in my profile - please ignore!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Fun pics

Here are some fun pics from the weekend. I would love to post some of Kimmy's tanned face before makeup but I don't have any - and, if I did, she may never speak to me again ;)

1. Our wonderful hairdresser, make up and tanning lady, Angela.
2. Me and Hilary, the day prior to the show.
3. Me pigging out on Tiramisu - the look on my face tells the story...it was divine.
4. All the girls at dinner.
5. Kimmy and I backstage before the finals.
6. The day before, Ali, me, Hilary and Kerry.
7. Kimmy, out of control with the bubbly :) Can't take her anywhere.
8. Me, tucking into my gnocchi - I couldn't wait for silverware. Can't take me anywhere either.
9. Kerry and I.
10. Our abs, before tanning.

Holiday pics...

Our cottage, De Bortoli Winery, and Chateau Yering, Yarra Valley.

Our house and Yarra Valley pics

I took these today, they took our 'fence' away this morning, have laid the paving which looks awesome, and have almost finished our tiling. Tiles are wet so house was locked up and was unable to look at our ensuite. All that is left is the carpet! It won't be long before we can move! One good thing about not having sold this house yet, is that we can take our time in moving.

I also received some other photos back from the show, so will post a couple of those too, along with Damien and I enjoying a wine at De Bortoli winery in the Yarra Valley, a view from the winery, and, of our awesome accommodation, the Valley Guest House. Well, blogger is not letting me post some pics...I will start a new post and see if it behaves.

Went out for dinner tonight, and may do again tomorrow as well - just because I can! Had a great chicken and pumpkin pasta, 2 slices of pizza, and half a Mars Bar cake for dessert. I have been eating good food otherwise - you know, the things I miss when being really strict - cottage cheese, fruit, peanut butter, rice cakes, lamb, sardines, plain yoghurt, Myoplex...

I look like I have a disease at the moment! I hate this part - my skin is so dry it's sore - it soaks up the moisturiser like you wouldn't believe. I predict another 2 weeks before it will be gone.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Some new pics...

Just received the professional type ones above from Gary Phillips, who photographs for Muscle Mag - my previous trainer Sandy was at the show and I saw her backstage early on and she said she would ask him to snap some pics of me. Very happy with these!

Well, I will need to write a big long story to tell all of the ups and downs of the past week! Will attempt to start later :) Kimmy wrote a pretty good rundown on her blog. I am going to make up a new gallery on my site with all the pics. Will let you know when they are up!

Today was back to nice clean food, and I feel so much better for it. I just do not function well on crap food! I felt so tired from eating too much over the first 3 days of the week. I haven't started cardio yet, may do a walk tomorrow, but also may just use the time I have to do some catching up on work! I know there will be plenty of cardio to come!

Other pics above are me and Sam getting ready for the night show, and me and Kimmy on the phone to Richie's wife, Erika, at dinner.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A few more pics

Blogger is not letting me post them :( I have some great pics of the 'after' party to show! Later...


I can’t sleep! I think my sleeping patterns are a little screwy :) I did not sleep a wink the night of the comp – I was wired. Besides, we didn’t get home until after 1am and then by the time we showered and scrubbed our tans off, and got to bed, it was 2.30am. I lay awake until 5am before deciding to get up and do something useful – so I uploaded all Di’s pics to my computer and started to resize them. Tonight I did all of our pics. So, on the Sunday morning, we said our goodbyes to everyone, and were on our way to the Yarra Valley. What a great spot this is, only an hour from the city. We stopped in at the Yarra Valley Dairy on the way to our accommodation, and had a cheese platter for lunch. Their Persian Fetta (with a double ‘t’!) is to die for, you were right Kerry. The Valley Guest House where we are staying is amazing. Our cottage is situated on the hillside, with king size bed overlooking the lush gardens. There is a running creek underneath, breakfast room, pool (not that I am going anywhere near that!), pottery studio, and lots of puppy dogs roaming around J The frogs at night are so loud! We then had a spa, with and drank some champers that Kerry kindly gave us. I finally had some sleep at about 3pm, for a couple of hours. I can’t believe I did not sleep for that long, after the exhausting day and night I’d had!

