2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Thursday, March 30, 2006

It worked!

Here she is!!! Great shoulders, arms, and ABS!

Day 8 - Week 1 down

I'm really happy with how the first week has gone! I've had a nice little drop on the scale, and am enjoying the food and the training. I thought my legs would have been sore from Tuesday's session, but they're not! I don't get that sore from higher rep work. Not that it's all high reps, bit of a mix.

Today was high carb day, which was appreciated more today than it was 4 days ago. Yes, I started feeling quite hungry yesterday, so today's higher calories and carbs was nice. Now I'm all 'carbed up' for a great training session tomorrow. My next complete day off will be next Friday - and that day we are travelling to Adelaide, so that has worked out well. I will see Kim on Friday afternoon, for my posing lesson, and then to Adelaide for a wedding on the Saturday (my birthday no less!). I need to train both Saturday and Sunday - and do cardio both days as well. So it's going to be full on. Not to mention fitting work in there somewhere. And the wedding!

As my day off today, I was hoping to get a lot of work done. It didn't really happen as all afternoon I was running around after the new house stuff. It was quite exciting though, having our inspection. Unfortunately we have to get the ensuite shower base pulled out, and replaced with a bigger one. It was so small!!! I wasn't sure I'd even be able to bend over in it! To pick up my shampoo that is!! :) So, we decided we better get the bigger one and be safe. The plaster and hebel should start going up next week. Our portico is bricked up and just needs to be rendered. One thing is for sure - it is going to be a very hectic few months ahead. We spoke to a RE agent today, a friend of Damien's, and it looks like we need to get going with fixing things up and getting this place looking spic and span to put it on the market by around May. We have so much stuff to move out of here before we can do anything - not sure where we are going to put it! Not to mention Rexy, he's another spanner in the works!

So, with all this, work, and training - eek, I am going to be bizzy. :) Not to mention a couple of trips away in between now and May.

I was going to do some work tonight but my brain is a bit fried for writing programs, so have just been doing some email and of course, this.

Today's pic is the beautiful Hilary, who has just finished program number 2. She looks sensational and has come a long way! Congratulations HILS!!!! Hilary was a Body Blitz monthly winner, and is now a Personal Success Mentor with Ideal Bodies Online.

Bugger!!! It won't let me post the photo!!!! Maybe it's having a bad night, I will try again tomorrow. Sorry Hils!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day 7

Today I have been HUNGRY!!! I woke at 5am this morning, with a coughing attack, and didn't go back to sleep, so got up and got into things. Getting up early/lack of sleep has a profound affect on hunger - I am sure of it! That is why I try to explain to my clients how important sleep, and rest is. I was starving after eating meal 2, at 11am. Anyway, I toughed it out, the arvo sleep helped a bit, as did my peanut butter portion :) So, 50 mins of cardio on tready done this morning, and now, just finished chest/tris and abs. Finished my protein shake, and now will do a little more work.

Tomorrow is my day off training and cardio!! I won't know what to do with myself :) Actually, I have a list of things I need to do - meeting with builders for on site inspection of our house (how exciting!), meeting with real estate agent re selling our current house, and appointment for facial at 6pm - my treat :) I will be madly working away on programs as well. And I MUST call my friend Shazza!

I was just notified the Bride of the Year contest closes in 2 days - so, I thought I may as well sell myself one more time ;) If you haven't already, would you please put in a vote for me!

You can do so by following these instructions:

1. For an official vote you must log into www.truebride.com.au
2. Go to the Bride of the Year page, where you will find my picture in the voting section.
3. Click on my photo and you will find 'Vote By Email' under the photo.
4. Do not delete or alter any contents in the subject matter when mailing.
5. You are welcome to add comments in the body of the email (only if they are nice ones!!!)
6. Important: Only one vote per person will be accepted, any duplication is deleted.
7. Each vote is encrypted, so please make my votes count!

Thanks :) You can email me and let me know you did :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

"Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory."- Anonymous

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Day 6!

Placegetters INBA 2004, Intermediate Figure - me on left, 2nd place.

Another great day, energy was good, and had to be with legs again! I visited my chiro who worked on my hammies, and they were so sore - his comment as he left the room was "You really are working those hammies Sue!". So today I took Richie's advice and substituted another exercise that wouldn't cause as much soreness. It's the eccentric movement on the stiff leg deadlifts that cause it to be so bad.

So, it was a huge leg session, I increased my weight on the sets of 20 leg press, and man, did that kill me! I also calf pressed the whole stack today :) 495lb, for 10 reps. Noice. You know, I have really been noticing in the ladies gym of late, that NOBODY is working hard. I don't hear any huffing and puffing and panting and groaning and pushing with all their might. I don't see a lot of sweat happening. I look so out of place, bent over in (good) exhaustion and fatigue after my sets, gulping air to catch my breath, puffing and panting and groaning to push out those last few reps. I WISH ladies would push a lot harder than they do. If they did, they would get SO MUCH more benefit. I try to get this across to my lovely lady clients :)

I also saw the most terrible form in the gym today - AND the worst thing was, it was being demontrated by an INSTRUCTOR! I couldn't help but stare in disbelief! She was demonstrating a barbell upright row - which looked a lot more like a reverse curl for forearms. I need to wear blinkers, as it really makes me angry! My form isn't perfect, but this was atrocious!

