2007 - Pride and Accomplishment

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's my lucky day!

I have an iron deficiency!!! Woohoo!! Why, you ask, am I so excited at this, seemingly, bad news? Well, you see, I've been fighting fatigue for a long time - I have bouts - and whilst it has been a lot better since being treated for adrenal exhaustion and hypothyroid, I still suffer. Maybe I'm grabbing at straws, but I'll take anything at this stage. I found out, quite by accident, that my haemoglobin count is low. I've had two blood tests within the last say, 2 months, and they both read low. Well, my Doc told me it was 'normal' until I questioned him further as to the reference range. I was right on the borderline of low, and 'normal'. Previous to this, my endocrinologist had my white and red blood cell counts done, I wasn't sure why, as he'd never done them before. I noticed that the red blood cell count was "Low" on my results, yet, my doc never said one word about it. I wasn't really looking for that, and didn't know what it really meant, so didn't even think any more about it - until I got results for my latest tests. So, I am HOPING, that with some treatment, this will help my energy levels!! I haven't had red meat on my diet for awhile, and, all through my comp prep I did not have red meat. So, here's hoping. If only it is this easy!! Did a quick search on the net and come up with this which summed me up (on many occasions):

Are you ... Feeling tired? Lethargic? Having trouble thinking or concentrating? Feeling dizzy? Weak? Pale Skin? Always feeling cold? Having Heart Palpitations? These are all symptoms of Low Iron Levels...

To be continued....going out for dinner!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I love my air conditioner

Well it's been a week since I posted! Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments about my garden! It's still alive so that's a good sign ;)

This week I started to feel a little on the exhausted side, but, feeling much better today and yesterday, so only missed one cardio session overall. I went for a short session this morning, at 10am - it was so hot I had to come home. Only managed 25 minutes, but at least it was something. I then trained chest, biceps and abs this afternoon. I had an awesome shoulder session yesterday, I don't know why but I increased my weights/reps significantly on everything. I am sore today! In fact, I had a massage last night and my MT nearly had me in tears! I've been very tight and sore in the neck and back, and she got stuck in to my left shoulder blade and it nearly killed me! That and my glutes/hip on that left side (the side I have the hamstring/groin problem). I've been using my roller too.

We've been very social this week - out for dinner 4 times. Thursday night was fun, caught up with a friend in the winery business (among other things) whom I haven't seen for awhile. Had an awesome chardonnay - Kerry and Gill (fellow chardy lovers), remember this one - Leeuwin Estate Chardonnay, 2004 - from Margaret River. Had a lamb backstrap with couscous for dinner - very very nice. We sat outdoors as it was a beautiful night.

Last night we had another dinner, a Christmas break up. Then tomorrow, yet another Christmas do - we are meant to go on the barbeque boat on the river, down to Trentham winery. It's going to be over 40 degrees tomorrow, so no way are we going on a boat with no air conditioning!! We'll go straight to the winery. Trentham is lovely, so I am sure it will be another splendid feast! I am amongst all this, managing to keep my weight and body fat constant - at this stage anyway!

We put our Christmas tree up today, all 7ft of it! It's huge! Now just have to get some deco's and we'll be set. We are having Christmas here this year, so I am looking forward to that.

We're about to watch Inside Man on Austar Box Office. Have a ripper weekend everyone!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Garden transformation!

Our new house :) With greenery! It's amazing what can be done in a few days! And it's so nice to have seen the last of that red dirt! Landscapers (a friend of Damien's) did this is 2.5 days. We also have a hedge along the side of the fence, and some more bush roses coming for in front of the house and fence. We have Pencil Pines and river stones out the back along the fence, and in the courtyard. It's lovely!! All automated - that's the best thing!