Last night we went to the Healesville Hotel for dinner – it’s been rated at 2006 Country Pub and Restaurant of the Year. It was an awesome meal – had a beautiful Chardy, I really want to buy some but I haven’t had any luck finding the winery yet! We shared dessert, and let me tell you, it was one of the best I have had. A pear and almond tart with crunchy buttery pastry, with homemade honey ice cream and almond praline. Just melt in the mouth. After a really good sleep, today I just bummed around and caught up on some email. Damien had to fly back to Mildura for the day. He was back by 4.30pm though, in time to hit Balgownie Estate for dinner. We shared a tasting plate, then I had a ratatouille and Persian Feta pie which was nice. We had dessert here too, a tiramisu, but it did not live up to expectations at all unfortunately.

So, have email chatted to Richie only briefly since the comp, but will be scheduling some phone time with him soon to map out the next few months and decide on what comps to do. I’m pretty fired up, I know I have the muscle and shape now, I just need to get leaner and harder. I will have tomorrow and Wednesday off, and will start a clean diet again on Thursday, as well as some light cardio. Will take the entire week off training. I am still sore from all the posing, and pumping up. Di was a hard taskmaster.

I have to say I am still on a high, that was the most fun I have had in awhile! Kimmy and Margie were a scream the whole time, we had so many laughs. The tanning sessions were quite stressful for Kimmy, but we got a lot of amusement out of it too! I can’t wait for the Nationals when we will all meet up again!

I don’t have internet here, used the hosts wireless network briefly today, but my email wouldn’t send. I probably won’t post this until I get back home.

I need to get writing my section of the e-book that I have been asked to contribute to, that is due at the end of the month. It shouldn’t take me too long, I have most of it already written into articles etc.

Tomorrow we are finally getting to go wine tasting! I have pre-booked lunch at the Streetwater Café at Chateau Yering. The menu sounded really good :) Already checked those things out, I couldn’t stop reading menus in the final weeks.

So, all the blood, sweat and tears are forgotten again, and I am all geed up to go again. I seriously considered that this was it, the last one, a few times towards the end. But as they say, it’s like having a baby – you forget the pain and go back for more :)

Thanks everyone for the comments! I plan to respond as soon as I get good net access!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

All Over Red Rover!

It's 5am and I am still wide awake! Have not slept a wink! I am so full from our wonderful post comp dinner, my heart is thumping in my chest and I can't sleep!

I had a fantastic day. I placed 3rd in my class. The federation split our class (into 5 in short class - mine - and only 3 in the tall class). Got to admit I when I heard that was happening I was a bit disappointed, it is meant to be a COMPETITION so a bigger class would be better. And why not split it evenly? At least my class was REALLY hot competition. I was really happy with how I came up in photos that I saw (and we have mountains of photos!) - heaps bigger and more shape than previously. My shoulders, arms, back were great, I just have to get leaner in the legs and bum. I have to do that at the risk of losing some upper body muscle. But I was MUCH fuller, rounder and thicker than I have ever been. I saw a previous trainer there who watched my division and said I had put on heaps of muscle, and my legs had really improved from last comp. So, I am happy with how I came up, after feeling very miserable a few days prior. I had a few people think I was short changed for 2nd, but it's all very subjective anyway. I will wait to see pics, and dvd until I form my own opinion :)

Kimmy was amazing, and she came 2nd!!! We were so excited for her. She was stressing so much in the few days prior, so it was so good to see her do well!

We had a BALL after it was over. 9 of us went down to Lygon Street - me, Kimmy, Margie, Di, Jodie, Ali, Hilary, Kerry and my hubby was the token male :) He did a great job putting up with all us girls, we had so many laughs. He kept hanging it on Kimmy the whole time, it was really funny :) Got some funny photos. We ordered up all these different dishes to share - 2 different pizzas, a risotto, gnocchi, osso bucco, ravioli, and some breads and dips. Then we ordered 6 different desserts - tiramisu, Tim Tam cake, cappuccino cake, creme brulee, sticky date pudding, and chocolate fudge mud cake, and all had some of each. By this stage we were getting rather full and uncomfortable :)

It was great to catch up with some people at the show - Kerry W, Beate, Kerry L, Maya, Sandy, Katie, Lisa (who won a $600 pair of sunglasses!!), Sam and Jo, and I met Lorraine, a new client and I am sure lots of other people who I can't quite think of at the moment, with my brain suffering from sleep deprivation!

Sam got 2nd to the eventual Overall winner, she had a tough class too.

Most of the girls were great, friendly, helpful, great atmosphere, fun show. We got a cute little outfit for the opening of the show, which we will be able to wear to the gym later.