I'm sitting here watching Survivor. It's a show I used to love watching but haven't now for a few seasons - so, since this is a brand new one, I made a note in my diary to watch it! Hopefully I will get into it and watch it every week.

I started Last Witness today, while on the tready :) I wasn't sure the tready would allow me to sit a novel on the stand and be able to walk and read it at the same time - but, it worked fine.

I must go and do some more work, this week is flat stick!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Day 5

Day 5 already? Doesn't time fly when you are having fun :) I love the low carb days, am I sick or what?!! Because I LOOOOOOVE my Cappuccino Ice protein shake to look forward to, that's why. I don't get one on high carb days. But, I know that down the track I will like high carb days when I really am feeling like I need the carbs.

50 mins of cardio on the tready incline again this morning, and just finished back/shoulders and abs. Feeling good!

I am due to train legs again tomorrow and still sore from the stiff leg deadlifts. I've asked Richie for advice, normally I would not train if they are still fatigued.

It's been raining here today, so it's all lovely and fresh.

WF&H just sent me a draft of my article for the next mag, so need to go proof read that and do some more email answering.

I bought the sequel to Retribution today, on the way to the gym. It's called Last Witness. Can't wait to get into it. Gave Jode my copy of Retribution to read on the plane. Got an email from her today, she said she can't believe how fatty and sugar coated all the food is over there!! Yep, that is for sure. You are so over it by about the 3rd day :)

Hope everyone has had a brilliant day...

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe."

Anatole France1844-1924, French Novelist

Julie Fitzroy - Before & After

Congratulations Julie, wonderful effort and results. You look like a different person!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Day 4

Today's pics - our honeymoon, May 2005, Carnival Conquest - and at right, at the Conquest's casino, 3am, after far too many "Fun Ship" cocktails - we've never felt so ill and unable to get out of bed! They were lethal!

Today was/is high carb day, and a day off training. But not a day off cardio! I had two shorter sessions today. So far, I actually am enjoying the low carb days more than the high carb - mainly because I don't get to have a Myoplex Lite on high carb days :( I have also run out, and hopefully, thanks to Michelle I should have two new boxes, Global Express, on my doorstep tomorrow!

Just had my rice cakes and PB and have another meal, with carbs, left. I have felt quite tired today for some reason - I slept for 2 hours this afternoon - and I still feel a bit lethargic!

I did some intervals on the stepper this morning, as part of my cardio session, so that was quite tough. My hammies are still very sore from Stiff Leg Deadlifts. I hope they are recovered by Tuesday, next leg day! I doubt they will be. My arvo session was outdoor walking.

More cardio in the morning, and back/shoulders/abs tomorrow afternoon. I am training mid afternoons as that is the quietest time in the gym - allows me to do my supersets and trisets with no interruptions.

Congratulations on finishing your 12 weeks Hilary, you look great!! Nice shoulders and arms! You've come a long way :) I will be emailing you tomorrow.

Got a text from Jodie this morning - she's in Ohio, and it's snowing!

Must go book our accommodation for our trip to Adelaide that's coming up soon.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Day 3

First comp, 2002

Got up today, another pound lighter on the scales - this will be mostly fluid, and I expected to lose a bit of scale weight in the first few days. Already can see a little more definition just from that. Tomorrow is high carb day so may even gain a little back.

I have completed all my training and it's only 3.30pm :) I did my cardio at 9am, walking on incline on tready, whilst reading an old Fitness RX. I love these mags, full of great info - don't usually have time to read many magazines, but now I have plenty of cardio sessions coming up, I will have plenty of time to catch up on all the old issues I just put aside!

I just finished a chest/tri/abs session, which was relatively quick compared to yesterday's mega long leg and bis session. I really enjoyed my protein shake after training.

Training 2 x day takes up a lot of time! I'm fortunate I am only a 5-10 min drive from my gym, but even apart from getting there and back, you have to have a lot of showers, do lots of laundry, moisturise and do your hair more times than you should ever have to in a day :)

Have done most of my work, just a few updates left to do. I will be announcing the NEW YOU winner tomorrow or Monday. Next week is going to be a big one work-wise, I already have 5 clients booked in.

No training tomorrow!! But double cardio instead! No sad faces after that statement yet, still enjoying it, well it's only been 3 days :)

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend so far! Weather here is just beautiful. Am going to get out in the garden tomorrow and tidy the roses up a bit.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Day 2

Here's me and Di, in Noosa, back in March 2004, when we first met!

All done! Actually felt a bit hungry today, that was different :) I REALLY enjoyed my Myoplex Lite after training. Legs and bis today, big supersets and lots of reps. Tri setting for bis. Tomorrow I have chest/tris/abs. Cardio today was at Waves, as I had my skin folds done as well, to get my benchmark. Some of my skin folds and measurements had gone down a little, which was a bit weird, I think it was just because I was on a low carb day and had less of a pump/fluid in my muscles and skin. Weight down 1lb also. I think this 3 weeks is gonna kick my butt, I think I will really drop a bit of fat in this short time. My cardio has more than doubled, and with the increase in frequency of training as well, and the reduction in calories, I should do well.