We have had a big week of house stuff - our furniture was delivered same day as the landscapers started work. We now have a beautiful cream 2 x 2 seater lounge suite with 2 ottomans so we can stretch out :) A 6 seater cream and bronze dining setting with glass top and coffee table to match. And a brand new plasma tv (finally we spent our wedding vouchers - thanks everyone!!) :) To top it off we had Austar installed this week also. So, we are all set - apart from blinds! It's like a big fishbowl at night, everyone can see in. Watching the Flintstones at the moment :)

I've spent a lot of this week researching options for my web site. I want to be able to maintain and update it myself so looking into having it converted to a Content Management System. This week I will be changing hosting companies, and also releasing my new online store!

Training is going great, had a few issues with fluid that I had to speak to my trainer about, and he was so great. He has adjusted my diet and supplementation, and we will review it in 2 weeks. My cardio fitness is awesome, if I don't say so myself! I had a full day off today, which translates to 2 cardio sessions tomorrow. I had my hair done today so that took up 3 hours of my time.

I have 3 dinners out this weekend coming - 2 of them are Christmas dinners! It seems way too early for that.

Anyway, that's my catch up - the weather has been fantastic, we sat out in the courtyard tonight after grocery shopping. Perfect barbie weather - that's on the to do list - we have a voucher at Ray's Tent City so perhaps will get one soon.

Wonder how the Olympia is going...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My garden

Just finished picking out plants and trees for our garden, can't wait - we are getting instant lawn so we should have some greenery by middle of next week! Did a tour with the landscaper, to the nursery, and have come up with a plan. And, we have an appointment on Wednesday with the blind people (as in window furnishings!) so it is all coming together.

I trained chest and arms yesterday morning - I am getting this slow tempo training down pat - I was already feeling sore by night time. No cardio, because I had another funeral to go to. My mum's husband's mum passed away - that's two funerals in the same week. She too lived to a ripe old age of 94. I'd never met her, but funerals are just so sad, you can't help but get tears in your eyes because you just feel so much for the family and what they are going through.

I sent my feedback and measurements update through to my trainer yesterday, I don't think he'll change anything as it's only been 11 days since I started this plan. I am loving my food plan, even though it's quite a lot of food, most days I am completely satisfied but on a few occasions I get really hungry. I think that's par for the course though. Just ride it out! Love my brekky - I have 3 egg whites, 1/4 cup oats and a box of sultanas that I soak in hot water so they are nice and juicy on my pancake. Topped with a little sugar free syrup. Another of my fave meals is the frozen raspberries mixed into a scoop of gooey chocolate protein powder.

Back to training - I actually trained in the ladies area the other day - because now I rarely need the big dumbbells :) I was quite amused by two ladies doing their 'thing'. 100 rep sets on the machines, REALLY fast, and just little half reps. Then they went on to what I figure were meant to be db side raises. They were flapping their arms like birds flying south for the winter, hehe :) I really cringe at some of the things I see in the gym.

My cardio is still going great guns - today I must do 2 sessions, have already done one at the gym, along with my shorter abs workout. I did 15 mins on the step machine, 10 mins on the elliptical and 5 mins on the bike. Very proud of me because I really don't like the bike. :) I worked in the range of 150-165bpm and according to my hr monitor I burned a paltry 140 calories. It seems like so little for such a huge effort! The machines of course told me I'd burned over 300 - which sounds a whole lot better but is not accurate at all for a lightweight like me. Unfortunately!! So my afternoon session will be a run/stairs session down at the Arts Centre. It's really muggy outside so it won't be that pleasant. Tomorrow is cardio only and I might do a Body Attack class.

I am so sick of spam mail :( I must get well over 100 a day. I can't wait to get going with my new web hosts, and be able to make changes to my own site. I'm tired of the cr*p that has been going on with my soon to be previous host.

Ok, time to finish off a program, and then a small afternoon nap before my cardio :) We are going out to dinner tonight I think - perhaps Indian or Greek - Tandoori chicken or lamb kebabs will be my healthy choice.

Hi Deb, thanks for dropping by, it was lovely to meet you at the Nationals - you looked great and I loved your suit colour! Look forward to following your progress throughout 2007.