Ok, well I might sign off and try and get some sleep - I am going to be ratsh*t tomorrow!

I loved meeting Hilary for the first time, what a great girl. We have all formed a really nice friendly group and I am sure there will be many more times all us girls meet up! Hilary gave me a beautiful necklace and a very touching thank you card that I will treasure :) Thank you to EVERYONE for their support, encouragement, messages, it was all so much appreciated.

And Di was a FANTASTIC backstage b*tch!!! Thanks Di, you did an awesome job. :)

Love ya's all!!!! XXX

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Well, we are here, and about to head off for our first tan. I have had a very up and down couple of days. Found it hard to get used to being 'bigger'. I also put my neck/back out last night in my sleep so had to visit the chiro today, and could not practise my posing as it hurt to turn my neck to the side.

I seriously can't wait for it to be over :) I want to eat. The food doesn't touch the sides! All we talk about is food :) And I am not allowed to drink coffee today or tomorrow :(((

Weight has dropped to within under 3lb of my last comp stage weight.

Anyway, feeling better tonight, and looking forward to everything again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's nearly time!!

Flying out in the morning, am really looking forward to the next few days. Especially tomorrow since I start my carb up. I am needing some carbs :) Noticing lots of changes in the mirror now which is good. Feeling very flat tonight though. It's about 8.20pm and I have the majority of my packing done - what a job! All my food and water is measured out and ready to grab in the morning.

Called in to see Jode at work today, since it's been a while since we caught up. She is flying down Friday morning. Di is getting there Thursday night, and Kimmy and Margie will be there tomorrow, with us - not sure what time they are arriving. Ali and Hils get in Friday morning too, early, and I am not sure about Kerry - I hope to hear from her soon.

I didn't get the prejudging tickets from INBA :( I am waiting to hear back from them as to what to do about it - probably will have to just collect them at rego or the door. I will let those know that need to know :)

I got a lovely good luck card (with CHOCOLATES all over the front of it!!) from Beate in the mail today :) That made me smile, thanks for thinking of me Beate, and will see you Sat night! There are lots of us going to go out to EAT after the show and all who I got tickets for are welcome to come too - Sam and Jo will also be coming. Can't wait!

Ok well I am about to fall asleep on my feet, so will bid you all farewell, and chat from Melbourne!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Didn't sleep

so well last night, but that was to be expected I suppose. I had a really nice night last night, went out for a while, and Damien's mum and dad came down so we chatted to them over dinner (their dinner - I had my egg whites in the car!). Going out takes my mind off food and being hungry. Got through the water with no problems, today is slightly less (but still A LOT). Already downed a litre before 6am. I have dropped a couple of lbs on the scale already no doubt due to the salt/water flush out!

Am feeling more and more confident as the days pass.

After the comp I might divulge a little more into my feelings and what goes on during prep.

Today I have a day off :)))))) Oh, and did I mention how much I looooooooooove not doing cardio :) I will start cooking up my food in a moment (most of it already done yesterday) and then we are meeting the parents in law for a coffee at the cafe. I have more beautifying today - nails and toes :) I will also pose. I did some at the gym yesterday and it was soooooooooo cold. I might do it at home today, no mirrors.

Sam won, yippee, go Sam. Apparently it was very close between her and her client!! Well done Sam, hope you enjoyed your home cooked pizza after the show :)

Ok, time to eat - my stomach hurts when it's hungry.

I must take some more pics of our house now it is painted, it looks a lot different. Tiling is starting this week, that is exciting. I hope they don't do anything wrong while we are gone and not there to check on them constantly!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


That's what I am! Have been drinking a litre at a time to get it all in. I got up at 5am, after, get this, going to bed at 7.45pm - all time record I think! I felt great when I woke up, like I'd actually had enough sleep - don't know if I have ever felt that way before at 5am in the morning!

Anyway, so, I went off to get groceries early, after doing a little bit on the computer. I waited until it got light so I could take some pics for Richie and send through.

Then went out to Gloria Jean's with Damien, and to get some chicken at the same time. I refuse to buy supermarket chicken now, the stuff I get is awesome. Had a short black at GJ's but couldn't drink it. I am over the short black situation I am afraid. That tiny bit of milk I usually add makes all the difference. Then I went to the gym for depletion workout number 2. Chest and back - mostly lowish reps too. Then did some posing in my heels and shorts.

Home for some chook and green beans, and then had another little sleep! So, I think these next few days I will be catching up on all my sleep by the looks of it.