As soon as I start to feel a bit lethargic, I will start adding Durathon again. I'm taking glutamine, and arginine, at present. Along with my Vital Greens, Vit C, Vit B, antioxidants, and minerals!

Shazza, if you are reading, I'm definitely going to call you very soon! Got your mail, you certainly are a busy lady!

Tomorrow I will do cardio in the morning, then go back in around 2pm and do my training. I have a few programs to write tomorrow and then all done for the weekend. Maybe I will even get Sunday 'off' :)

Training by myself thus far and may leave it that way as with the tri setting and supersetting, it makes it hard to train with someone else. Plus, need to train when the gym is not busy, so I can have all the equipment to myself when I have to superset and tri set.

Jodie flew out to the US of A today, she was so excited. Can't wait to hear from her while she is over there, she'll have a ball.

Still have a bit of mail from friends to answer, gettin' there...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day 1 done and dusted...almost

Am having trouble uploading some of my images :( Was going to put one of Damien and I at Stefano's late 2004, but no go. Instead you got this one.

Just got to have dinner and it will be all done. 50 mins of cardio on tready incline, and back and shoulder session tonight. The higher reps and supersets nearly killed my shoulders! I was having some trouble walking on the incline as my calves/achilles was really tight. I have done the odd calf muscle in the past, and don't want that happening again!

So, how did the Last Supper go, I hear you all asking??? Well, no bread and butter - just bread and olive paste, goat cheese spread and olive oil :) How did I eat 5 courses??? Is that a trick question? :) It was actually 6 courses, but they are all very small. We left there not totally stuffed full which is always nice! We had carpaccio for 1st course, a little quichey type thing for 2nd course, mussels for 3rd, gnocchi for 4th, chicken (Kangaroo Island chicken no less..he he, not sure what is so special about that) with all these yummy mediterranean veggies for 5th course. Then a chocolate muffin type thing which was so light and fluffy. Glass of chardy to start then a couple of glasses of 2000 Annies Lane Shiraz, and there was my last supper - done.

Tonight I will be working, have a bit to catch up on. Hope everyone is going well!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Last Supper

Is tonight!!! I haven't eaten a great deal today (which makes a nice change!) just so I can enjoy my 5 course banquet at Stefano's! I can't wait to have some bread and butter :) They have the best bread. I am actually hungry right now, for the first time in about 5 months :) I guess I will have to get used to that feeling again for the next....many...months.

I decided to have a full day off training/cardio today, since I am starting a 3 day on, 1 day off split as of tomorrow. Jodie and I were going to go for a walk, but, would you believe it bucketed down rain, 15 mins before we were to go, and now, just an hour later, is perfectly fine? Instead she came around, and we caught up and said goodbye, as she goes on her big adventure tomorrow! When she gets back I hope she will see HEUWGE changes in me, from 7 weeks of hard slog :) Have a great time Jode, can't wait to email chat and see how it's all going over there.

Ran around doing heaps of jobs today - did a big grocery shop, so have all my 'goodies' ready to go. Also did a big chicken cook up and froze some of that for when I am in a hurry. Also had the nails and eyebrows done :) Hair is getting done next Friday, which is much needed, as I have a big racing stripe at the moment - not a good look.

So, time to jump in shower and get beautified, ready for my last supper :) I'm actually making a bit of a big deal of this, I really could have gone without it as I have not been feeling deprived at all, but, this will be nice all the same.

Hope everyone has had a great day, talk to you tomorrow. Up for 50 mins of cardio in the morning...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Off to get a well deserved massage in less than an hour! Not that I am looking forward to it or anything ;)

Things have just been same old, same old, around here. Trained Shoulders and Tris yesterday, partly with Kerry. She was very happy with her updated measurements, as she should be! I then was so fired up after receiving my new program that I went back to the gym at 5.30pm and did 40 mins of cardio and abs.

This morning I did another 30 mins of cardio, after we had a meeting with our builders to go through stairs/balustrading and garage doors.

Tomorrow I am getting the nails done, and training, hopefully with Jodie - last time before she goes OS. I will then be starting my contest prep diet and training on Thursday. I will do a big grocery shop tomorrow morning so I have all the right things, and a big throw out of the pantry and fridge as well. Not that we have much if any bad stuff in there.

The exciting bits of my low carb diet plan are that I get to enjoy a Myoplex Lite every evening, and, a small amount of peanut butter in the afternoon. High carbs I get 1 cup of oats for breaky, as well as a few other portions during the day. I'm sure I will be hungry for it with the increase in frequency and duration of training/cardio.

Tomorrow night is the "Last Supper" :) I will be sure to enjoy it!

Thanks for your comment Hilary!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Got it, got it!!!