Sam - yeah, egg whites only please - this could be a great new business venture for you :)


Sitting out on the balcony in the evening sun - it's really nice, but I can barely see my screen. My work day is officially over I have decided. Bit tired - woke at 3.30am, and up at 4.45! I had a short nap before going to the chiro for some much needed body maintenance but I still feel very sleep deprived. I'm also really hungry today - I've eaten all my meals and it's only 6.30pm :( Happens when I get up early, and am a bit weary. Just had beautiful choc protein powder and frozen raspberries, yum.Spoke with Craig Harper on the phone today, and will be stocking his book on my website soon. It's totally amazing, and guaranteed to get your head in the right place for fat loss. We had a nice little chat, and he's invited me for coffee and a training session with him next time I am in Melbourne. I will be sure to take him up on that. I must thank Adele for putting me in touch with him and for letting me borrow the book. If anyone wants further info re the book, please email me. It's fantastic value at only $25. A book focussed totally on the psychology of weight loss/getting in shape. I was nodding my head the entire way through and thinking 'if only my clients had a copy of this "bible" with them". It's quite amusing at the same time as being highly enlightening, and REAL. He speaks the truth, and you cannot argue with a word he has written.I trained legs yesterday. I managed to get myself VERY sore. Who needs dumbbells when doing swiss ball squats? Use tempo, and your legs will be screaming. I almost failed on my final few reps my legs were that fatigued. I managed to increase most of my weights quite significantly, suggesting my body has already somewhat adapted/adjusted to the slow tempo training. I did my run/stairclimb early this morning, around 7, and once again enjoyed it!! Yipee, I love cardio - it's a miracle! :)Tomorrow is cardio again, and, training shoulders and rear delts, and abs. Big ab session tomorrow.I have a new client with mild cerebral palsy, so spent this afternoon working on her program. I enjoy these challenges, and I look forward to seeing her improvements. Her specialist is against going to the gym and being active - yet she loves it and has already noticed huge benefits. The medical profession is sometimes so behind the eightball when it comes to the benefits of fitness/resistance training, and of course, diet.Cup Day yesterday - we didn't go to the races. Just the pub. Didn't back a winner either. Never mind, it was still fun.I have had some great NEW YOU entries coming in. I must get scanning some photos, in readiness for when I move my site to the new hosting company. I want my Client Gallery back!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And the big news...

I have landed a fantastic new sponsorship which I will be announcing very soon! I've been busy negotiating and chatting with the distributor who is very keen and excited to have me and Ideal Bodies Online onboard.

What this means to clients and visitors to my site, is that I will have a dedicated online store (with credit card facilities), offering discounted prices on a huge range of supplements. The protein powders are awesome, and there are 4 different varieties of protein powders alone. There's also a Meal Replalcement - available in sachets, or a tub. The range is extensive, from fat burners, protein powders and bars, to pre and post workout supplements, amino acids, and vitamins and general health supplements. I'm so excited to bring this range to my wonderful clients and site visitors. Promotion will be quite extensive leading into 2007, and the distibutor and I have some great ideas for promotions/giveaways to purchasers.

You may even see me on tv - hehe. Sad, but true!

More on this later, we plan to have the products available to the public from December 1.

PS, and there is another post following this...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

2nd post in a day!

Today I had some free time - there is plenty to do if I want to, but today was the first day in ages where I didn't have things I HAD to do. So, I did my cardio - I doubled the time I usually spend on the stair machine, yippee! Pretty happy with that, and followed it with 10 mins on the elliptical. I was working at about 160bpm on average, for the entire session, dripping in sweat. I surprised myself yet again. Did I mention I LOVE this new supplement. Followed with abs. I can't wait for tomorrow's cardio! Running/stairclimbing outdoors. With a hat on, to protect myself from the magpies.

Then we went 'shopping' for blinds. We made an appointment for someone to come and measure up and bring some samples, so at least we have made the first move! We are also planning to go and have a look at landscaping ideas this week. Time for some instant lawn!