I am interested to see what I come up like. I know Richie is trying to get me to come in fuller and rounder. I don't feel 'small and light' like I have in the past and it's a bit hard to deal with mentally. I am definitely heavier on the scale than I have been in past years. I have some fluid in me that will come out over the next week but I imagine the carb up might counteract that on the scale.

I still feel tired, but I think it's just 'low carb fog'.

Adele, Jacinta, Kerryn, Beka, Cate, Kelly, Tania, Rachel, Amy, Ali and of course Sam and Michelle - thanks for the messages of support :)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

This time in a week...

I will be getting very excited about what I can eat in Lygon Street! Unfortunate but true, it's probably THE thing I am most looking forward to - at this moment in time anyway! I am sure I will feel better on the day - at present I am a bit 'zombieish' - totally drained. I did my last cardio this morning YIPPEE, and then my first workout of my depletion week. Legs. Nice short heavyish sets, followed by abs. First we had to do the clean up again for another open inspection. I am so over them.

Today was first no salt, no condiments, no diet soda, or gum day. I'm surviving, just :) Having a black decaf right at the moment.

Before I trained I met mum and Wes at the cafe for a short black, and watched them eat a piece of apple cheesecake, which I have been dying to try - when I get back I will be able to!

I hopped into bed when I got home, with the heater on, and my heated wheat bag and stayed there for 2 hours. Nice sleep, much needed - my body felt like lead. Everything seems in slow mo.

Tomorrow I will pose after I train, as it is another short session. Richie doesn't want me doing high reps because he doesn't want me coming in flat. Tomorrow I also start on the water. I am sort of looking forward to it, because it all has a purpose. A few less carbs tomorrow, but more protein.

I am trying to decide if I should make the effort to go somewhere tonight, just to extend my waking hours, so I don't go to bed at 8pm and then get up at some ungodly hour! Not sure I have the energy or the inclination. Will see if Damien feels like it, then decide.

Sam will be competing right about now, I can't wait to hear how she goes. I haven't heard from Kimmy in a few days, I know she was VERY busy but I hope she is ok! There is no way I could do what she is doing in these final weeks. She is definitely superwoman. And it's her birthday tomorrow!

Ok, time to pack this baby away and put my feet up some more. Thanks once more for your comments and support, I look forward to meeting lots of people at the show.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Can I say it again?

I'm sooooooooooooooooo tired :) It's 7.15pm and I am ready for bed. I have just downed my meal, drowned in salt - not because it was my last day of salt, but because I was craving it. I got the 'dizzies' a couple of times today. I got up before 6am, was planning on a sleep in but it didn't happen. So, went and did my 2nd last cardio session - 40 mins. Within 20 mins I was struggling for energy. I had to do the 'hold on for balance and close my eyes trick' to get me through. It felt so good to know that I had done all my training for the day by 8am! I was so tired when I got home I IM'd Richie to ask if I could delay photo taking for one more day as I needed to get a short nap in before I went to the hairdresser! So, will do that in the morning now.

Hair is all blonded up, no more racing stripe. :)

I then had a coffee at the cafe, and home, then back to our house to meet with the tiler. Then into another cafe to do some work. My eyes were hanging out of my head by 4pm, so I then went to get some groceries, and then met Damien for a drink at the pub (me my last diet softie) for an hour and now I am home, all fed and watered and ready to hit the hay.

Tomorrow is a normal food day, minus the 'trimmings' ie no salt, sugar substitutes or condiments of any kind. Plain Jane food. Training is 30 mins of cardio, and then my final leg training - it's a nice short one, lower reps, to 'bring my legs back to life' :) Then Sunday begins the big 'drink'. Lots and lots of water, less carbs, and more protein.

Ok, I am wilting...hope everyone is going well!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sooooooooooo tired...

Sorry but I don't have the energy to respond to comments but just to say thank you so much eveyone, your support means a lot to me!

Today was cardio x 2, no training. Did 2 really good sessions. Also had my facial.

Michelle, got my PACKAGE today, you know the one. :) All worked out beautifully. Thanks to you!!

Talked with Richie for about an hour this morning to get my notes for the coming week. Not looking forward to giving up the salt but hey, it's only for a week! I only have a 40 min session of cardio tomorrow and my LAST one on Saturday, nice and short, 30 mins. Then on Sunday I start depleting, and drinking lots of water.