My new comp plan that is!! How exciting :) It looks good, and is not the same food plan every day, it changes a bit every 3 days. Training 3 days on 1 day off, and plenty of cardio!! My cardio has more than doubled, so, that is going to take up a bit more of my time :) But I can't wait, it's been so long!! BRING IT ON!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

4 more sleeps

4 more sleeps until I am officially dieting. Why am I so excited about this dieting caper?

I've been sitting at a higher than preferable body fat % for some time now, and I am aching to get lean and mean again! So, I've successfully completed "Phase 1" of my plan!

For the last 9 months, my aim has been to add some muscle to my light frame. My first effort was a dismal failure. I hired a coach from Perth back in June, and ended up very disappointed. I know of some people who seem very happy with his work but for me he was unable to tailor a program to suit my needs - at the time I was not well but yet to find out what, exactly, was the problem. I was constantly exhausted and had massive cravings. After months of research, tests and doctor/specialist telephone calls and visits, I discovered I had something naturopaths call adrenal exhaustion. I later discovered from my endocronologist that I also have low thyroid function. The symptoms were affecting me so badly that at one stage I contemplated never competing again.

When I contacted this trainer I was 12 months out from my competition and needing to add muscle if I were to remain competitive. His baffling advice was that I needed to lose 40mm (a lot) of body fat as soon as possible, and so he provided me an extreme 800-1000 calorie diet in which to do so. With the health issues I was experiencing I was unable to follow it for more than a few days before I would fall in a heap, exhausted and unwell. I tried on many occasions to explain what my trainer referred to as my (inverted commas) "health problems". He conveyed to me that he believed I wasn't 'mentally strong enough' to make this happen. Having competed on 5 previous occasions, I KNOW what it takes to get there, and I KNOW I am disciplined enough to do so. My body was already under stress and this very low calorie diet was compounding the problem. In the words of a previous trainer whom I ran the diet past, it was totally unecessary and would play havoc with my hormones (atually, she said it would f*ck them up). I could not (and neither could anyone else I have spoken with on the subject) fathom WHY he would put me on such a diet, 12 months out from a contest when my ultimate goal was to put on muscle. After receiving a pretty patronizing email from him, I decided he wasn't the right trainer for me. I'm just very glad I didn't waste much time pursuing that avenue further.

I found my current trainer, Richie Smyth, quite by accident, and have been happily working with him since mid October. So, after a slow start, I have made it to a good place, and one I am happy with at this stage of proceedings. My health has improved markedly, thanks to supplementation, medication, a great medical specialist, a good diet with plenty of calories, and my 2 wonderful staff members Shar and Lisa who enable me to have more time to allow for rest and relaxation.

Phase 2 will be my actual contest preparation, with the aim to shed body fat, whilst holding onto my new muscle. This starts this Thursday!!! Holding the muscle has been a problem for me in the past. I can get lean, but end up losing too much muscle at the same time. So, that is my goal for this next phase and Richie has a specific plan in mind and it will be different to what I have done previously. At least I know we are on the same page. I have a very clear picture of what I want to look like on stage this year.

Phase 3, will be post comp - holding on to (and hopefully improving) my condition through to my October competitions.

Phase 4 will be off season, staying a bit leaner this time, while once again adding more muscle - now that I know how to do it! And I will have 8-9 months this time around.

So, there's a breakdown of the next 12-18 months!

Hilary, yes, a spa will be just lovely - I could use one right now!! My legs are SO sore and I expect them to be even worse tomorrow. I do have a massage on Tuesday though, and as I haven't had one for a month (been meaning to but haven't gotten around to it), and I can't wait! Wednesday night we have our dinner at Stefano's - an ultra special restaurant which is why I chose it for my 'last supper' :)

Today I did some cardio outdoors as it was just lovely out. We also took some flowers out to my dad's grave, as it would have been his 68th birthday today. 18 years ago, wow, where does the time go?

Jodi thank you for the lovely comments and excellent observations on the previous comp photos!! Like I said, a judge perhaps? :)
I will be meeting Kerry at the gym tomorrow, and I believe she has dropped 3kg since I saw her last!

I think it's time for bed, hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

"Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."

Michael Jordan
Basketball Player

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Me in my first comp (2002)! My abs aren't bad, if I do say so myself!

Weird things going on with my blog. Yesterday's post kept coming up with errors and wouldn't publish, so had to do a cut and paste this morning. Maybe it was something to do with the photo I added.

LD = Leg Day. Scary. I managed some pb's for this current program - on leg press, smith squat, lying curl and smith lunges - so very happy with my effort. I was very close to wanting to run to the bathroom for a puke :) Noice. But, it stayed down thankfully! Also had a good session last night, chest and bi's. My forearms and wrists are making biceps days like torture but I am doing what I can. I do a light day every now and then when it gets too bad. So, I think this will be my last leg day on this current program, as this time next week, I will be officially in competition preparation mode!

Went to mum's last night for a barbie dinner - Damien's parents were here, so after they came back from the footy and I had finished training, we all met there and had a nice night. We then went to the pub for a short time, then back home and in bed by midnight.