I've been cooking up some rice and beans, and turkey today, to make up some meals to take away with me. Damien's grandfather passed away and we are taking a trip to the Barossa tomorrow for his funeral on Monday morning. We had been invited as guests to the corporate marquee at the Wine & Jazz festival at the Gol Gol pub tomorrow, 3 course meal and wine all day - but we'll be driving to the Barossa instead. I'd never met Damien's grandfather unfortunately. He had a good innings, he was 93, and fortunately he didn't suffer at the end.

We probably won't go to the races on Cup Day - just don't really know anyone going, and we haven't organised anything. So, will most likely end up going to the pub and watch the Cup there.

Was chatting to Craig Harper, of Harpers PT and writer for WH&F mag, via email about his book that I have been raving to all my clients over - he had a look at my site and told me he has 'website envy' :) Would be much better though if it was all working.

Been meaning to share one of my fave meals of late. All you need is 20-30g of great tasting chocolate whey protein powder, and a cup of frozen raspberries. Mix a little water into the choc powder, until gooey - add frozen raspberries, and mix! Simple, and divine. But you gotta have good protein! I have this for my 2nd meal of the day at the moment. My first meal is a pancake, with a box of sultanas mixed in. Yum. Loving this meal plan. I am on 200g carbs - :) Got to love that.

So, even though tomorrow we are travelling, I am still training x 2. Cardio in the morning, can't wait - hehehe :) And then train back/rear delts and abs tomorrow. Monday, the day of the funeral will be my day off this week.

So, have a great week everyone, can you believe it's nearly Christmas????????????????????

I needed Doctor Harry this week!

What a whirlwind week!! All good, or mostly. I'm moving my site to another web host, and hoping that will sort out many problems I've been having. It hasn't been pleasant for awhile.

Rexy went feral!!!! For two days, he hissed and spat at me - ME, his MOTHER!!! He was fine with Damien, but every time I so much as looked at him (no kidding!) he would hiss and growl at me!! He was out in the garage sniffing around and had been there for ages so I went out to find him. I must have frightened him when I came around the corner and knocked the garage door which made a loud noise. He hissed and growled at me, then ran inside. Then all night he wouldn't come near me and just sat there crouched down and hissing and growling!! He made some really interesting noises! This was quite funny for a while, but he was still like it when it was time to go to bed. Next morning I went down and he was fine, all purry and friendly. But, at night time, he changed - jekyl and hyde! Suddenly he got this look in his eyes and went all weird and then started his hissing and spitting routine again! Just for me, not Damien!! He let Damien pat him, but me, I couldn't go near him! That's the thanks you get for looking after him all these years!!! Next day he was better again, but he was still really edgy and would only stay in the laundry. The day after (yesterday) he was all back to normal! Gawd, he was quite scary. I thought we would have to call Dr Harry!

I have been LOVING cardio - what's that I hear you say?????????? Yes, that's right, loving cardio. I have just tried this new supplement, it's a pre workout/pre cardio supp - it's MORE than a fat loss supplement, it increases energy, stamina, endurance, and helps to reduce lactic acid build up. I was able to keep my heart rate in the 85-90% range, and keep it there relatively easy, even got up to 98%, and I wasn't dying while doing it!!! I love this stuff. So, I am letting my brekky go down before I take a dose of it, and off to the gym for a stairmaster workout. And I am looking forward to it!!!

I am loving my new program, actually, the training is different, I have to leave my ego at home (haha) when I go to the gym now as the weights I am lifting are tiny compared to what I was pushing. But, it hurts, even MORE, and in a different way. My body SCREAMS during, and ACHES after, this type of tempo training. The diet has been wonderful thus far, enough food to keep me very satisfied, enough to fuel my intense workouts, and I'm not feeling deprived in any way - and, I'm back in the 113's today, though my body composition has surely changed a little! I have a recommended supplement schedule that I am sticking religiously to, and I do believe it's helping. It includes glutamine, Vitamin C, multivit/mineral, Durathon, BCAA's and a pre workout creatine/arginine/citrulline product, and then the one described above, before cardio.

I sent off my letter of complaint to the Quest people, let's see if I get a response :)

Ok, time to shower, and hit the cardio and abs.