I put my new suit on and posed in it today, it's very nice :)

Must take pics in morning to send to Richie, and then, off to the hairdressers. Then have a meeting with our tiler at 2.30pm, and I have a bit of work to do, then my cardio.

Well, it's 7.30pm and grandma is ready for bed :) Nigh night! x

Video cam anyone?

Does anyone in our group going to the INBA All Female on 15 July have a video camera by any chance? If so, could you please email me, sue@idealbodiesonline.com


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My new

'blinged' up suit is just beautiful!!! I'm so happy with it, I am going to be so sparkly!!

Sitting out on the porch again, revving myself up for the final cardio session of the day. I really don't want to go!! I woke up at 4am today! I feel 'tired but wired'. I just tried to have a little nap, which I think eventually I did fall asleep but it wasn't much. Today I have done incline tready cardio, tanned (last session before comp), visited our house to check out the balustrading paint...Kerry if you are reading, you will be happy to know we decided against staining and have gone with black shiny...got my jewellery cleaned, met Damien at the shop for 2 short blacks and his mum and dad were up so sat there for about half hour chatting to them, picked up the mail and posted some (got my suit!!), and then headed to the gym to train chest/tris and abs. Calves still a bit sore so will do them tomorrow or next day.

Tomorrow is cardio only day - only 2 sessions, jeez it will feel like a 'rest'. :) Then Friday I will do one session if I feel like it, but that is my day off, and I have my hair appointment. Yes Sam, the long hair is worth it, I went very short after I got married the first time, it was nice, but you just can't do much with it! So spent the next 2 years growing it long again! Think I will stay long until it makes me look too old :)

Tomorrow I am also having a micro-dermabrasion facial. I have these every so often, so will look nice and squeaky 'clean' :) Have nails and pedicure on Monday. That will finish the 'beautfying' process!! Tuesday is packing day, and chiro day, just to make sure I am all aligned :) Then Wednesday off we fly to the big smoke and to settle in with Kimmy and Margie, and pose, pose and more posing. In amongst relaxing big time. And of course, I can't wait to take Kimmy shopping at the gourmet food store just out the back of our apartment block!!! We better leave it until Friday though I think, it could be way too tempting!

I love this final week stuff. I call Richie tomorrow morning to get my 'destructions'.

I finally got my blood test results back yesterday after trying for a week to get hold of the doctor. Well, it didn't really tell me too much as the silly people at Gribbles didn't put the times of the tests on the forms so the doc didn't know which was which. Everything was in the normal range though which was the main thing, however it seems my T3 has dropped a bit - no doubt due to the dieting and training. Hopefully that will improve when I finish this comp and can get back to more of a 'normal' schedule.

Ok, better bite the bullet and get changed into my gear. I will sit down later and visit some blogs and answer all your lovely comments...


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

11 more sleeps

I'm plodding along! Well, actually I am going a million miles an hour really, I just don't stop these days :) Not even needing my mid arvo nap anymore. I am getting up early, and to bed early, though tonight I have lasted until 10pm! I suggested we go out for dinner - for Damien. We went to an Indian restaurant, and I took my pre weighed salmon and green beans and a diet softy :) I just wanted to go out.

I trained back and shoulders today, and cardio of course. I have a routine down pat for this last week, it's working a treat. I tanned today too, one more tomorrow and that will be it, instructions from Richie - no more tanning.

I got a lovely housewarming prezzie in the mail from Michelle today! I LOVE surprises, thanks Michelle!

Tomorrow is chest/tris/calves/abs again, and more cardio. Same old same old. I have Friday off completely - noice, because I have to get my hair done - 3 hour job. So it will be my day to relax, before doing my last leg session on Saturday and my last cardio for this prep - woohoo!!

Ok, getting tired, time to snooze. Hope everyone is going well...

Oh, we had an inspection tonight (just one more thing to work around) and it apparently sounds hopeful - got everything crossed, because I am totally sick of inspections!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A picture...

No not a photo. :) But a picture is what I look like now...not. Sitting out on my porch at dusk, in my dressing gown and fluffy slippers, sucking on my diet ginger beer and puffing on a ciggie. Yes Kerry we can talk, but, you won't take this vice away from me while I am dieting! It's not a good vice to have of course, but that's what a vice is. I'm sure some people out there think I must be 'perfect' but no, I'm afraid I too do some silly things at times. :)

Anyway, so today, I have made it through the tough slog of training 3 x - did it easy i might add. Oops, there goes my buzzer for the salmon....back in a tic!