Going to have a look at the house soon, I am STILL yet to actually get to go upstairs! I hear the corner spa has been installed in our ensuite, so, we are going to go and have a peek as soon as Damien gets home.

I got so many little jobs done this morning - had a huge list of things I needed to do and managed all within a couple of hours. Had to buy cards and prezzies for mum & Wes, it's their first anniversary, and also Wes's birthday, post supplements, pick up blender (we got a NEW one, even though it was out of warranty, so now I have two brand new blenders!), get mail at the other end of town, return printer/fax cartridge that I bought yesterday (they ripped me off!! $168?? We decided to get a refill instead, only cost $75!), pick up refill cartridge, deposit cheques at ATM, get groceries, get petrol, tanning session, and go check out our house. Then home to have my 2nd meal (a bit late) and hang out washing, cook up a batch of chicken, and do some work!

Feeling a little weary so I might have a quick nanna nap. Need to get another program done this afternoon, then training at 6pm with Jode.

Richie said I should have my programs by his Sunday night. Nice...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lisa's Body Blitz story and photos

1. Sunset on the road, on trip home from Canberra a few years ago
2. Last Excitations photo shoot 2004

Here's the link to Lisa's Body Blitz win:


I don't have much to tell today, no training, just cardio and abs.

Looked up flights today for our trip to Noosa for Di's wedding - which is now in September, not October, so will be mid comp prep. We are going for about 10 or 11 nights. Noosa is my favourite spot, and that time of year will be just beautiful.

Hi Erica, great to hear from you!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A week to go...

Pic of Aussie competitors outside venue of Natural Olympia, Arizona, USA, 2002 - I'm bottom centre

I am starting to prepare for the coming week - I start on Thursday 23rd. I will be cleaning out the pantry and fridge, of anything deemed to be a threat when I am tired and hungry.

I need to call some friends I haven't spoken to for TOO long. When I start this comp prep my available time disintegrates even more. I am SO looking forward to this!! I am going to start posing too, need to get my 6 inch heels back on and have a bit of practise before i go and see Kim in Gawler on April 7.

Richie has allowed me to have a free DAY before I start - he said "have a party!" but only for a day, and then into it. I doubt I will have a day, I'm not really missing anything much, a free meal with dessert and some drinks will do nicely. It will be my birthday and our 1st anniversary dinner, a little prematurely! We are going to Stefano's Restaurant, you may have heard of him. I think we might take a nice bottle of red we were given for our wedding.

I have been SO good for the last 5 months, I think I may have had a very small amount of chocolate on only 2 occasions, and one of those occasions was with Dianna, after she competed in the Nationals in October 05. I really am not a chocoholic, which is a good thing. The thing I will miss most will be having the odd glass of wine. I miss that more than the food.

I actually have no idea what my training and diet plans will be like!

Great back and calves sessions tonight - I am 15lb off doing the entire stack on calf presses - I did 480 lb for 10 reps tonight. I will get the 495lb next week without a doubt.

Already have 10 clients booked in for the coming week - I imagine it could get even busier with Lisa's Body Blitz story coming out soon! That's ok, I'm prepared!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


This pic taken late September 2004, a few weeks before my first comp of that year

Pancakes...mmm. That's what I had for brekky this morning. Blueberry, cottage cheese and peanut butter pancakes (made with oats and egg whites and some stevia to sweeten), and topped with some sugar free maple syrup. Very nice, and very filling!

I am still trying to sort out my email issues with webmaster. It's all highly confusing to me - emails from one address rerouted and them coming from another address and so on and so forth. It's not working properly my end. Hopefully I will get it sorted soon.

I am hoping Lisa's story in going to be put up on the Sportzblitz site today. I will post the link when it's up!

It's quite cool this morning! Sitting here with my granny blanket over my knees, and my feet are freezing, even with shoes and socks on!

I am still a bit sore from my leg workout 3 days ago. Also getting sore shoulders which is good, we hit them pretty hard yesterday. I finished with a drop set to failure on my lateral raises as I really wanted to get them sore! Lateral delts I have a hard time getting sore - front and rear delts not so. Reminds me, must go and change my massage appointment and see if I can get in today instead!

Announcing the NEW YOU 2 winners this week, so keep checking my website for updates. So many great transformations to choose from, Jodie and I had a really difficult time. In one case, it came down to the essay!

We had to go to the house yesterday and meet with the cyclovac man, to figure out where to put our vacuum points. It also has this really cool thing where you sweep the dust and dirt (and cat furr!!) to a section built into the wall near the floor, and it just sucks it up! No need for a dustpan and brush! We went looking at venetian blinds yesterday. We have about 20 LARGE windows in our house, so this may be an expensive exercise :) We need to start considering fences too, so that is on the agenda tomorrow. How am I going to manage everything when I start training for comp! I am sure I will...

Must get going - time for my protein shake.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Legs are pickled

Trip to US (here at Arizona), mid comp prep, 2002

My legs are pickled - or they will be in a couple of days. I am sure I will be nice and sore this time. I am due a massage this week, so that will be excellent. Just remembered I forgot to do my scapula stabilization exercises today at the gym. Chiro says my traps were not nearly as jammed up and tight this time around so they must be helping. I will go and do them when I finish posting.

