2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shopping done!

By the way, I never updated, but I never got to have my 'real' final supper. Zest was closed, and Pizza Caf didn't have my Mars Bar cake. So settled for 2 bits of pizza and a wine. Bummed!

I am so happy with my shopping expedition yesterday. Within 1.5 hours, I had bought 2 boots (both with heels, one pair grey and short, one pair long and black), 3 singlet tops, bargains at $10 each, another brown strappy top, a long cream knitted woollen jacket with big buttons with silver sequins and beading on them - all at Carla Jane - love that shop. Then over to Sportsgirl for 2 scarves and some full length tights. Across to Jeans West for 4 (yes 4) pinafore tops, another scarf, and a big belt. Nice work. So, we went out last night and I felt very fashionable for a change :) I'm so not up with the fashion - I had to ask at one of the stores "I really like this, but - how the hell do I wear it?" :) I had a coughing attack at 2am this morning - had to get up and have some cough medicine. It came out of nowhere.

Oh boy I am getting sore!!! My traps are very sore already - I think a massage is in order.

Got to take Big Pud to the vet tomorrow - I had to ring them as I was thinking how it had been so long since he'd been. Then realised that we'd moved house so they were probably sending the reminder to the old address. Rexy hates going to the vet, as I'm sure most animals do. He crouches right back in the corner of his carry cage and has be dragged out. Then he grabs on to the big steel table with all his claws and just won't move. Well hopefully they won't be shoving a thermometer up his bum this time. Must get him wormed too, we have been very unsuccessful with our attempts here. He always manages to throw it up.

Feel like I've tightened up already, just getting back into lifting. Even with a week off you feel your muscles go to mush :)Ok well Jodie is coming around for Bootcamp soon - it looks quite dreary outside but it will be good to get some fresh air. Man was it COLD last night!!

Can't wait to meet you too Hilds, finally!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

PB on Power Deadlift

Pretty stoked with my effort today, not being 100% and all. Me being me, stubborn, determined and all that, I thought yep bugger it I WILL deadlift today. I warmed up with an easy set of 10 at 30kg, then added another 20kg for 4, still warming up. Then worked up to 60kg and did a set of 10. 60kg is not easy, so that was a working set. I was training alone so even just removing and adding plates to the bar was a workout in itself. I considered adding another 10kg and doing a couple but figured I'd just be wasting energy, so, instead, grabbed two 10kg plates and added them. So, I had a total of 80kg - wasn't even sure I could lift it but I was gonna have a go! I did it! Only got the one rep and you should have seen me - was like in the powerlifting comps where their legs shake, and the rep is SO SLOW it took forever to get it up there, but once I got past the sticking point it was easy. I must have pulled something in my shoulder though!!! Stupid girl. I went out and found a bar that I could lean into and dig into my back/scapula area and rub it out. It felt fine after a few minutes so I went back and did another set of 10 with 60kg. Now, you can be sure I will be sore as hell because I always get sore from these, plus, with the week off I will be doubly sore. Glutton for punishment aren't I?

Jodie is organising a get together in Melbourne for the IBO girls - or anyone else that wants to come along! I know Selina, Hilde (possibly), Natalee, Kelly, Kerry, maybe Ali are all going to be there. It's at 10.30am somewhere in Camberwell near the show venue! I have to tan up Christy at about 12.30pm. I haven't even got tickets yet. Email me if you would like to come!

Finished the last of my programs this morning, and have trained, so this arvo I am going to do what any normal girl would do on a Saturday - shop. So, I must go and shower and get ready to burn some plastic :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Because I was feeling so crap yesterday (still coughing like a bugger), Damien talked me into having my last supper tonight. So, we are off to Zest Restaurant, one we haven't tried yet - and there's not that many restaurants in Mildura. We had a brief look at their menu a few days ago, and I did pick out a few things that tickled my fancy ie ricotta gnocchi, some rabbit dish that I can't quite remember but there was marscapone involved, and, Tirimisu. Mars Bar Cake may have to be another time.

Anyway, today I did train, and it took a lot out of me, but I was determined. I even did 20 mins of cardio afterwards, whilst reading an edition of Ironman. My cough has been better today, though I did cough a bit while training. I just have that spacey kind of head thing happening. I slept badly again last night - Jodie tells me it's the cold and flu drugs. In the past the ones I have taken have alwasy knocked me out at night, but the chemist gave me different ones this time. So, perhaps instead of making me drop off they have been keeping me awake! I'm sure they make me dream.