Ok, so today I was up at 6, and off for cardio after my morning caffiene hit. Then trained chest/tris/calves and abs while Damien went to church. I trained well, still pressing 40lb dbs on my own sets of 8, so my strength has dropped only very slightly. Jode was there training legs so we caught up briefly. I then ate my egg whites in the car out front of the gym, then met Damien at a cafe in town for a short black (while he ate a steak sanga and chips). Last night when he got back from his Melbourne trip he brought home fish and chips while I ate my egg whites. Not fazed by it at all right now. I'm hungry, but in between meals I get by with a black coffee, a smoke or a diet softy. When I am allowed to eat, I don't smoke. It was only the other day or so I decided to light up in front of my mum for the first time ever - she was horrified :) It was quite a funny moment actually.

So, I had 2 sessions out of the way by lunchtime and that felt good! We then went out to a furniture store to check out a lounge suite for the new house. We'd practically decided on one from Harvey Norman, but saw this one in the cafe that looked really nice and I think would look nicer than the other one - so we may have changed our minds. Though Damien thought the seats were a bit 'hard'. Then we went to get groceries - my list is really simple these days - salmon, beans, eggs, sweet potatoes, chicken pretty much sums it up!

Tomorrow is the biggest day of training. Biceps and cardio in the morning. Legs at lunchtime. Cardio in the evening. I'll be fine. Have 13 days to go and I am focussed.

Today I typed up my list of things to take to the comp as well as our tanning and hair/makeup schedules (me and Kimmy). Also started a list of questions for my phone convo with Richie on Thursday, when he will explain in detail my final week preparation. Can't wait!!

I am so looking forward to catching up with Kerry (I hope!!), Margie and Kimmy, Ali, Jodie, Dianna, and meeting Hilary, and Cheryl, for the first time! We are all staying at the same apartment complex in Kew. I know there are others going to the show also.

I even got to answering a few long lost emails today.

Well that's about it for today, I will be eating dinner in a moment - salmon and beans. Then my egg whites for before bed snack and I think I will be having another early night.

Thanks to everyone who stops by and leaves me a message, I really appreciate it! Cate, I checked out your blog too! Great work, keep it up!

Sunday morning round up

I've been hitting the sack pretty early these days - I'm ready for bed before 8 but I usually hang out until 9 if possible. Up at 6 this morning and will be off for cardio very soon. I had yesterday off, it was HEAVEN!!! I didn't know what to do with myself :) Ha ha. No, I had an open inspection so spent the morning tidying up and then shipping Rexy off to mum's. That was all over by lunchtime, so then went into town with my laptop and did a little bit of work at the cafe, but it was a bit windy and cool sitting outside. I had a few jobs to do, like, buy some jewellery for my comp outfits. So, on the trek to the shop I was heading for, I found a sale at Cue :) Whoops! I bought a dress for Di's wedding! It's awesome, in my opinion! It's a red/pink colour, halter neck, low cut, and backless. It has some frilly bits at the front but is otherwise straight. The frilly bits are lined with cream fabric. I have some bronze/wood heels that goes really well and I bought a great necklace that goes really well with it. I also bought a great handbag, I am the handbag queen these days - this one is great for casual wear. It was half price as were the 2 bits of jewellery, but the dress certainly wasn't!!! So, then I went and bought some jewellery for my suits, just some crystal earrings and a choker necklace with crystal drops.

How am I travelling? Well, as always it happens way too slow for me. I have to deal with the 'will I/won't I" make it feelings every day. It happens every single time, but I know most other competitors go through this too. One day you feel confident, the next you can be certain you won't make it. I kid you not, these feelings change every day. But, I have everyone around me telling me I have made a lot of improvements, I had someone watch me pose yesterday, who has seen me from prior to my first comp, right through the years to now and his comments were that I have definitely muscled up from my last comp, I am much thicker - a lot more 'meat on my bones'! I know from previous years that I go through these same feelings, and I just have to hang in there and things will work out.

I went through my quarter turns and mandatory's for about 45 mins, and then spent some time on my routine. That is all going well. I am very sore in the lower back today already, from posing! I still have a massive bruise on my right quad thanks to the BB Rows. Surely it will be gone soon! Last tanning sessions early this week. Very busy training week, so I must get going!

Thanks for all your lovely comments, I will get back to you soon!

Kerry, my kitchen was not based on Collingwood. :)