I managed to increase my weights on calf press, seated curl and also for one set of smith lunges. Am alternating between front squats and normal close stance squats in smith machine now, as I wasn't feeling as though I was getting a great quad workout from the front squats as I still find it relatively uncomfortable. My lower back seems to feel it more than it should, but Richie has checked my form and it's all good.

After my protein shake, headed out for a quiet drink with friends last night - I had my maximum of one glass! That's all I wanted anyway. Then home and had some chicken for dinner. My weight has increased some more! Which is good, I have already surpassed my goal of finishing this muslce gain phase at 124/125 and within the body fat range I allowed. Big tick for me :) I was showing Jodie my little quad muscle 'popping' out today - I think she thought I was a bit mad :) It's not very big, but at least it's there now!!!

On the forum there's a thread asking who talks to themselves during workouts/cardio and what we say. It's quite a funny thread actually. I told Hilary she was looney (kidding of course...), but I think I am in the same category, in fact sounds like we all are! Today after I finished my smith lunges, huffing and puffing and heart rate going through the roof, I looked down and yelled out to my legs "GROW legs!!!" Yep, I guess I'm looney too :)

On that note, it's time for a nanna nap. :)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Nic and Jen

Jenny Hendershott and Nicole Weeks at the Arnold Classic!

Quick check in before I jump in the shower and head out on the town - well, one drink is my idea of a night out these days :) Was saying to Jodie tonight I don't even remember the last time I felt hungover. Which is not a bad thing by any means! Just finished chest/biceps. My wrists and forearms were too fatigued/sore tonight so I only did 5 total sets of biceps. It won't hurt to give them a little rest I think.

I bulk emailed a "Vote for me" mail, for the Bride of the Year thingy - it was good because I heard from people I haven't heard from in a long time! Hi Adele, Dawn, Natalie, Lynda, etc! Thanks everyone who voted!

Nic, thanks for dropping by, I am sure the Arnold would have been a huge blast, those photos of you with Monica Brant, Jenny Lynn, and of course Jen Hendershott are awesome! You certainly don't look out of place among those greats! Yeah, Jen is awesome, she’s funny and full of life - a little 'pocket rocket'! That’s lovely that she sent regards to me through you, thanks for mentioning me! I hope you and Tony are well, any news on the trip Down Under?

House is coming along, all the little things getting done now so it still looks the same. We are now talking things like air conditioning, vacuum ducts, and kithen cupboards and benches. I can see it getting really hectic when I am in the final weeks of comp prep! The house will just have to wait!

That's it from me tonight...13 more sleeps! I will be doing a spring clean of the pantry and fridge, and removing all of Damiens fru chocs and other goodies before I start :) If I am dieting, he can diet too...he he. :)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

High excitement!

Arizona, 2002, Natural Olympia

Well, maybe not for everyone else, but for me! I start my comp prep in 2 weeks! A week earlier than originally planned - I wanted 16 weeks right from the start, so now I have it! In Richie's words, 'let the games begin!" It feels weird, feels like forever since I dieted for a comp. I am going to blog in my Client Forum, a detailed daily account of my prep for any clients who are interested!

I'm very busy again with new clients this week - 10 already. Having Sharleen and Lisa doing feedback certainly takes a load off me - gives me time to work on a number of other things. Good news too, my new look site will be finalised soon!!

Our house now has windows! I had a bit of a freak out about them as they are white - seeing them up on their own looked really weird, and I thought the colour was a bit stark. However, after looking at photos and some other houses, I am sure that it will all blend in and come together! Tomorrow, we have to go and meet with the kitchen people at the house.

I had a little nanna nap today - well that is what it was meant to be - layed down at 3.30pm, woke at 4.30pm to let Rexy out of the bedroom as he was scratching on the door, and then closed my eyes again. Next time I woke it was 5.30pm and time to get ready for training!! Whoops! It's TTOM so that is my excuse. Had a good training session with Jode, back and calves. I am going to miss her when she goes away. I think I will be training in the mornings - think Adam's timetable is morning training so that will be interesting. I will see how it goes, sometimes I like training at night when dieting, gets me away from the fridge and thinking about food!

Night night everyone...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

5.5lb of muscle!

One of my fave pics from 2002.

Just back from the gym, met Kerry there today, to go through her programs, take measurements, and do some cardio together! It was lovely to catch up with her. The time just flies on the treadmill when you chat away! I will be seeing her again in 2 weeks.

Had my own skin folds and measurements taken this morning. All measurements were up, which was great, all skin folds were up, which was to be expected. My weight is up too which is good, I hope it stays there and is not just water. I looked back over my records, and according to my stats as of July 2005, I have put on 5.5lbs of muscle! Richie was very happy with that statistic, as am I! I may start dieting a week earlier than originally planned, we are not sure yet. I hope so!! I have to take some more pictures for him tomorrow.

Confirmed my appointment with Kim, for April 7, for an hour and half of posing. She is going to have a listen to my music between now and then, and come up with some ideas.