So, whilst feeling crap yesterday, I did manage to cook up a batch of chook (Damien went and purchased 6kg for me), and egg whites, and beans. So I'm set for a few days in that department. Today I've managed to do 2 programs - that is a first for a Monday! I haven't received much email today due to the public holiday so I assume that will flood in tomorrow!

Well I still don't feel very hungry for my last supper - I'm sure I will figure out a way to shovel it in :) Cancelled dentist (what a shame), as I didn't want them putting anything near my throat the way it is at the moment!

Kimmy if you are reading, I have added you to my private blog, send me your blogger email address - I sent it to work ages ago but you must not have received it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Icy cold

I still haven't had my last supper! Was feeling a bit average last night so we didn't go out for dinner. Tonight we had a dinner function to attend, and it was soooooo cold in there I did not take my long wool jacket or my scarf off all night! We left by 9.30pm, couldn't stand it any longer - not with my cough getting worse by the minute! My feet and hands were like ice and I was hugging my knees sitting at the dinner table! Am all toasty now, with the reverse cycle air , flannel jammies and my woolly bed socks. So, tomorrow night is my real last supper, the one I have been looking forward to, although I must admit I could easily go without it. My appetite has been so bad, I'm really surprised as usually I like to eat ALL the time. Yesterday my diet was, Myoplex Lite, turkey on 3 thin corn cakes topped with tzatziki, 3 glasses of wine and 2 bits of pizza and garlic bread. I actually had to force myself to eat the pizza - very weird. I want to have Mars Bar cake for dessert tomorrow night :) And a nice piece of warm crusty bread with butter. Really, that's all I ask :) Maybe some cheesy gnocchi would be nice but I don't think they have that where we are going.

My weight was 114.8 the other day - haven't trained for a week. I expect my weight to actually go up in the first few weeks, when I start training and eating 6-7 meals a day again. I will weigh in the morning after my free meal and you watch the difference :) Tomorrow I will clean out the fridge and cupboards, though there is really nothing much in there anyway - and I will do a big shop - in particular for chicken. We have this awesome chicken shop that has the best chicken. Eating supermarket chicken is like eating rubber now. This stuff melts in your mouth. I will get about 5kg of it, and bake a batch (enough for a few days) and freeze the rest. I am going to be eating a lot of egg whites too.

Going to test out MRM's Alpha Lipoic Acid for awhile, see if it has any effect on cravings - it's meant to regulate blood sugar. That as well as it is an antioxidant, and I'm low in those. Too many free radicals (probably caused by intense training - and cigarette smoke!) roaming around my body. Am taking one now that is costing me $80 for a month's supply - pine bark and bilberry, and grapeseed, in powder form. They say taking a mix of different ones is best. I must also get regular taking my Vit C powder again too. I've written up my supplement schedule - it's pretty crazy. I'll post it here one of these days. Kim wants me to use a digestive supplement too, and I was able to get some MRM Digest All from the US (thanks to my sponsor) so will have that next week. Also using MRM's Smart Blend EFA's. And, BCAA's +G, Chrysin and Arginine. So, if I'm not training, eating, cooking, food shopping, drinking water, going to the toilet, driving to the gym, showering after cardio/training, posing - I am taking supplements. I tell you, it's all a huge committment.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's been so long!

Since I've updated here! I've been sick most of the week with a cold but happy to say I don't think I wore the full brunt of it.

I've decided today that I will take the full week off - not only for the fact I've been sick but now, moreso, so I can get on top of my work and bits and pieces that need doing, before I start my prep on Monday.

Was so pleased with yesterday's effort - I managed to write 5 programs, and another 3.5 today. Just one left for tomorrow then I can get on to finalising some other stuff. It's amazing what I can get done when I don't train and have uninterrupted work days!! It looks so cold and bleak outside I can't say I'm really hanging to get out and about either - it's equally amazing how lazy one can get in a short time :)

When I don't train I lose my appetite. My metabolism must really go off when I start training, as I'm always hungry. Can do 7 meals easily. Today I've had two and it's nearly 5pm. Granted, I slept in until 10am :) I'm sick remember :)

Oxygen Mag emailed me today asking if they could run a story on Carolyn :) She's a wanted woman. In their own words, it was the BEST transformation they have ever seen. I don't know of anyone who would disagree with that!

Well this weekend I will be clearing out the fridge and cupboards, having my Last Supper meal on Friday night - well, kind of 2nd last supper as we have a function to attend on Saturday night. Then, THAT'S IT BABY!!! 15 weeks out to comp number 1.