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!

We watched Wolf Creek last night. Pretty gruesome movie! It would have been way worse seeing it at the movie theatre though.

Sent out a newsletter yesterday, if you didn't receive it and would like to view it, you can at this link - don't forget to sign up for the Newsletters while you are at it!


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Arnold Classic and Jen Hendershott

After winning last year's Arnold Classic, Jen placed 3rd this year, behind Adela Garcia and Kim Klein.

Here she is, 2nd from left, looking gorgeous as always.

Here's a full report:


All my work is done, well, the bits that I needed to get done, so this arvo I might write up a Newsletter, since my software is back up and running.

I have finally been getting time to read my latest crime novel - it is sensational, Michelle P, I am SURE you would love this one. It's by Jillane Hoffman, called Retribution. It is her first novel, and brilliant. Here's a rundown on it:

RETRIBUTION is not revenge. The folks at the Oxford American Dictionary define "retribution" as a punishment considered to be morally right and fully deserved. Note that "justice" is not included in the equation. Given this definition, Jilliane Hoffman's fine first novel is perfectly titled.

RETRIBUTION begins in New York City in 1988. Chloe Larson, a recent law school graduate, is preparing for the bar examination while maintaining a relationship that seems to be bringing her as much disappointment as fulfillment. Her life is forever changed, however, by a sexual assault that leaves her physically and psychologically maimed. Traumatized and devastated, Larson is unable to deal with the bar examination, while her boyfriend, who is sympathetic but not empathetic, lacks the emotional character to help her heal and finds solace elsewhere.

Larson ultimately experiences a psychological breakdown; as part of her recovery over the next twelve years she changes her hairstyle and color, and fashion sense. She transforms herself into C.J. Townsend; it is now 2000, and Townsend is a tough, hardworking assistant chief attorney in the Miami-Dade County State Attorney's office. She finds herself involved in a major case that will have significant personal and professional repercussions for her. For the past 18 months, a serial killer dubbed by the news media as "Cupid" has terrorized the Dade County area. Eleven local women have gone missing, only to be discovered months later, horribly mutilated and murdered, their bodies found in deserted, out of the way locations. The police catch a break when, during a routine traffic stop, the body of yet another missing woman is discovered in the trunk of a car belonging to a wealthy import salesman named William Bantling.

Townsend handles the high-profile prosecution herself. When Bantling speaks in court, however, Townsend is horrified to realize that Bantling is, in fact, the man who raped and maimed her over a decade before. The realization places Townsend in a moral dilemma: she should, from an ethical standpoint, recuse herself from Bantling's prosecution for murder. If she proceeds and her "relationship," as it were, with Bantling is revealed, he might well be freed on a technicality. Yet the statute of limitations with respect to Bantling's rape of Townsend expired several years before. Prosecuting Bantling, and obtaining his conviction, may well be Townsend's last opportunity to obtain retribution.

This book raises ethical issues with real-world ramifications. Hoffman's ability to subtly play upon the inherent contradictions within the legal system --- too often, those seeking justice are better served in theology school --- is absolutely first-rate, and her ability to clearly delineate the personalities of even her minor players will undoubtedly cause envy among more experienced authors. Oh, and let's not forget the conclusion. Surprise follows surprise. Part of it is, perhaps, predictable. Part of it, most definitely, is not.

RETRIBUTION is an impressive debut from an author who writes like a seasoned journeyman. This novel, which may well be this year's PRESUMED INNOCENT, is simply not to be missed.

--- Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub

So if you like crime thrillers, this book is not to be missed!

Now, Jodi (not to be confused with Jodie!), was asking how my muscle building is going. I sort of answered it in the previous blog, but I think I can elaborate. I do feel I have made definite improvements - but me being me, it's never enough :) However, I now know that in previous years I have not been eating enough calories, consistently, to gain muscle mass. I have been doing so, very diligently I might add, for the past 5 months only. So, I guess I AM being impatient. However, looking back, I have added 5-6lb to my weight since July. My upper body is thicker and more dense, and I am noticing some definite shape to my quads and hammies. Richie says the changes will become evident when I diet down. I can't wait! I don't think he is going to carb deplete/load me during the final week - says it will not be necessary. I know he is going to keep carbs in my diet throughout, so I don't flatten out. Good :) It will be quite different to what I have done before I am sure - the leg training during contest prep sounds interesting - it will change every workout so I am told and incorporate bike riding, and treadmill work into the weight training sessions. In Richie's words, it will kick my *ss. :) So, counting down, 4 more weeks (minus 1 day). I get my skin folds done tomorrow, it's been awhile so am interested to see how it turns out.

Not too sore in the legs which I am bummed about! However, Damien did one of my leg programs 2 days ago and can barely stand up or sit down today, he he :)

Today is a cardio day, so I will go to the gym later and do my incline walk and follow with abs. Tomorrow I will do cardio after having my skin folds done, and then train shoulders and tris with Jodie at 6pm. I also want to book in for a massage as I am noticing my neck starting to feel a little sore again, so it hasn't completely gotten better yet.

Ok, well I have rambled on a bit today!

Thanks girls for all your comments, and for those who have voted for me in the Bride of the Year contest :)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

New house piccies

It's really looking like a house now! Took Jode for a wander through this morning on the way to the gym. We trained legs, I think I will be sore but not as sore as last week. I had to decrease my knee extension weights, not sure why but I guess the week off really helped me there last week! I did increase on leg press and smith lunges though. It's another hot day today, so we were soaked in sweat.

I am having such a hard time putting on weight! Never thought those words would come out of my mouth - ever! I am eating ALL THE TIME, and training very hard, and not doing much cardio, yet my weight remains the same. I am getting comments all the time that I look bigger, and thicker, so perhaps my shape and condition is changing, but the scales don't reflect it. Another reason the scales are BAD :)

Today I have eaten: 1/2 cup oats, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 scoop protein. I have to halve the brekky serve if I am training otherwise I just feel sick. Then after training, 1 Myoplex Lite, with some full cream milk (maybe 1/4 cup), 5 heaped teaspoons of glucose, and an extra scoop of whey protein. Then the other 1/2 cup of my oats and a nectarine. About an hour later, a cup of pasta, 100g fish and 100g cottage cheese (I was going to have chicken but Damien got thighs instead of breasts! It's all mush, fat, skin everywhere, can't eat it). I still have 3 meals to go. We ARE going out to eat tonight, last night ended up too late and everything was closed so we just had a drink and came home. I will have another 100g protein, with a tbsp peanut butter and 2 rice cakes, then another Myoplex Lite, and then my meal out, which will be some kind of meat protein, and veggies. I should be Amazon Woman with all this food and training!

Ok, time for a little nanna nap (also good for growing muskles) :)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Chest and Bi's done!

Gulping down my protein frappe, then going out for dinner. Had a great session tonight with Jode, was good to have a training partner again! I better not get used to it though, as she will be gone again in 3 weeks. It looks like I will be able to train with Adam though, so that will be good.

Booked PHAT Camp accomodation today, 3br, 2 bathroom apartment in the city - it looks lovely. There are 6 of us now - Kimmy, Marg, Alison, Kerry, me and Damien. Will be fun!

Website is back up thank goodness! That was a long 3 weeks. I will be announcing the NEW YOU challenge winner next week, so stay tuned!

11th and final Finalist - Roberta Brown

10th Finalist Anna Lee Kelly

9th Finalist Chontelle Cripps

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What have I been up to?

Training as usual, had a ripper of a back session yesterday, went up in all exercises. Also went for a walk (at heart rate) in the morning. We then had a meeting with our builders regarding our new tiles for the ensuite, and also for the balustrading for our staircase. They can't get the ones we wanted so need to choose an alternative. They told us they have had 3 people walk in off the street asking if our house is for sale! It has the roof almost tiled now, will take another pic tonight and post it. It's looking awesome!

Phat Camp flights are booked, and accommodation is being finalised! I'm not allowed to participate, instructions from Richie, as it is too close to my comp and he wants me following a specific plan. Phat Camp is pretty full on, 5 cardio and 5 training sessions in 2.5 days, and he doesn't want me doing that. So, I will just go and hang around, catch up with Jen and Heather, have a chat with my clients and friends, and teach Kimmy some posing. Maybe I can do a couple of cardio sessions though. I will probably train myself while there also. It's at Doherty's gym this time, which will be great. Looks like we will have a 3br apartment, 5 girls and 1 guy (my hubby!). Kimmy and Marg, and Allison and maybe Jaime-lee - haven't finalised that yet. I will be dieting, as will Kimmy, so not sure if I will go on the Saturday night for the dinner, see what happens.

Oh, don't bother going to see Jarhead - what a terrible movie! We were waiting for something to happen - and it never did. We walked out before it finished!

Think we will go out for dinner tonight. Big weekend of programming this weekend, so must get stuck in and do some today. Hope to catch up with Jodie today sometime, I haven't seen her for about 3 weeks! I miss training together! Will be sad when she goes to the US for 6 weeks :( Good for her, bad for me :)

Todays pics are a blast from the past, sort of, these were taken after my firs BFL Challenge in 2001.

8th Finalist - Michelle Maller

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bride of the Year final!

Thanks to all you lovely people who voted for me in the first round - because of you, I made the final of the True Bride, Bride of the Year contest. How exciting! So, me and 19 other beautiful brides get to vie for the 'title'!

If you would be so kind as to take 5 mins of your time and vote for me in the Final, I would be grateful!!

You can do so by following these instructions:

1. For an official vote you must log into www.truebride.com.au
2. Go to the Bride of the Year page, where you will find my picture (left) in the voting section.
3. Click on my photo and you will find 'Vote By Email' under the photo.
4. Do not delete or alter any contents in the subject matter when mailing.
5. You are welcome to add comments in the body of the email.
6. Important: Only one vote per person will be accepted, any duplication is deleted.
7. Each vote is encrypted, so please make my votes count!

Thanks guys! Truly appreciate it :)